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January 5, 2022By Origin Ten LTD1 Minutes

Powerball 20220103 By Powerball39


it’s time to play America’s favorite jackpot games this is Powerball good evening America I’m Michele Lyles tonight we’ve got another life-changing jackpot for you in an estimated amount of 561.3 million dollars get your tickets out your first number up tonight is 2 right after that America we have the number

33 let’s congratulate Powerball 14 in Maryland who won $50,000 your next number up tonight is 13 that’s followed by 32 and we’re rounded out tonight for you with the number

48 nap for you winning Powerball number is good luck everyone it is 22 and your power play multiplier is too. Let’s take another look at those winning numbers remember there are multiple ways to win we’ll see you back here Wednesday night