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January 27, 2022By Origin Ten LTD2 Minutes

Barry Cryer: some of the comedian’s funniest moments By Guardian News

another about the guy who shot the golden eagle species and I was shooting pheasants Nick flew into my line of fire compare that to them okay and he said for you to do with it because I ate it is a problem like shuang

woman was in bed with a man she should not feed her husband was in the phone call that Classics top 20 joke the sound of the key in the lock she said get out

and a husband into the room and seeing his wife as you might say on days I be he could watch her this she said Hello darling I have missed you welcome home you must have jet lag come to bed he said that’s not me I just got to the bathroom and you went in the bathroom and there was a man Barefoot to the neck


it’s a new year we should cancel

what are you doing

he said but you’ll naked he said that Boston

I’m in a full moon pub quiz team with a butcher a baker and the Candlestick maker David’s Tea

what’s the name of this team quartet how did you get to know the butcher the Baker and the Candlestick maker in the pop it was much must go through realized it was butcher Baker Candlestick maker the name of your picture friend Harry Granger and the baker

as Walt had several and the Candlestick maker told Bill Grimes

Victorville drafted in the 19th century the names of the three names are Ian Ed Grimes you know your brother-in-law

7th Heaven