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December 10, 2021By Origin Ten LTD1 Minutes

Sienna Miller says Sun forced her to make decisions about her body By Guardian News

It was not my choice to be standing here today. I wanted to go to trial. I wanted to expose the criminality that runs through the heart of this Corporation, a criminality demonstrated clearly and irrevocably by the evidence, which I have seen. I wanted to share news beauty secrets just as they have shared mine. Unfortunately, that legal recourse is not available to me or to anyone who does not have countless millions of pounds to spend on the pursuit of Justice.

Until someone comes along who can confront the murdochs? Endless means all that. I have left are these words and they are the truth. They very nearly ruined my life. I have certainly seen how they have ruined the lives of others, their behavior shattered, me damage my reputation at times Beyond repair and caused me to accuse my family and friends of selling information. That catapulted me into a state of intense paranoia and fear.

Their actions. Their words, their tittle-tattle compelled. Me into making decisions about my future and ultimately about my own body that I have to live with every single day.