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January 19, 2022By Origin Ten LTD2 Minutes

Free COVID Tests To Start Shipping This Week By TODAY

despite forecasts of Omicron speak approaching this morning top health experts warn the most dire days of the surge may be weeks away started later and other parts of the country so next few weeks will be tough in the Northeast where the virus first hit is slowing the forecast is improving

looking better the covid clouds are parting with a delayed effects like Des are on the ride and hospitalizations are hitting record levels we still have a lot of people who are getting severely ill with covid come in and we’re in no wasting a plateau or decline with 150,000 covid patients in hospitals Nationwide many Healthcare systems are on the brink canceling thousands of non-essential surgeries and calling in the National Guard in Los Angeles County home to the country’s highest number of new infections deaths have quadrupled in the past week emergency rooms are nearing crisis levels

as ambulances are forced to wait to unload patients meanwhile Federal relief for the strain on testing maybe just days away. Everywhere The Binding ministration says starting Wednesday American could order for free at home covid test per household online with delivery expected 7 to 12 days late at pharmacies private insurance companies are now covering the cost of at least eight rapid kits a month and more testing that way all get involved in the better the long-awaited aid coming is that was on the front line race for more of Omicron Saint fly

officials are also warning about testing scans including fake at home test and testing centers that are returning false results are not at all attorney generals in several states are advising people to only use authorized testing sites by local governments are recommended by a primary doctor another red flag to watch out for whether they ask for personal information like your social security number for tonight Miguel thank you thanks for watching our YouTube channel to find your favorite celebrity interviews uplifting story shop our favor deals and so much more with the Today app download it now