Origin Ten Wooden Blocks Technology Gives You The Creative Freedom You Need To Define Your Visions

Do you have great ideas for start-ups but lack the technical knowledge as a web developer to materialize your ideas into reality? If so, Origin Ten has the answer with their fully customizable Wooden Blocks technology.

Every great idea must be built from a solid foundation of building blocks supporting its structure, but the order of these blocks is also important, this is something we are taught as children playing with building blocks. There is something primal and evolutionary about being hands on which helps drive creativity. Origin Ten have harnessed this simple concept and taken it one step further by combining physical Wooden Blocks with modern day mobile app technology in a unique innovation to help you to master web design. Simplification is often the key to success.

This Wooden Block technology could not be any easier to use, it is just like kindergarten. All you need to do is meet with your team, or even just collect your own thoughts and order these blocks in display of how you imagine your users to achieve their best web browsing experience. Each block signifies a section of your website and your vision. You can then re-arrange these blocks in any way all you want until you refine your vision of the best way your website will work. Then simply take a photo on your mobile phone of your blocks and send it to the Origin Ten team who will do the rest and transform your dreams into a reality – a website. Visualizing your ideas structured on a webpage makes a huge difference to planning and forward thinking for your company. It frees you to up focus completely on conceptualizing, planning, and brainstorming with your team, it will help you restructure, redesign, reorder until you define your final vision. It is that easy to get your ideal website up and running in no time. Origin Ten foster collaboration and understand your needs as a business, that’s why they are dedicated to supporting your every need, even with one-on-one meetings to solve any problems that you may have, it’s a completely interactive process. The All-in-one bundle will suit all of your website needs. It will connect you with talented and experienced developers and project managers to assist you every step of the way, let them worry about the technical side of the design, so that you can focus purely on your vision. It also alleviates the need to pay costly monthly subscriptions to hosting providers or CMS platforms or even having to source your own web developer. Using a WordPress website bundle you can create, build, and develop your own website for any business purpose or personal use quickly. Origin Ten unique Wooden Blocks technology will allow you to start your own web development business without any previous knowledge or technical skills. You too can have a beautifully designed, slick, professional looking website. The opportunities are limitless.

As the digital world is expanding, it’s important for any new business or idea to have an online presence, and there is no comparison to having your own website. Not only is this important for brand awareness, but also for lead generation and sales funnels. It can be so frustrating when you have great ideas but lack the technical knowledge, even if you do have the knowledge, you may not have the time. Freeing up your time coding and refining your designs will give you more time to spend on creative thinking and visualizing your next step. We know that all great ideas need to be developed quickly to keep up with your competition on the market, you need to be ten steps ahead of the rest, efficient with your time and productivity. Time is precious, just think how much your time is worth, and how much time and money you could save by outsourcing certain tasks to others with more expertise to free up your time, otherwise, you are losing money. You can re-invest that time in telling your story and promoting your product instead.

Techny Labs Wooden Blocks technology eliminates the need to spend any time learning how to code and paying for expensive courses which can stifle creativity and ideas in the moment, nothing will hold you back any longer, you are free to express yourself. No more time waste watching tutorials and trying to troubleshoot yourself and stressing about what you don’t understand.  It’s also adaptable and can be adjusted as your business grows or if your vision changes. This framework allows you to move fast and remain agile, you can even move your website to another platform later on if you wish. The great thing about having expert advice on hand is that you are not alone in your creation, so you’ll never get stuck in development. Alternatively, if you do have some web design experience, you can also decide to partially build it yourself but can call on the team to assist you when you most need it, it is that flexible and you won’t lose creative control.

There is an option of two wooden block sets: Microsite Wooden Blocks and the WordPress website bundle E-commerce Wood Blocks. The Microsite package includes hosting, 10 hours of dedicated support and 68 designs, perfect for entrepreneurs and start-ups. The E-commerce package is ideal for larger sites which a bigger inventory, this bundle include hosting, 20 hours of support and 96 wooden blocks. This bundle can help you to run your online storefront immediately and sell you product on the market.

Using Origin Ten Wooden Blocks technology, you can begin to earn money from home as a full-time freelancer or even benefit from this technology starting up a side business as an additional income. If you pre-order now you can save 30% off your order. You can also spread the costs of payment equally over 3 months using your existing debit or credit card, so no lump sum payments will be needed! Give Origin Ten customizable Wooden Blocks a try today to see how such a simple concept can help to transform your vision into a reality that you can share with the world.

Need to spread cost?

We know that starting new business can take time and we are more than happy to keep bundle payments low by splitting into max 6 months INSTALMENTS.

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