Origin Ten is a digital marketing agency with a strong emphasis on offering innovative and intelligent technologies built to assist with online and offline advertising business opportunities, founded by a CTO who was a principal marketing leader for major businesses in the UK.

With a successful career spanning over twelve years, specialising in the tech and marketing industries, Origin Ten CEO Michal Pilch’s vast career experience includes working as CTO for Digitalbox PLC, a successful media company, where Michal’s responsibilities included building an innovative co-reg lead generation system, that is based on the exceptional technology and programming languages available today and has the capability of efficiently managing enormous volumes of traffic. As CTO, Michal created an emailing system (ESP) that can send more than 5M emails per day, complete with numerous custom features built specifically for marketing purposes, that can ensure a profitable data business.

Michal’s expansive career in the technology and marketing space further amassed continuous success as CTO for TechyLabs, which involved developing and managing web and mobile applications that centred on user data collection. Additionally, Michal is responsible for creating and implementing GDPR business solutions for multi-million-pound companies in five countries.

Origin Ten CEO’s endeavours and achievements have been further substantiated by countless awards, including the BiznesForum June 2020 award, for developing an app that enabled direct advertising to an online audience while receiving payment solely for creating leads and sales—further solidifying the utmost dedication and success in reaching targeted goals; additionally garnering recognition from the Polish Government and being awarded 1st place in Business Excellence 2019 for building a security system that detects data leaks.

Data, both user and site, has become a high-value commodity in this digital age. Though strangely, there haven’t been many safeguards put in place to protect this valuable asset, such as giving users more control over their data collection and handling.


This is where Origin Ten comes in, leading the way for users and websites by giving back control and providing a way for private individuals to oversee and monetise their marketing consents. Fueled by Michal’s extensive past experience, this company provides a comprehensive solution to both client needs and user safeguarding.
This is ensured by implementing key technological components, such as the C-Live data validation form designed to confirm in real-time the authenticity of landline, mobile or email by utilising a data-suppression list, which contains over 18M records, rejecting blocked phone numbers and email domains, by utilising a self-learning algorithm to spot hoax user details.
An additional critical component is BSafer software (founded together with Polish Bank PKO BP), which provides users with a personal data protection system compliant with GDPR. When personal data is utilised, the client is notified of the location, the recipient, and its purpose. With users being given this information, they can manage it themselves and monetise their data should they wish. The Polish Ministry of Investment acknowledged this software and introduced it at their HQ.

Origin Ten offers custom features such as expandable ads, which, with captivating animations, allow clients to showcase a greater variety of information within the same space.

Additionally, Origin Ten can help you master independent website creation. A novel mix of wooden blocks and a mobile app has been created. This allows tactile and quick planning of website structure and content, which can be changed on the fly and after simply taking a photo of the blocks the app constructs the website as you designed.
Anyone can construct, build, and develop their own website with the WordPress website bundle and the assistance of our award-winning developers and project managers.

The success of the company mirrors Michal’s own tenacious qualities reflected in his work ethic, echoed by the efficiency and focus on offering solutions to any problems that may arise, as backed by countless talented individuals and experts in their field: “I sometimes think that Michal uses witchcraft to deliver projects on time to a very high standard. But actually, it is simply that his technical abilities are exceptional. He treats every task with due care and will not accept a project’s completion until every issue is fully resolved.” – Richard O’Quinn, Consultant – Optimal Marketing.

Our company is further developing in the industry of Media Advertising, which serves as the vital area for our operations. We view our co-operation with international banks as a significant step forward in solidifying and expanding our position in this industry.
And this may only be the beginning of our enterprising journey within the Media Advertising and technology fields.