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January 29, 2022By Origin Ten LTD13 Minutes

Putin Will Never Invade Ukraine: 3 Reasons For & Against – TLDR News By TLDR News EU

you probably have noticed that tensions across the Ukrainian border have been rising and things are getting serious what’s Maryland’s well firstly in anticipation of complex diplomats have started leaving Kiev Russia started evacuating your stuff in early January and so far Canada that you asked the UK Germany and Australia have followed suit two steps up its sanctions and continue to provide military aid to Ukraine while Russia’s troop buildup on the board has continued with an estimated 125000 Russian troops now within Striking Distance of Ukraine and solid leak on Wednesday during a debate in the Duma about recognizing the independence of Donetsk and lugansk an MP for the pru Putin’s United Russia party said the war would become quote a dummy Rex necessity but despite the escalating tension world hasn’t happened yet

Putin actually invade now obviously we don’t know the answer to this question only Putin could know and even then it’s possible he hasn’t made up his mind yet so what we doing this video is first list the evidence that suggests he won’t invade and then take a look at the evidence that suggests he will and then you can make your own mind up about it but before you decide if you want more updates on the Russia Ukraine situation then Bejeweled subscribe to this Channel and Global to every update currently less than a third of your subscribed so if you want to know everything that’s going on stay informed and help us out then be sure to hit the button and ring the bell anyway as we see it there are three main piece of evidence that suggests the poutine wouldn’t invade first place if you was going to invade he would have done so by now because as time goes on Invasion just gets harder secondly who has made no attempt to prepare the Russian

public for a full-on war in Ukraine and Sudley the annexation of Crimea has actually pushed Ukraine for the from Russia and a similar invasion of Columbus is likely to do the same but let’s take a look at those reasons one by one starting with the first reason the longer we wait the more difficult intubation becomes this is mainly because a time is going on West in solidarity has improved and in turn this means that the scope of sanctions has grown and the Ukrainian military has become better prepared just a few months ago the EU was split over how to respond to Russia’s aggression on the Ukrainian border with the Germans and french onion caution while the US and various central European countries insisted the West needed a stronger response for example the new German Chancellor originally ruled out scrapping nordstream2 and reaffirmed Jodi’s commitment to a constructive dialogue

Monday to a US intelligence assessment in December suggesting that person could invade in January by warning against self-fulfilling prophecies Poland and Lithuania were on the other side of the spectrum night I’ll giving in December for pre-emptive sanctions on Moscow now we’re not taking a position on which approach was correct hit that’s a topic for a whole different video we just saying that since then the West position is converge someone macron has now introduced heavy sanctions saying that Russia will pay a very heavy price in the event of any Invasion and in January Schultz Utah and implying that nordstream2 could be used as a deterrent against Invasion more than that sanctions have now been expanded to potentially include not just nordstream2 but also possible sanctions on Putin and the expulsion of Russia from the Swiss banking system now of course it’s important not to overstate Weston

guarantee that all still disagreements between NATO States about the best way to respond for instance Germany Italy in Sweden have refused to send arms to Ukraine although Jeremy did recently send them five thousand helmets although Germany did recently send them 5000 helmets and Croatia a NATO member recently announced that it would require all its NATO troops in the event of a Russian invasion disagreeing with them on the other side though the UK us and Denmark have said Ukraine some six hundred million dollars worth of arms in the last year or so and the US has just put 8500 troops on heightened Alert in anticipation of Russian invasion regardless. It’s still true that since December the West has converged around a tough opposition against Russia and this has led to tougher sanctions and more military aid in Ukraine so if Putin did want to invade you really want to have done so sooner

the second piece of evidence that suggests that Putin isn’t actually planning an invasion is a fact that he hasn’t yet prepared the Russian public the years posters of found that most Russians would prefer that that country and Ukraine’s remain friendly neighbors and any Invasion would likely incur serious casualties and economy crippling sanctions and a country where the GDP per capita has already fallen by 35% since 2013 so it will be sensible for Putin to prepare the Russian public for this kind of eventuality and this is why before the annexation of Crimea engaged in a massive domestic propaganda Blitz domestic Russian coverage of the situation in Ukraine has been conspicuously muted on the Tuesday evening news for example Ukraine was the full story on both channel one on Den TV and on receiver one Ukraine wasn’t even mentioned and

Canadian hour into the pool cost you got the point boat unlike Primary in 2014 through 2000 on anything to prepare the Russian public which suggests that he’s not to be serious about Invasion the third and final piece of evidence wouldn’t be looking at is Crimea because if anything Russia’s annexation of Crimea actually pushed the rest of Ukraine further away from Russia why Romantix in Crimea did two things firstly it change the Parliamentary arithmetic in Ukraine away from Russia and secondly made the rest of Ukraine move firmly anti-russian Ukraine has a stock ethno-linguistic device between ukrainians because in the north and Russian speakers in the South which used to translate some pretty even political divides for example in the 2004 election Northern Ukraine voting for a candidate who is backed by the EU and us while Southern Ukraine including

Crimea voted family for a kind who is backed by Putin. The same thing happened in 2010 and these elections will close in 2004 ushanka who won with 52% of the vote and in 2010 Johnny Kovach won with 49% of the vote by annexing the mostly russian-speaking Crimea home to about 5% of Ukraine for Elation Putin made the Electoral arithmetic a lot more difficult for any pro-russian candidate and precipitated a steep drop in Russian attitude towards Russia with the number of ukrainians feeling positively about Russia. Ascent who sings invasion of Crimea pushed Ukraine further from Russia and a similar Invasion dumbass would presumably to the same thing which assuming Putin knows this suggests that he wasn’t actually in Phase what about the other side let’s take a look at reasons why Putin will invade

and again three pieces of evidence firstly the window of opportunity for Putin is closing secondly the continued troop buildup on Sudley the fact that despite all of the consequence is Putin still invaded Crimea the first reason the window of opportunity closing for the reasons we just described Ukraine is tilting Evermore West Would we not saying that it’s nothing like a molten European State just yet ukrainians are increasingly apprehensive about Putin and Russia so if Putin wants to get Ukraine under Russia sphere of influence that he knows who have to do it sooner rather than later before Ukraine becomes irreversible Weston and Auntie Russia this might plausibly be his lost Chumps the second piece of evidence which makes Invasion most likely it’s the fact that poops in his continued to build up troops on the border what a full-scale Invasion looks unlikely it would require a permit be double the current number

and a greater number of mobile hospitals The increased number of troops is consistent with plans for What vitamin would describe as a minor incursion perhaps most worryingly do the fact that Putin is the gang sending forces from its eastern military District over six thousand kilometers from Ukraine as well as sending stocks of food fuels and lubricants suggest he’s serious about Invasion and the third and final piece of evidence is Crimea itself you might think that considering the scope of the sanctions and international blowback would engage with 420 Tom Bass assembly calculation apply to Chromeo to Putin must have known that he’d faced massive International sanctions which is exactly what happened and he still decided to go ahead with it this suggests the Putin prioritizes geostrategic Ames over basically anything else so no matter how well-equipped Ukraine’s military

oh how serious the proposed sanctions become invasion is always a plausible outcome you got the point the facts of who to invade Crimea tells us something about his juice or tea calculus which implies that the invasion of dumbass is always a real option anyway so that’s all the evidence we have fallen against Invasion but what do you think will Putin in days or is this all a massive Bluff let us know your thoughts in the comments down below remember to check out to UT all Global and the playlist Link in the description all about Ukraine Russia content as always you can also subscribe to channel and hit the Bell icon to be notified every time already send you video do you want even video you sent you to come back to some patreon feeling too that is in the description