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December 22, 2021By Origin Ten LTD27 Minutes

$242 vs $13 Fried Rice: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious By Epicurious


alright let’s see

it’s not have a grease fire today

hi I master I’m a professional chef and these are my $242 fried rice ingredients

I am Jazz, home cook these are my $13 fried rice ingredients

not again

we got this thank God

where is Aquarius 5S

did a fried rice I was planning to meet with very special crab is spot prawn fried rice it is a pointy I had some excellent ingredients to work with I had to have some spot prawns and okra which is a red salmon Roe from Japan with some coochie Hickory rice which is a short-grain Japanese rice I mean you saw that crab it was going to be freaking delicious I feel like I lucked out on this end of the deal but

I’m sure that Esther can come up with something really really nice mcabee’s recipe I have ingredients that you would most likely find in your pantry or your local grocery store these ingredients little Technique we can really amped it up I had to guess these ingredients Hobley cost around $24

$13 wow okay I think this would cost around $129.50


wow can I mess this one out that’s for sure

so we have Chef Esters recipe book right here only ingredients instructions for us is having everything ready so that when you’re cooking and it’s super super fast and everything’s ready to go so so good to see you too see you soon when are you making today crab fried rice judging by the color I believe he’s already precooked the big thing I need to do is figure out how to you know get out the good stuff about King Crab is it has a lot of joints basically are going to just pull a part or crack apart the legs

Google group and the key to taking it apart is just kind of wiggling the meat out of the joint so kind of crack against the way that it normally would flow and then if you want to just gently take the meat out and you’ll see some like spikes of cartilage that should come out it’s not edible but say that you can use it in a stock later and you want to make sure that you use the meat as nice and whole as you possibly can be like what’s the best way to make that into something spectacular take the inside out and clean it really well and save it for your display you’re going to put your fried rice right in there because that’s going to be a really beautiful serving vessel for your fried rice I’ll send you a pic will it was not the cleanest process but we have our crabmeat and I didn’t puncture my hand to the spine so I would call that a success thanks Rose so Gabby sent me these

put on shell on shrimp which I’m very excited for we’re going to use the entire shrimp shrimp head actually is one of the best part there’s so much flavor and so many things I can do with this Gabby was probably just going to use the term bodies at the meat to quickly sautee into her rice but you know you going to be wasting a lot of the other rates hard okay to do the vein in the shrimp because this is where the bodily waste live and there we have it or shrimp or shells in our bodies is are spotted prawns I can indeed confirmed they have spots on them so we’re going to we’re going to be making a shrimp stock that I’ve been going to be cooking my rice and it’s just going to elevate the rice it’s going to give a nice face seasoning so Gabby gave me scallions and garlic

I’m just going to use the scraps for the stock gave a quick smash to the garlic and what this does is lie system for Roma from the garlic and water high heat going to let it come to a slight oil and let it cook for about 30 minutes we’re just extracting all the flavor from the shrimp shells and your vegetable scraps I’m going to just basically removed from the shrimp too. Pretty easy they had their off and now I’m just going to go ahead and peel these trip so my stomach has been going for about half an hour we’re just going on the shrimp shells to extract as much flavor from it as possible that is going to be different things with it need to be making a shrimp boil and a shrimp paste we’re going to heat up some oil and I’m just using regular vegetable oil have to be super careful

adding anything wet into Hot Wheel you so you can tell the bubbles have subsided a bit my shrimp looks super like crispy look at that oil color beautifully orange that Hugh is you hear that okay so my shrimp boil is ready and the shrimp heads that are super crispy we’re going to be making a beautiful shrimping I don’t throw anything out maximize maximize maximize done and my problems are cleaned and Gabi hear something really fun you take the head of the spot prawns deep fry it and served on the side and I will give nice crunchy element to the fried rice and that’s like my favorite element a small pond we have our fried prawn heads done

are shrimp paste most importantly the mortar and pestle flavor and it’s so fun to use we’re going to honors turns head and just grind it up to a fine paste what’s cool about this shrimp paste you can kind of leave it in a jar in your fridge and utilize it whenever you’re cooking do you want to add a little bit of food into you know your noodles or your fried rice this is what you add two cloves of garlic for more flavor getting off work out today I don’t need a gym in here that shrimp oil we need earlier in the little bit of that together becoming more like a loser case I do want to put you through a stove so that it’s more fine I mean I can’t help myself right now I have to

that’s wild and there we have it look what we did with just simple shrimp so much better than just sauteing it and calling it a day this what you call maximizing flavor this is a finger chili which you know I don’t know who is singer is quite slowly but surely for a little heat done I’m going to wash my hands cuz that’s later and say oh my God what happened so I need garlic I feel like instead of just using garlic in the fried rice or in the stop or the oil may be making a garnish with it going to be making garlic chips then I’m a mandolin confidence is key when it comes to mandolin if you go too slow then you’re going to cut yourself if you go to yourself

it doesn’t have to be completely hot we can kind of bring it up together so I’m just going to add her car like at this point she here is definitely watch your garlic babysit it because once you turn around it’s ready so at this point we’re just going to take it out because the color will darken as it sits on the paper towel and garlic chips how can I not

I have my shrimp boil here add the garlic oil to the shrimp boil now we have shrimp and garlic oil for the part and it’s fried rice Chef as there was kind enough to prepare the rice for me so I gifted Gabby cup squash a career as a old which is perfect for fried rice because the petrol element when you have day-old rice work so perfectly the oil in the vegetables in the aromatics kind of rehydrated and actually makes for the perfect texture you’re welcome Gabi will find in your local supermarket and this case went to do two cops multiple times

I should have brought that we need to lower it to your lowest setting put your lid on and then let it seem so package says 15 minutes but I’m going to actually check it out 13 because I do want it to be slightly Al Dente since we’re making fried rice and Roux temperature for my walk okay so we’re going to check on our race and I’m just going to use a fork to gently fluff it

have a slight bite which is why I want cuz I don’t want it to be mushy since we are going to re-cook it when we fry the rice and now this is my trip when I do it at the restaurant and we need rice for fried rice be well spread it out on a sheet tray and let it kind of dry out like that one thing I really really hate with fried rice is when it supposed to be this will really help prevent that time to prep my veggies we have cream cheese is really inviting when you open up the pot and you just a little piece in there it was really happy to see you a salad I love salads salads like an onion on steroids last but not least and broccoli rabe I love the texture of broccoli rabe and slight bitterness that kind of balance is all the delicate Seafood notes I’ve never had broccoli rabe and fried rice so this will be a first for me it’s okay

actually going to use in two different ways going to separate the whites and the green with the flavor the oil when I cut the fried rice this will act as more of like your crunchy onion bread and the greens I’m going to use as a topping little milder is Flavor some slicing these on a long buy it because at the restaurant we like to call this sexy scallions and I like to put it in cold water cuz it can get a little slimy and it also like perks it up for the jalapeno I don’t want any of the seed scraps and that’s where a lot of the spice comes from and I don’t want to kind of ruined the fried rice with too much spice and are veggies are ready to go to whip out my eggs think I can handle this part we go get them nice and whisked up

who are the race color today Gabby thank you so much for sending me eggs was very afraid that I wouldn’t have eggs I saw this on Tik-Tok actually thanks for the inspiration but it’s something called Golden fried rice and what it is is separating the egg yolks from the white and using the yolk almost like a fat emulsifier and Cody the rice with the egg yolk almost like using a butter which I did not have so this is why I’m using the yolk or this all right or rice is ready to go we got ourselves a walk to Gabby’s going to be making her fried rice in a walk I know that she has a cool trick for fixing your stove top so that is good for a walk for someone who wants to use a wok at home you can actually turn the burner grate upside down to create a cradle for your walk to Reston from Maximum heat exposure

do you know my flame can a sickly touch my walk but before you even start cooking in a walk you have to season your walk so seasoning your walk inside your coat in your walk with oil so nothing sticks there’s a few ways that you can do this but the way that I like to do it is get your walk screaming hot add will swirl it around and then you’re going to shock it in cold water

and bring it back and do it all over again three times and every time you season your walk is acting as a sealant so you’re creating layers is not for the faint of heart you’re going to have killer for arms off after this do not skip the steps I’ve seen so many times people trying to use a walk and they asked me why is everything sticking cuz you haven’t season to walk every time you use your walk you should seasoned it sounds fun that’s different my walk and season now alright Gabby it’s game time you’re ready to fire a rice everything is knees down in front of you you’re ready to go everything is going to happen really quickly because that’s the beauty of fried rice it’s like a very very quick cook at a quarter cup of oil get the oil super super hot and we’re going to add or eggs when you add your eggs it’s going to fluff up and double in size and it’s just so beautiful oh my gosh I’ve never seen before this is really cool so you want to get that excess oil out of the eggs but the egg

itself should be very fluffy and you can set that aside I have not been gifted with a walk so I’m going to be using the second best thing it’s a cast iron skillet I love the cast iron because it retains a lot of pee and also I can get the best part of rice that I love is the crispy rice bottom first thing Friday beautiful shrimp boil just a Tuareg let’s get our cast iron hot spots have some of our beautiful shrimp boil add my Galleon white so we’re making dislike beautiful scallion oil in the shrimp boil okay first thing my aromatic you’re adding a quarter cup of oil then you can start with your aromatics your scallion your ginger garlic or shallots

home remedies for a reason he’s a great I’m actually going to turn it off the key

I had my jalapenos call Tate up slightly shrimp lightly seasoned it this is important to season everywhere we’re cooking the shrimp about 80% of the way and we’ll take it out then we got carrots nice

he is near you to walk you have to like you know you got to own it right now he’s showing his bod so you don’t go see if I can get a little flipping accent

yeah that’s a maritime pasta and so excited about the broccoli rabe except that they’re special because I just went on cuz I don’t want any more color take everything else let’s see what do I got my prom I’m going to be the last thing I put in before I start adding in my rights to The Ponds get slightly pink Aiden 90%, And you add you’re right I’m only going to use the happiest race cuz the one thing that I do know about walk so that you don’t want to crowd a walk and I also have to consider how much I can fit in my very special crabill you add your rice make sure every granule is coated in Japan as much as you can along with using a spatula to toss everything together and you have to work quickly because it’s very very hot at this point we are going to fry are golden in the reason why it took out the shrimp because I don’t want anything to seeing if your pain is too crowded chances are your rights is going to steam which I don’t want I think I’m going to

iFit more oil here you see how all the granules are separated there’s no Clump really important and fried rice so I’m cooking the egg whites in the center I didn’t want to just Corey it over because I wanted to slightly cook before I fold it in because we don’t want anything to be mushy you’re cooking the egg whites so it’s almost all there and then we’ll incorporate it into the right beautiful does that look we’re going to take it home now so I’m adding it all of my extra garnishes I’m going to turn this up a little bit lower not really looking to cook anything at this point I’m going to add nice little now the butter a little knob going to add in my Peas My Egg I guess just kind of gets thrown in there I’m just going to kind of ripping into some shreds I don’t know if that’s how we’re going to do it but why not just on Astor for the at our strength and our aromatic packing their number that’s beautiful case this is basically rmsg sword with half you don’t want it to be to self

he said we’re seizing

going to go ahead and add all of it tiny bit of salt super super important that you taste as you go. I’m having a blast right now one last thing that I’m going to do here besides because what we’re going to do is make crispy rice Latin just out lower the heat to a medium and kind of just let the bottom get super crispy but at this point it’s done nothing but which is a type of energy that’s going to make this even better cause it all together and then go to finish with your greens and some sesame oil all right perfect I got this delightful Christina I’m done we are done

okay time to play I have the name of the crab that will basically serve as the place Del Sol Sol Circle some nice scoops of my fried rice and just go ahead and dump it right in it a little egg and there piranhas in there yeah so I might just do one guy in here. Look so good I’m going to go ahead and garnish with some of the galleons add some nice brightness will just put a couple more chunks of this king crab what a beautiful dish truly last but not least I’m going to finish my garnishing with the Acora this is going to add some nice saltiness I feel pretty good about this plating I think with a prawns and the prawn heads pretty proud of myself if I do say so and here is my take on Chef Esther’s fried rice recipe what a cool dish Michelin star I don’t really like that

just going to garnish with a Friday remember our beautiful like scallion greens that we placed on a bias really nicely and then a garlic tip now I would serve this as is I’ll bring this to the table sizzling like this and it always makes a beautiful presentation and then you just serve tableside finally you guys really nervous about this on Gabby’s fried rice I really hope Gabby likes what I did with her ingredients

how do you say I’m really excited and nervous

oh my God amazing. My cell is like very aromatic would like to all the seafood

oh my gosh so much flavor it perfumes the rice completely I’m so impressed like this is not what I made says that’s for sure I’m tasting some of the garlic I’m tasting some of the rounded the garlic really as a nasal touch so good I mean you’re actually great, yeah I mean Hello seriously