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January 22, 2022By Origin Ten LTD3 Minutes

Everton vs Aston Villa 0-1 Post Match Analysis Buendía on target for the Villans | Steve G wins By Match Interview Express

goodison any bundle with a header seconds before the halftime whistle is the least they deserve Michael will I deserve the lady Mobile plan to send the midfielder’s against Aston Villa at 3 and we got place I can send you one day I just filling in in behind the quarry on finding a lot of space and they’ve looked at the most frightening goodison Park in the face is a bit more so you can get the crowd involved but we’re getting a lot of pressure on them and not just feels comfortable what about the quality of the header it was unbelievable

you just woke up one day I just pull off the Salt Lake the goal line ran away from goal is outside. The flick it all and when we look at it from a different angle as well as we just say it look at these bones do we have to take an awful I understand but I think that looks like something that’s look at these bold grape with the white boy and ears peeled off and dealt with so the so much energy is something that they just want to hit the area and somebody get in there has been a fantastic though s Premier League goal of the season and getting better off to a slow start in a relationship

last few games. Supply Stickley well we see him picking up some of the areas that we mentioned a minute ago and the longer you give quality players like this ball in these positions right for this is just going to give it to my Akash might catch me to get another truck and then getting in again look out for you you know they’re all over the place in this respect and I’m thinking closer to people make it difficult for them get the crown on that side and then maybe they start

I think that I think that he’s done well with that bull is difficult to bring down in the space and you know something when is closest Sport with the left just couldn’t quite figure out I think that is a play slip it down the side maybe maybe I’ll put you down the right thing but it just didn’t execute about. That was fantastic. Phil Plies I don’t think around it but I think you go to expect an incredibly forever since it’s the first time in the first. They know how to shut down go in 5 MI

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