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January 26, 2022By Origin Ten LTD17 Minutes

Little Caesars NEW Batman Calzony Review! By TheReportOfTheWeek

thanks for checking in. Cut off by a s maybe it did maybe it didn’t but I was cutting and that’s because I’m such a risk-taker I’m such a daredevil do you know that I think I found it in terms of risk

this is one of those items that there’s a lot of attention there’s a lot of

it’s going to be one of these reviews where I don’t know I really don’t know I try not to judge a book by it’s cover you know when I do these reviews of course I see all sorts of different types of items but I took one look at it and I mean it’s just going to be what it is what more can I tell you it’s just a

I don’t know I really don’t know Little Caesars if you remember a few months ago they really something called the crazy calzone and it was just a bum and I know the reason why I call it an Abomination is because it didn’t look like it belongs in this some sort of creature and

it looks like it just wasn’t I thought it was a so over-the-top so overwhelming I thought it was gross and I didn’t like it it it creeps me out on the way to tell you the truth from the viewing audience in those who actually did go out and get the item when next it was about a 50-50 split this is too much it’s just it’s kind of gross excessive etcetera but other people thought it was the best thing that they’ve ever had consumed things differently

different styles of the food and some people I think like it the greasier in Messier that it is the better I’m not one of those people but who am I to judge I know that some people are fans of it and taking one look at this item before we even try it I’m just going to tell it to you right now it’s going to follow along this exact same lines if you like the crazy calzone it probably if you didn’t I don’t see how I’m making assumptions here but I’m just saying that’s that’s what this is screaming at me it’s actually I think since we were just talking about that kind of weird of now all of a sudden I said I just wasted three minutes talking about a previous item and they’re actually just releasing a burger or something totally unrelated but

the crazy calzone is back with a modification in promotion for the new Batman movie Little Caesars has released the Batman calzone


it’s essentially like a half folded crazy calzone so you understand with the crazy calzone it was like a pizza and a calzone put into one

this one has any going to see it in a minute it’s got to end that are folded like the calzone two ends here they’re just like pizza and it’s essentially like a fashion shape like a swing shape could be like a ninja star whichever one you’d like to run to go with but again it’s got that calzone crust inside is white Julian pepperoni complete with cheese pepperoni and it is available with the price of $18

comes in this box if there’s people were saying you know they weren’t sure what all of this stuff meant and they weren’t sure if this was supposed to just be through back or all of that but it’s there

what is this a Little Caesars

the Batman movie in 2022

and dig into the world is Little Caesars in the Batman scan the code and a s

here I am with the boss

take a look inside and I think you’re going to understand everything that I just said

and I think people are either going to say wow that looks delicious or you going to say wow that looks kind of overwhelming and I’m kind of teetering on the overwhelming so who am I to who am I to judge

see that’s the calzone there’s the cross complete with calzone and see page as expected if you could see the two of them instead of the traditional it’s got a thumbnail nice here

I’m not sure if Acosta thing or not we’re going to see what it tastes like and that’s all that I can tell you I’ll take one more

Michael and it also comes with some sauce at least for the dipping

did they cut this

no they didn’t even cut it

are they supposed to they didn’t stay at peace then I’m just letting you know

this one didn’t come to Mika

can I see brown and nice cuz I was going to try to do a cross-section of the crust anyway but now I figured what the heck was his cut my own Flex right so I’m not sure if this is something that’s just for my case or not but I want you to be aware of that that yours might show up like this and there’s going to be no cut in it and you just going to have to make your own clay Sophie where he is at just something that you need to take into account

custom now

I think this is good though that we kind of because

this is going to be a full cross-section

Safety Dance

where’s the pizza

you want to talk about something that’s absolutely jam packed with greet look no further

see the problem that I have or I have had the last time as I was at the excessive but let’s find out what’s see what it taste like so it’s the Batman calzone from Little Caesars

I’m just getting the top off a sauce right here

let’s try it out it’s going in there so try out the pizza then we’ll try up the crust and I’ll given assessment here goes

you could see the cheese to crust or base ratio on the pizza

very high

and now

we’re trying out the account now

one more fight with dip it in this sauce here

so you remember that thing that I would say it’s going to come down to a split 50/50 split the video right now after I say this do it I’ll save you some time if you like the crazy calzone you’ll like this and if you didn’t do you want like this and there’s a review

Savannah’s for me

some of the things that I’m not a big fan of I think others will see it as a good thing and that needs to be mentioned that’s why when I try to Encompass everything I try to look at it from different angles and different viewpoints etcetera

see if you could sing there’s a lot on this item on this item and

I mean that could be a good thing these days you obviously see so often that you know you can get

rest unless you pay more and more time is on the other hand you can obviously see it’s absolutely loaded with you could see all the cheese on it you could see how much cheese there was time to the face that ratio then when you bite into the pizza part of itself you can see how cheesy it is already first thing that I got was a mouthful of the cheese and the pepperoni couples with all the oil from the year that she’s already piled the bear on the pizza sauce that’s the calzone much do the gates the flavor a lot of the time the sauce that Little Caesars use this is very very robust and yes it’s usually on their stems on the other hand is much that the sauce has little effect

but there’s so much so much in terms of toppings obviously then as we enter the across the calzone from are you can see all of the julienne pepperoni and cheese and garlic sauce but again the problem that I have and

I feel like I’m repeating the last review but I mean again it kind of is like the last thing that I tried in terms of the calzone that is

you can see how much of everything that there is to me it gets overwhelming it’s like it’s just too much you know it’s just too much too much oil too much grease too much cheese too much garlic so much fattiness and it’s a it’s just to that point where it’s just you know you’re at your limit and then some and it’s just too much for me me personally I just like getting the extra most bestest pizza if I go to Little Caesar’s and that’s it fits this is just too much for me so much to the point where you buy it in and all you taste this is so much salt so much grease so much oil and then you get this weird consistency of the white sauce in the in the crust where it’s like it’s it’s like a fluid but it’s not that it’s just kind of weird it’s like this

not robbery but almost like a gummy type of math in between a solid and a liquid and it could certainly flow like a liquid consistency to it and deal with your mouth and it’s a so much Carla and I think you understand what I’m trying to say is that it’s so much of everything it’s overwhelming to me it’s way too much and it’s way too messy way it’s just it’s over with that’s all that I could tell you some people though if you looked at this new apartment in this looks delicious probably going to like it we all have our limits we all have where we draw the line and we just just too much and it’s just to the point where you at I can’t I can’t do this anymore

number for some of you I think this is going to be more than than than fine if you have a high tolerance and you don’t mind the garlic and the fat at all that stuff you might find this enjoyable is it going to be really really flavorful and one thing you’re going to need to take into account is the kind of everything else I know just said that robust tomato blend is going to be your life saver in terms of freely moderating everything out but for those of you who may be just like a regular piece oh yeah this is just going to be overwhelming so

it says they said that I just heard the item itself in my own personal preferences in terms of food not to eat Little Caesars you know it’s exactly what they said it was probably going to be like going in and I knew that your mileage may vary so widely Cheetos to the three things you got a bear in mind really chewy just extremely extremely rich there’s a convention and depends on your tolerance if you can take a lot in this looks interesting to you

go ahead and get it just use the sauce make sure to take advantage of that if not I would pass on this just like how I am it’s a too much it’s not something I would get again if I go to Little Caesar’s I just get a pizza and that’s it for me so why there 4 out of 10 problem is that part of me would just give this

like I didn’t particularly enjoy this but I know that some people well and it’s just an individual thing so I could have ten Little Caesars Batman calzone just because again if there is an item that it exceeds ones tolerance and it’s so just much of everything I know I’m not the only person that has this problem so it’s not necessarily the perfect if it kind of has that effect on some people should be an item that people generally would find enjoyable not just a small subset of the population hence the rating but they take a look at it I understand the assessment and then proceed to their phone price of economical but I just wasn’t a big fan of this one and I hope you can see why

it’s all that I have for you thank you for watching I’m your host report of the week until next time