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December 29, 2021By Origin Ten LTD8 Minutes

Ian Book on First Career NFL Start | Saints-Dolphins Postgame By New Orleans Saints


equestrian book

I am an eight I know you said you today you said how difficult was it

yeah just could see how many stuff I mean just playing football you know these last two years with covid-19 that we got to deal with now but

you know what size to get those guys back soon as we can and just get better as a team you know and it hits teams and in different weeks and it hit us this week but

who brought we’re all here to play football so we all got to be ready


Lynn said that

you obviously haven’t watched them yet but how do you evaluate this one with everything going on and I’ll get back on the drawing board to get going

you know you we we go on the sideline we look at the look at the iPad and you see you know how those are things in my mind already that I want back but it felt good to be out there and

and I’m evaluating it it’s bad we didn’t score a touchdown so can’t wait to get in that way

what were some of the things that just aren’t stuck out to you immediately that you want it back

how did you know we thought you were going to come out play louder Mandy and they came out and played play John and you know what smart they want to see what you got and never see me play and they want to know touch my arm and you do make me throw it in certain zones which is a smart he don’t act like I was thinking that so yeah there’s sometimes you know they’re taking away from some shorter routes that we were trying to hit and I just got to you know move to the next level there was definitely some of those I could have got and then

yeah there’s some there’s some other things to be definitely not first

play Motown you would want to pick 6


so I had that play we had to cover 0 m and then we’re going to work one side of the field verse anything else they came up in that ate up look that we thought was going to be zero so we had a few cover zero checks

on the third play the game show they came up in that thought it was Zero she was going to try to work out J definitely let you know I left it inside they and they actually

had that same work but then you know they blocked out and they actually had the corner sit and you don’t play with Clyde waiting for that Ohio so I left it inside but I can still complete that or just don’t just don’t even throw that even though it looks like you’re out you know they got me so I could work that whole shot you know they left a gap in between the corner in the safety that I could work the whole shots

Mike Triplett

yeah then how did you feel you came back from that I’ll just go right back on the field after that and then kind of moving on from it

I have two especially in this in this league and at this position I mean I should terrible feeling. Throwing a pick-six you know on your debut

I don’t even I found one pick six in my life so that was that sucks so that’s that’s my second one so that’s not what you want I mean I don’t have a good answer for you on that one sucks just got to forget about it and I didn’t.

the nightmare went to the sideline and just completely got it out of my mind cuz that’s what I got to do honestly so I forgot about it


8 Stacks up for you today how are you feeling and then that’s something I’ve ever happened with you before you evaluate those especially there at the end

you know it’s not it’s not going away I’m trying to make some plays and especially obviously the last play to I’m throwing it regardless 1/4 and 9 can’t do that to the other line and I just got to throw it away and then be smart trying to do a little too much and then

you know they did a good job taking away you know some of our shorter routes which is a good game plan for them and I got to move on from this

a question here Luke Johnson

he and I really want to take away from this game just your first NFL experience obviously didn’t go the way you wanted to but you kind of look back on this day to meet at method already don’t want to take away

in our first of all you’re not during the day I was having funny I want to go out there and then and bring energy I thought I could have played a little bit faster you know I was doing some thinking for the first time being out there and you just learn so much from actually getting enough from from for playing and I was talking with Blake on the sidelines like

so much to improve on excited to to just get better and once you’re out there playing it’s like men you know I learned a lot already so that’s pretty cool feeling I’m excited about that and it’s about moving on. Don’t hang your head and then go our way tonight

and I mean I have fun being out there who didn’t obviously didn’t go our way but I was out there trying to bring energy and no steak on pan out there and just leave those guys was trying to do the whole night

Marcus Davenport