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December 10, 2021By Origin Ten LTD4 Minutes

Remembering Super Bowl champion Demaryius Thomas | CBS Sports HQ By CBS Sports HQ


Sad news, former NFL wide receiver Demaryius, Thomas has died at the age of 33 Thomas played 10 seasons in the NFL, nine of them coming in Denver where he won a Super Bowl during the 2015 season. He was a five-time pro bowler, Mast almost 10,000 receiving yards, 63 career, touchdowns. Demaryius. Thomas would have turned 34 years old on Christmas Day.

For more, let’s bring in Jonathan Jones CBS Sports senior NFL writer Jay. Jay. We knew Demaryius Thomas professionally as a football player. What was his professional Legacy?

Yeah, well you start obviously in that incredible 2011, season with the Denver Broncos, with Tim Tebow was quarterback and the play there and overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers just as they had changed the overtime rules. I still remember trying to figure out exactly what the overtime rules meant, and it didn’t matter because he hauled in that very long touchdown, pass from Tim Tebow and ran away from the Steelers, in route to that Victory, and that really put him on the map nationally.

In the NFL with his professional career, of course, he had a great college career at Georgia Tech, good enough to be drafted in the first round. They’re in the draft. But beyond that, when he finally teamed up with Peyton Manning, that’s when his career soared there in the middle of the 2010s and was able to get to second Team. All Pros went to Pro bowls, as you mentioned and just consistent thousand plus yard seasons there. And so that’s really what his football Legacy on.

The field impact. I think that we’ve seen from any number of former teammates folks who have covered him during his tenure with the Denver Broncos to his trade to the Houston Texans. It was a guy who very much cared for his teammates and that’s really the support and showing of love that I have seen this evening from those who knew him well. And then on a

Personal level, he had his mother who was incarcerated for a very long time due to a drug conviction. And her sentence was actually commuted back into and he was able to have a play, a football game with her in the stands, sort of making a lifelong dream, come true. And so, you know, the personal the professional, some incredible stories. A huge moment in NFL history, of course that over time.

Catch in the playoff game from Tim Tebow and he will be remembered as one of the better receivers certainly of the 2010s as evidenced by his Super Bowl. 50 Super Bowl as well. As of course, his to Second Team, all Pros. JJ. Thank you very much for that perspective on Demaryius Thomas and we always appreciate your time.

Demaryius Thomas tragically has died at the age of 33.

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