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January 23, 2022By Origin Ten LTD5 Minutes

49ers vs. Packers Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2021 By NFL


2nd and 6th Rogers swings at Pasco Davante Adams 249

on 2nd and Rogers

ride in town in side of 35

Rogers over the middle passes, that’s a lot to hold up

where is chilling

able to handle 26

Dylan is in trouble


there’s another cat’s going to the game already her Adams

2nd and Wright first 48

Danny is still there getting taken right now

Rogers Jones. First 3 years



turn down in five.

On third down Rogers protection breaks down Rogers to his right place

and well played by the San Francisco defense 4000 Elijah Mitchell was not playing that game but they are standing here in this hurts have to see the middle of the field I mean the you don’t get too many teams trying to play George Kittle that way

are the best players can’t make the play where is Wanda Jennings off his hands getting some plates and so he’s not able to hold this phone

and getting in from John underneath is a macaw

extra mint Auto Rush

coronavirus John Jerry for the second time tonight

turn down in six

Rogers swings at the Jones long way to go doesn’t get it

Jimmie Ward with a strong tackle to Force fourth down

who’s the Browns also the only place they could have put that ball even give him a chance

Garofalo pasta just flipped

Boston one tackle and get the first four first downs on this possession none before that Garoppolo

call Mitchell

metaphor for the flag flies number 71 sounds

11 penalty on Trent Williams this season

we’ve seen it too many times from Jimmy Garoppolo last week the rest of the team was able to bail him out

You Come Away with any kind of points

fast is a job

turn down three

Rogers Cup scores


Nick Bosa forced a fumble Packers have it with a clock and Timmy’s to run

so they turn over

here’s a return by Deebo Samuel

can we call this crazy 49ers

he is brought down near Midfield with some firewood 2nd and 5 to be Green Bay 45 and a tossed is Samuel

just heard

talking it was wide receivers coach Wes Welker when it came to the sideline second out of four years Mitchell now I got a flag at the end of that play

personal foul face mask

cream for Sentinel

he’s going to take it down to the 11 where it will be 4th Down

and gold remains perfect in his postseason career

and after the 49ers get on the board the Defense Forces at 3 and out

don’t think second and ten here is a pasta Mitchell is

the Metro 232


Kelly Clark

play what do instead they’ve gone with Billy Turner

cost of Jones Jones and Dylan

on purse Jon Jones got him a lot of trust in them

navigate to 321 Rogers

Rogers Pass his car that’s was guard his first of the night

by Armstead also is in as well to keep this a one-possession game 33-yard dry and it’s good

breakdown by 7spins Hamster Mitchell

19 on first day out. They hand it to use check first time he’s touched it tonight there’s no doubt he’s going to have to get a place somewhere along the line as of 30

Deebo Samuel Jennings yardage makes the sure-handed tackle

a deep-fried steps up


And that’s five sacks with his defense in each of the last three

opportunity Aaron Spelling inside

return put a touchdown by Jordan Willis and the Special Teams Packers has given up that the before the end of the results



Garofalo prices across the 42-41 for a first down

Austin Mitchell

Samuel Deebo Samuel

and to use check

just send the 49ers to the NFC Championship Game

49ers win

San Francisco is moving on with us and this crowd and that text Christine is stunned

special teams at difference tonight