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January 22, 2022By Origin Ten LTD5 Minutes

Singer and actor Meat Loaf dead at 74 By CBC News


the song have a sad day for rock and roll fans Meat Loaf has died he was 74 he’s being remembered from Big songs like this one two out of three ain’t bad you’re going to have that in your head all day it’s from the massive Smash Hit album bat out of hell and who doesn’t have that album tucked away somewhere in their basement CC senior entertainment reporter Eli classroom joins me with more on meatloaf and his incredible Legacy how will he be remembered Eli the song big guy big voice big massive hits born Marvin Lee aday but to so many of us he was Meatloaf this mean that he said he learned in high school also said it came from his father after he was born as the some elements of meat

it’s kind of nice nail down like his age and his name but no one can deny the impact of that 1977 rock opera album bat out of a respond by Jim Steinman meatloaf met when he was auditioning for a music of the songs were wrong epic Daysha smart and like just like a former self offered this album said no they put that meat loaf as an actor not a singer but when the public heard it for themselves well let’s just take a listen to ourselves take a listen to Paradise by the Dashboard Light

in Alabama.

I mean it’s all their yearning The Love Story the romance just the Arc of that song that goes on karaoke classic you know CBC we used to do a karaoke night you knew sooner or later one point in the evening someone would step up that went on to sell 50 million copies Global eats it was another album Bat Out of Hell 2 back into hell reteaming with Steinman five times Platinum went number one songs like I do anything for love but I won’t do that he went on to tour and record with many other albums but never reach those lofty Heights of bat out of hell now before he was a rockstar Meatloaf was an actor you might remember seeing him in the 1975 film Rocky Horror Picture Show where there is

as Eddie the delivery boy is kind of Elvis Presley Greaser who would sing about rock and roll maybe you saw me fight club or Wayne’s World so whatever she was in there he is as a contestant is Robert combatant has Robert on Fight Club he always had this larger-than-life presence with her acting or performing AC DC karaoke night and you’re absolutely right I might have been on that stage 2 and doing you don’t people love them what reaction are you seeing out there Eli I mean it is spans the musical Spectrum Rick Astley share Boy George lots of people talking about just a gentle soul he was talking about him as a performer let me read you this by Bonnie Tyler saying as might imagine meatloaf with a larger-than-life character with a voice and Stage presence to

one of those rare people who truly was a one-off talent and personality the one and only Andrew Lloyd Webber and remember you’ll meet Lopez roots in this kind of musical Concepts saying the vaults of heaven will be ringing with Rock Rest in Peace meatloaf give my best to Jim his composure Stephen Fry saying I hope Paradise is as you remember it on the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf also describing meatloaf as simultaneously frightening and cuddly Meatloaf was 74 years old thanks for that you like last year in Toronto