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December 10, 2021By Origin Ten LTD23 Minutes

WILD ENDING!!! Steelers Almost Have Comeback of the Year in Steelers vs. Vikings By NFL

Seven rush yards for Olli, you do Ezra Cleveland Garrett, Bradbury, Mason Cole, and Brian O’Neill, would a job up front? Yeah, good bounce-back game for them after Sunday’s performance and, and struggled. And, like I said, a lot of questions about all the shuffling that took place because of one injury at left tackle and I was a little surprised, they stuck with the same lineup to and visiting with Mike Zimmer the other day. And he says, no, we’re going same group. And man. They’ve come out of done, a nice job.

Cousins, pass his pet intercepted by Witherspoon.

And he just ran out of gas at the 20.

And Pittsburgh’s Not Dead, Yet. Cousins came in with three interceptions all year, and he’s got to win this game and then a 42-yard return by a Kelo, Witherspoon.

He’s anticipating a slant. He just plays physical once again.

Witherspoon, just just knows the Slants come and he plays it hard.

You gotta look. Yeah, they definitely got a hold of cousin’s face. Masks are at the end of that play, but boy, when he, when you’re throwing that as a quarterback, the last thing you’re expecting, we saw it happened with Roethlisberger. Worst case scenario. You’re thinking that falls incomplete.

Well, there is another worst-case scenario. Can the Steelers take advantage MacLeod?

To the 15-yard line, back to the interception.

I’ll try to get a look on what Witherspoon and KJ Osbourne. As far as the contact and Osbourne not continuing to run on the route on the slant route and just opens it up completely for what turned into a pretty easy completion for Witherspoon. Rashad Breeland back out there for the Vikings. Haven’t seen him in a while. Been sick on the sideline, passes caught

Fire moose touchdown against Bashar Assad Breeland.

And the Steelers will be compelled to go for two to make it an eight-point game, but we’ll go back and we take a look at the interception that sets up that touchdown throw by Roethlisberger Osborne. He just kind of gets stumbled and then Witherspoon’s able to jump it. Here’s the touchdown Breeland goes down, but there might have been contact with the really wasn’t. It’s a good route by fryer move.

This is big 144 on the year. On two point tries, including 0 for 1 tonight.

For Johnson, and it’s an eight-point game.

And under 13 minutes, the Pittsburgh Steelers have scored 28 points and fryer Muth has more touchdown catches than all the other rookie tight ends. I really like, kind. I really like this guy. I like, what he’s done. He’s really had a nice rookie year that come back here on the two-point conversion and Roethlisberger in the pocket. He did, he doesn’t move all that. Well, gets a little pressure on his left side.

Up front. The protection is really good. But because Roethlisberger can’t slide.

Is Roethlisberger’s trying to move, watch him? Here comes the pressure. Roethlisberger has good protection across the front on this side, but he doesn’t move all that. Well, at least years at 18 years in, but he does enough and he finds deante Johnson who frees himself up.

It’s pretty impressive that Pittsburgh’s even made this into a ball game. You know, what’s funny, is you mentioned how that delay of game that led to a punt by the Steelers may have benefited Pittsburgh instead of going for it on fourth down. They punted Vikings, get the ball. Get a couple of nice runs by cook. They throw it. The interception happens and seconds later. They’re in the end zone and this is all of a sudden, an eight-point game.

And you really go back even further than that job. When all this began to turn is when Nagi Harris on Third and three got held up in the pocket. The best third down. Run. I commented on. Yeah, he picks up the first down a few plays later, you know, they’re scoring a touchdown and they’ve been kind of rolling ever since. Here’s cook. He is met at the line of scrimmage and lost a yard miles Killebrew.

That’s top. Here. It is. Again, record in one score games for the Vikings four and seven have been involved in 11 of them. The only exception, the week 3 win over Seattle, 13 points. While the Steelers have gone, six, one and one day and don’t think for a minute that these players aren’t aware of all that. They’ve suffered through all of that and it’s running through all their minds right now. Presents throws in the

Pass is caught short of first down yardage by Osborne, who has the 62-yard touchdown, and there’s a penalty flag down on the Play. Holding offense. Wow.

Why the terrible towels are starting to be waived here at this Stadium. All the Steelers fans that are in attendance.

There’s the hold Mike. Zimmer is just he’s not believing what he’s watching. Taco Charlton is the one who drew the holding call against Olli? You do getting that start out at left tackle.

Second and 21 as a result and cousins who has to completions the entire half and two interceptions. Completes to Jefferson up to the 25.

Arthur Marlette the stop after a gain of 12. Well, they’re playing, you know, soft coverage, one-on-one, and they run Jefferson on that. That shallow Crosser, they could take it down the field. I got to believe that Pittsburgh’s going to little give a little bit of a different look, they got Jefferson again in the slot. Now they give the safety help here.

Cameron Sutton across from him on third down and nine cousins, pass caught. What a game for. Dalvin cook.

And no bigger first down for the Vikings than that. Well, he’s trying to double here on Jefferson. And so now you’ve got him through the middle. It’s a really nice call. He’s you see all that field that he has to work with. That’s an outstanding call by Clint Kubiak. Just a really good job on his part. It’s Marcus Allen who’s who’s in coverage? One-on-one?

Well, it’s nice when you got running backs like him that, that, that can win in the passing game, because you get some of those favorable matchups against linebackers. Why they needed to play to overcome that holding penalty by, who do just a really nice call by the young offensive coordinator, Clint Kubiak. I mean, that’s the 17 yard completion. To a guy that’s coming off the shoulder injury, wearing a harness on that left shoulder.

And he made the catch survive, the head and got the first down timeout taken by the Steelers. They have two left. Here’s Madison, wrapped up, play made by Joe schobert. No game. Timeout taken by the Steelers, their second Sunday on Fox. The fight for the NFC East continues. As Jack, Prescott leads, the Cowboys into a huge Showdown against Taylor heinicke.

The Washington football team or other Regional action. Check local listings for the game in your area, only on Fox in the Fox Sports app. There’s that game on the far left. Brady in the Box. Host the bills on CBS Late, Aaron Rodgers posting the Bears just in fields. Getting the start on Sunday Night Football on NBC and the big one in the NFC West for the Rams and the top-seeded Cardinals on ESPN Monday Night Football.

Second and ten Madison short gain of two. Another big third down coming up and the final timeout is taken by the Steelers.

With 2:30 to go. Now it all comes down to

Whether or not Minnesota, can pick up a first down, if they’re able to, they’ll be able to run the clock out. If not, one more chance for Pittsburgh. We told you that Minnesota’s good TV just took a while tonight. Mike. Zimmer is getting a little bit tired of them being good TV. I he’d like

He’d like an easy one, but nothing’s ever easy and this league.

It is, it’s rare, third down and eight.

When it’s off, the edge pass is incomplete.

And a flag in the secondary author, Marlette was coming on the blitz, and they throw a flag in the secondary. And now the two officials talk it over.

There’s Mall lat coming on the blitz.

There is no foul on the play. They pick the flag. I think that’s a good job by those officials. You seem all that. He doesn’t want to do anything. He got a free shot. He’s careful about how he’s going to come in on cousins. There was a little bit of a grab, but I’d sure hate to be making that call in this situation of the game. I think the officials did a good job getting together, talking about it and picking it up your cover.

By Menken Fitzpatrick on KJ, Osborne, and the punt from Jordan Barry.

Good. One, more Cloud. Lets it. Go over his head.

And it’s down to inside the five near the two.

53-yard punt. They place it at the they keep moving it Forward. Look like they downed it at the to and now the officials near the three, either way. What a job by Jordan, Barry right there. Yeah. Well, I don’t have to remind Vikings fans that no team has given up more points inside of two minutes, then they’re Vikings. But if Pittsburgh’s going to do it, they’re going to earn every

But they put it at the for that’s where it was first touched.

Why, Minnesota?

96 yards away. Plus a 2 point. Conversion 2 minutes, 16 seconds. No timeout.

Quick throw passes behind the high and caught as Nagi Harris shows you how good his hands are a gain of 6 and a little breathing room while you’re not kidding. That catch would have been tough for Justin Jefferson Nagi Harris. Be able to come to know for a running, back to catch this hot ball, behind him, pretty good up to the 10.

Here’s one aired out for Claypool contact in a flag.

Michaud Breeland again and coverage. Wow. It’s a going to take a shot breeland’s. Playing soft coverage, doesn’t know the balls coming doesn’t locate it at all and you know, throw it up and Defense number 21 and Lisa Kline is only plays a catch first down, they call it a catch. Either way the balls going to be at that. Spot at the 48th. What a grab. That’s a second. Strong catch by Claypool this half. That’s an

Seeing cats. They get the pi regardless, but but a great. Great job. On his part. They bring a five-man rush, Minnesota, does the offensive line blocks? It up, pretty good and they just let it go. 38 yards still outside of two minutes.

Quick throw to Claypool on the other side, flag on the play with two minutes left.

And the Vikings believe it’s against the Steelers could be for a hold out there on the edge.

Illegal Block in the back offense. Number 77. 10-yard penalty replay. First down. This is the two-minute warning getting his first NFL start and the glue with a block in the back right there. Whose right in on the left, side of the screen.

That’s good. Call wasn’t wasn’t necessary either.

He blocked Mackenzie Alexander in the back and that will back the ball up to the Pittsburgh 40. Let’s look at a recap Game, absolutely dominated by the Vikings early and in particular, by him Dalvin cook, but the comeback started, there’s that 62 yarder to KJ Osborne fryer, Muth with the catch, and it was followed up by the two-point conversion, to make it an

Point game and the largest comeback win in regular season history 28 points. This was a 29 to nothing game tonight late in the third quarter. Well, the lesson in this is you just keep playing. I mean, that’s, that’s what you do. You just keep playing. We’ve seen this, you do not to this degree, but you always see a team, make a run and make a game out of it.

Pittsburgh boy. They seemed like they were left for dead early in that third quarter. And they just, they just kept playing, Rock, was Burger for Harris broke one tackle and takes it to the 41 Kenzie. Alexander couldn’t bring him down. Initially.

Will a kiss there for the stop? No timeouts?

Second and 17.

Good projection. Claypool to the 45.

13 yards. Well, we talked to Mike Zimmer and he said he was going to play these situations as though it was third and 7 and give some of the mug linebackers. We saw earlier in the game not played a soft coverage that they’ve gone back to more soft coverage. You got corn for safety’s playing deep. Nice catch by MacLeod. It’s 4th down and no timeouts.

Fourth down and one no timeouts been goes, right? He knows right away. What he wants, what he wants here on this fourth down to get one yard.

Pass caught by Claypool first down clock running and it may come up and clock it. Now. There he goes. They got it. Now the balls, they can’t get the ball. The official, he’s trying to scramble to get it set.

And that stops the clock with 24 seconds remaining.

Is that previous Place land route and pretty easy completion? Not not really contested too much there on the outside where they have identified Michaud Breeland, who was out sick on the sidelines of somebody, they are wanting to attack. They’ve done that. Since he came back in the game for the second straight Week. Big Ben has gotten Hot Plate, which will go on and safeties.

Trying to keep from giving anything up deep underneath, its McLeod and he Sprint’s to the sideline and he’s out of bounds.

And he got 10.

Really nice job. McLeod known exactly the situation. Doesn’t try to get it up the field and keep the clock running. Gets the gets as much as he can and gets out of bounds ball inside the 24, with 16 seconds left.

He’s got to be real careful work in the middle of the field. But you know that completion was big because here it 25 yards, but they got protection. They can get some shots with chances to score from here. Here’s one for Washington. Nearly picked incomplete and Breeland again with Xavier Woods, defending. Wow, surprised that

Wasn’t picked off. I don’t know if it’s breelan or Woods who’s coming across?

They’re both fighting for it would start. He was going to get the interception. Should have had it goes through his hands. You see the safeties even with Woods cheating across Roethlisberger. He knows that Woods is in a position to make the play. He’s going to give this guy a chance.

That play took five seconds, two more shots, maybe to the end zone underneath. It’s Johnson and he is able to break it. Wow, go and get out of bounds and give Pittsburgh. Hope with two seconds left. Well, the missed tackle gives them one more chance. Peterson missed the tackle. Oh, he’s right there in a position to make this play. He gets tackled in bounds game over, ain’t he just

Just not very good. You got 33 Vikings right there to make the play in here. It is.

From the 12. They put a second back on the clock.

Last play barring a defensive foul.

End Zone. Incomplete Vikings win it.

The two safeties Smith and woods combined to deliver the hit and deny Pat. Fire moved his second, touchdown of the game.

And this ends an eight-point final 3628. Pretty good on this play Minnesota brings a five-man rush and Roethlisberger with pressure really does all he can. I mean, he lays this as good as he could possibly put it for fryer most to have a chance. I mean a good route by fryer most and this ball is perfect. And you know, you know, the windows are tight.

You know, you’re going to take a hit but he gave him a chance and fryer move.

Just not able to hang on to it as Harrison Smith comes in and knocks it out. What a play.