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January 19, 2022By Origin Ten LTD30 Minutes

Game Theory: FNAF, The SECRET Afton (FNAF Security Breach) By The Game Theorists


have you ever heard of four.

Well this is embarrassing I’m going to let you guys have this one and I’ll see you next game

we just win the Superstar

hello Internet option available to anyone that picks Monte golf customer ordered Gator golf jokes on you Mark fastcam is o p plus being a nerd allow me to discover the secret daycare room and sister location room so who’s the nerd now

me it’s still me last time we drove into the time travel ball pit that is Five Nights at Freddy’s security breach I walked away with some I just called them divisive conclusions basically was an episode with three separate theories package together we propose one that glam-rock Freddy wasn’t just your average sent you an animatronic rather was possessed by the spirit of Michael Afton doing everything he can to protect Gregory this one was able to receive so cool with you going why would Michael protect this random kid well because to Gregory weather literally or symbolically is Michael’s younger brother and a half for is crying child started to lose people at this point it was really Theory number three that threw us for a loop because there’s a good bit of evidence in both the game and the history of the franchise to suggest that three Gregory is a robot the crying child Consciousness literally transplanted into a robotic body sometime after he dies in The Bite of 83 and there were a lot of strong opinions on

Fury in others

so much bubbly I was flooded by people saying that I had washed it out just to ride the trend toward that was my dumbest Theory ever to which I say know Deadpool is Ernest Hemingway is my dumbass Theory ever closely followed by warriyo being 10 ft tall anyway the outcry was so huge that I ended up trending on Twitter because of an e n l a from there we’re inside no leader in the same week I was trying again because the song megalovania during an event for none other than the pope it only took five years my friends but it looks like that steam code I gave him for undertale finally paid off a lot of heat of opinions on the last one with Twitter basically boiling down this 18 minute long 4000 word theory down to the single image so yeah thanks thanks for not including literally anything else from that last video some before we get to the next three all about Vanessa address some of the biggest Counterpoint that’s out of the previous Theory not because I’m convinced I’m right far from it in fact

Gregory is crying child Theory currently fit the best with everything the game is presented to us less far to key pieces of evidence last episode was this line right at the start of the game where Freddy says to Gregory this to me with a Clear Connection back to the crying child from fun F4 were psychic friend fredbear says to him you are broken I mean to speak for itself is a parallel that’s made stronger when you actually remember how that line gets delivered back in the game there was really no way of knowing back Wednesday at 4 was released what things do wii secret rooms found in Sister location we know that psychic friend fredbear is actually a plushy with a walkie-talkie inside of a walkie-talkie that allowed William Afton to scare and manipulate his youngest son father of the year ladies and gentlemen. Know that threw out for that for all of William’s lines use the color ffff 57 a bright gold and yellow gold and Bunny gold and yellow makes sense but I caught a final lines of your broken I will put you back together actually use a different color a lighter yellow f f f f a 0

back then we never really came to a satisfying explanation was it a mistake was it another Spirit was it may be the puppet but now seven years of Investigation later we know for sure someone else is indeed working here someone who in Sister location is mistaken for his dad someone who turns purple just like his dad someone who can’t die like his dad and someone who had the lines immediately prior apologizing to his kid brother but when that didn’t get through decided to try comforting him through the voice of his best friend it’s Michael Afton represented by a lighter color of yellow a color that symbolically connected him back to his father and short we have Michael Afton and snap for saying the line you’re broke into his brother through the voice of a fredbear plush and here and security breach if we’re right about all this we once again have been saying the same line your broken into his brother through the voice of another Freddy this time glam-rock Freddy I personally think it’s a really cool narrative connection between all these games

quick to point out that there is dialogue in the game files that was cut from the final relief for Freddy says that Gregory is bleeding typically he says and this for many people disapprove that Gregory is an animatronic and we have two things to say about that first when I’ve used cut lines of dialogue in the past the internet has in no uncertain terms told me that I can’t split up now apparently it’s okay guys and honestly I think cutting it regardless of the reason shows that it didn’t fit the final creative intent to the game but anyway if that’s the case then I got to bring this line up a cut line of dialogue discovered by GB or recharge did the game files this one is Freddy saying obviously kept very intentionally vague but it also shows that Gregory is special in a way that the other disappeared kids aren’t there’s a reason he’s not in the customer base he’s from somewhere specific that Freddie knows

if I were to guess I’d say like the underground Pizzeria but you know that’s just me hypothesize I’m heading to the Gregory is special ideas the fact that chica knows is named she calls it out in the middle of the pizzeria

detail for a kid who supposedly has no records in the system and I hate to be the bearer of bad news here but in the books because everybody loves when I go back to that Wells animatronic children do actually bleeding also cry and feel cold even feel hungry and eat and you don’t even have to go to the books for that one you can just see it with chicas Pizza session and security breach go to tell me that a robot child can’t believe I think you got to really look at the franchise that we’re talkin about here about the timeline of crying child still being alive and the fact that he would be older at this point that wouldn’t actually be the case animatronic killed in the book stay at whatever age they’re built to be Charlotte Emily actually had four separate versions of herself built one for each stage of her life so that way she could grow older but to just assume a new animatronic body each time the crying child still being young would actually make more sense here and everyone’s saying why would he say stuff like that

Tru nature in the final chapters our Consciousness has been crap down to a childhood toys while she was alive and after her tragic death had been placed inside of a robot body to function as her memory so for all she knew she was just a normal human being just like anyone else is it dumb that it is is it complicated absolutely what is it giving us insight into the rule that Scott and everyone who touches this universe operate by yes it is undeniably is lastly for everyone who stabbed my feet with pictures of sad white boys in striped shirt saying that you had found the crying child thank you for your help uncovering the lure I get the joke all white boys with brown hair and striped shirts are apparently the crying child but remember what series were talking about your friend visual design details have always been an important part of figuring these games out take a look at baby during sister location she has green eyes but when you play her minigame she has a blue one at least until she kills Elizabeth Afton lo and behold had green eyes superficial design features like this help us to connect the dots are the

y’all and end-all of evidence no but they do help support an argument so a little brown-haired boy in shorts with a shirt and two stripes teams have you ever heard of Among Us Gregory speaking of eyes for all the complaints about the last episode no one seemed to have any answers to what I see is the two strongest pieces of physical evidence here why does Gregory look different when Frank get to Roxy’s x-ray eyes why does Gregory’s Vision glitch when he sees Manny why does he have such a weird visual reaction to her and to literally no other character in the game here that high-pitched ringing sound does mayonnaise get some gets closer

it seems to be a disrupter that makes her invisible to animatronics with older model I in the fire ending Freddy who couldn’t see her at any point in the game explicitly says I mean this is exactly how the much-hated sound illusion discs from the books were created a high frequency sound to make people in robots invisible and or look differently but anyway to meet reasons Gregory’s robotic eyes being disrupted I mean why I have brt lines over the screen and not some other type of filter to show that his vision is getting disrupted in fact why have the same brt lines at the security cameras all around the pizza place but there’s one final piece of evidence I’d like to talk about to help solidify that previous Theory before we move on and that is the screenshot here of the final scene from The Savior ending where you rescue batty from The Troll glitchtrap And I use quotation marks here because there aren’t any official sources giving names to the various ending in the game files they’re just labeled as S1 S2

would a story based on the number of stars that you get four of them it is worth noting though that this is the only three star ending that currently exists which seems to imply that it has some level of importance to it but here we are three main characters Gregory Freddy and Vanessa all sitting on a hill which as I pointed out last time is very similar to The Fantasticks gravestone Hill but that’s not what’s important here is holding a golden Freddy shaped ice cream with part of its head bitten off and Gregory is not meant to parallel back to the crying child in any way shape or form than this detail is just mean and irresponsible this ice cream is the crying child Story coming full circle he was terrified of animatronics and ended up being bitten by the golden Freddy spring suit but now he’s the one sitting on a hill taking a big old boy out of golden Freddy that is not me reading too much into this that is me lately interpreting a very clear image that was put directly into this game by the designer it is barely even subtle

play Dan wearing a blue shirt and most of the ending hear his shirt is colored purple just like his father’s signature color couple that with literally everything else his lack of Records the fact that he goes into the charging station so I stand by my theory that Gregory is an animatronic of the crying child is it a perfect answer no do I love the fact that I even more know what does it answer the most questions with evidence that we have I believe it does and it’s a heck of a lot better than fat or pages into this episode lips actually stop to talk about Vanessa shall we do this final image built me like the three Afton children getting reunited crying child Michael and Elizabeth Afton Williams daughter that done got scooped by baby back in Sister location is a scene that to me feels like the narrative finally getting the sense of closure after they quite literally died as a result of their dads evil Deeds last time I briefly made mention of an S has blonde hair and green eyes which is the same as Elizabeth

here is ascending we actually seen two things of her wearing the signature Afton purple even the ice cream cone as opposed to something like Gregory’s novelty pop is a pencil called back to her death where baby delivered an ice cream cone to her before she did the scoop and when you look at the connection between these two characters it’s more than just a couple of visual similarities the biggest secret in security breach right now is a series of 16 Retros invisible Collectibles that only Freddy can see hidden in every obscure corner of the games math then to play these things we actually need to have also found the secret sister location room that we talked about last time these CDs are there other problematic video open up a whole separate sessions following two separate individual patient 46 and patient 71 the exact identity of patient 46 is a theory for next time I will absolutely launches into yet another flamewar early and patient 71 States we learned that it’s actually Vanessa speaking today

ring from therapy sessions that Vanessa had while she was at the job for the snap AR game special delivery she mentioned speaking to a man named Lewis on several occasions and we discover that she’s also buying fake fur loss of which are things that we see and emails from now they are the last of a nessus recording she’s leaving that job for a new job somewhere else most likely the job of security guard here in security breach what’s time in the good stuff Vanessa second tape we learned about a custody battle that happened between her parents her dad one using manipulative tactics forcing his daughter to falsely testify that made you follow instruction I’m talking about the custody battle between your mom and your dad didn’t play if it did he used to make your mom look bad and cold after losing his mother Welk years with the tape done

she look a custody case which has implying that her mother ended her own life which would explain why mrs. Afton is missing from all the game and why she may have wound up being rebuilt as the motherly ballora in Sister location of a robot that would you know it’s things about her inescapable depression now that the walls of her house are empty to the caves in the office is here for years Vanessa likes flowers small detail but you know who else has an affinity for flowers well think back to snap for remember this random empty bedroom with a huge portrait of a flower on the walls Elizabeth’s room before she got scooped then you have Vanessa lines like this people know more than I do

now this might be a stretch but I believe it’s referring to in Elizabeth got to buy baby her dad had repeatedly and explicitly warned her not to go near baby but she didn’t listen and in doing so she end up getting herself trapped inside the animatronic

you’re wonderful Vanessa also says that she doesn’t like dark basement space in my basement maybe I could come up with something you could learn to do it another line that seem to be pointing Us in the direction of baby who is trapped underground for years and circus babies entertained and rentals looking for a way back to the surface I always put us back inside there’s nowhere for us to hide here there is nowhere to go like I know you’ll dad to do from there we can connect the dots build a William Afton but

Seafair the thought that burning him is going to work is stupid cuz people have tried to burn him to death no less than three times in this franchise spoiler alert it doesn’t work but your of the kicker of the end of the game we meet the blob a weird tentacle monster made up of all the original members of the series snap ones Chica and Bonnie Phaneuf to his Mangold sister location Funtime Freddy endoskeleton crawling out of the bottom of the puppet mask without tears I might point out and baby’s face now don’t get me started on this being baby’s original face and not Scrappy these updated look where she came back at 6 and I have words about that and we look at all of the animatronics eyes are lit up Funtime Freddy chica mangle in this random endoskeleton at the bottom but now take a look back at the babies mask the eyes are blacked out so although the blob has absorbed the baby’s body during the burning down of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza place for Spirit

Elizabeth Afton is no longer present it is unaccounted for it is on the loose and it’s such potentially at large within the game is she in some way Vanessa and if so the truth is I don’t know this game is got my brain and so many knots and might as well be a sailboat I don’t think there’s any evidence to support any conclusion at this point in time but I do know that this is what evidence is heavily pointing us toward the design similarities the missing Spirit the purple color the ice cream The Voice lines the personality traits and again the narrative theme of three Afton kids reuniting and moving on after a traumatic past it gives everyone this knife full-circle ending even if it’s only meant to be symbolic and the screen really does feel like it’s the end finally for these three characters maybe next time we’ll finally see some new faces so enough about that we’re moving past those three they’re still other Mysteries that we have to solve hear what happened to Glen Rock Bonnie who is patient 46 and why are they here what’s the deal with that room full of Post-it notes

that one didn’t you it’s it’s important and did you notice the other missing animatronic from this game cuz I certainly did and I think they might be hiding in plain sight so next time we get to cover some Mysteries that don’t require was talking about Dead characters getting rebuilt into robots tree that we tried to make more sense out of the game that quite literally threw everything against the wall to see what would stick making a thing sticking on walls why don’t you spice up your decor with some 80’s plastic magnetic posters that stick on your walls today sponsor displate where the time-traveling bulb you can have those bright neon colors and designs on each and every one of your walls how about you but I love using posters to decorate but paper posters can you start to feel a bit flat and tired over time they can feed they can read this is where displate comes in they use metal to make their posters so that the bright colors and designs always pop Never Fade and don’t feel cheap like paper

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