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December 22, 2021By Origin Ten LTD14 Minutes

The Matrix Resurrections – Movie Review By Jeremy Jahns


I was just to let you know I’m not going to talk spoilers in here there’s a spoiler free review however I will touch on some things that were seen in the second trailer so I hadn’t seen it in the second trailer in the second trailer on not spilling anything new also there’s one thing here again I was like how much can I talk about that in interviews with the actor they freely talk about it so there is that not spoilers nearest what spectrum of information I’m pulling from it is information that’s out there that’s not considered spoilers / the filmmaker of the film

did The Matrix resurrections is a fourth film in The Matrix franchise and the trailer is loaded into the second half of the first trailer I thought was pretty extraordinary in terms of how a great song Choice great editing to go with the music and then the movie started in the entire beginning of this movie is recreating literally recreating the opening scene in the first Matrix movie I was like oh I was going to be just going to be Nostalgia bait member berry pie what kind of a lot a lot of this movie is that movie at Jessica henwick I liked her a lot I really like the character he’s a character that’s easy for me to like you know which is like not this is a mission we got to find and help me out with a pain in the ass to her superiors to feel like nope she shouldn’t do this thing she’s like well screw you I’m going to do it anyway I like characters like that I liked her in the movie is actually a really big stand out in here also was great to see Keanu back I mean

build what you know neither of them remembers the events of before but there’s a strong connection between the two concepts and ideas that are going to stick in the landing but a concept they definitely had in here is the concept that there’s this connection between Neo and Trinity goes in The Matrix Reloaded when Colonel Sanders is breaking it down he’s talking about NEOS motivation for saving the human race is very focused it’s love it’s love for this movie did its best to drive you to the point of like these two really mean a lot that a love that transcends life deaths in any version of The Matrix Terry love conquers all we’re something happened and I just thought of the power turn turn on turn on visual not groundbreaking like the first Matrix maybe that’s just the fact of any Matrix movie The Maze

change sci-fi at minimum and Cinema in reality changed after the Matrix this isn’t going to have that effect sort of like plugging the entire audience into an actual Matrix the new experiences movie it’s not going to be that however if you look at the original Matrix not only some of the fight scenes are there a long shots of just fists going back and forth uncut but also shots it looks like they were pulled from a graphic novel you can pull that shot put it in the graphic novel or comic book and Visually

same energy as they say the Matrix Reloaded revolutions like visually speaking had some really cool stuff that stood out maybe we’ve seen it all. Maybe that’s why they shouldn’t make the 4th Matrix movie as a premise of the Matrix this reality within reality lends itself to being self-aware and meta and self-aware and met this movie is this is a very self-aware and Maddie movie one of the most self-aware and meta I’ve ever seen I’ve seen it compared to Wes Craven’s New Nightmare different things not like Keanu Reeves plays Keanu Reeves and he was once Neo and he has to figure that out if you want to Reeves plays a software developer who created a Trilogy of games called that’s right the Matrix the premise lends itself to being self-aware absolutely but I think it does it to its detriment it just beats it over your head the point that this movie is self aware of the Matrix to see the monologue someone has it been

we need to make a fourth Matrix Warner Brother says it’s going to happen with or without us just kind of felt like I don’t know that the Matrix is supposed to feel like a comedy but I pointed it did breach that Madeline to be like okay we’re going for laughs now and we are accommodate give this movie credit for addressing how the world changed after the events of the original Matrix trilogies not like okay Matrix is happening again it takes place after the third one everything they did was bulshit it didn’t amount to anything there is definitely it amounted to something I appreciate that that’s actually one of the things I find most interesting about this world seeing how the world changed how it’s different how the Matrix is dealt with differently how robots in our world and robots in that world humans in our world and he was in that world like there’s a different Dynamic there I probably appreciate that most about this movie because that is the film looking forward Not Looking Back

granted they do quickly look back after moments like that is like yes here’s the present looking to the Future and that happened because the original Matrix trilogy speaking of the original Matrix trilogy member that you remember the original Matrix trilogy cuz it was great in that we need you to remember that and how that was great in order to assess out this is a great one of the reasons the whole self started to wear on me is because the movie was joking about it and it became that which it was joking about ironically unironically on the fact that we knew Morpheus just talking to me oh he has b-roll footage of the original Matrix of Morpheus talking to neawanna projector in the background at the receipt for the characters I don’t understand why they felt they had to do that there’s a story bass reason as to why he is Morpheus and how he is Morpheus but I never felt like he had to be more for you so you could have just been a new character do you want have Morpheus back and bring Laurence Fishburne back as Morpheus

half of a canonical you killed him in the Matrix online don’t even know if that’s how we went down just like he’s not in the movie I don’t know that he died in The Matrix online and that’s what this move is going off of and this is where it’s not spoil the race was in the second trailer and in interviews with the actor but so I’m going to talk about it you don’t want to know you’ve been warned to S Beam Morpheus is how I felt about Jonathan Groff being doctors could have been new characters it’s fine to have new characters maybe they saw how unmemorable the new characters were in this movie could you have a new ship a new crew as I call them Jessica henwick and other people cuz she’s the one who stands out maybe there’s a freak out mode over there like I do we need to make them characters that people know agent Smith at all morphe he doesn’t feel like the character more than new Smith feels like the character

it doesn’t feel like Hugo weaving which is a disservice to the character the film and the actor Jonathan Groff the actor could have been a new character new characters actually did in this movie just don’t make him Smith cuz when you make him Smith now I’m comparing him to Hugo weaving so he’s doomed to live in Hugo weaving Shadow and if it that sucks and Matrix resurrections works too hard to recreate things you’ve already seen the other Matrix movies like when Neo’s fighting the new Smith character there these pillars I literally I in my head clock I went and Smith is going to punch the pillar and take a chunk out of it in 321 oncue of course he did because he did that in the first Matrix movie why wouldn’t they do that here why wouldn’t they recreate any interesting concept but it’s cheap and under being buried under a metric tons of nostalgia Bakery in my Spider-Man no way home spoilers I was very very nostalgic week for filmgoers what am I Spider-Man no way home spoiler talk

talked about how that movie had Nostalgia but made it work for the narrative so going on to this fresh off of that it just felt like the Matrix resurrections went too far into the chief and styles of Resurrection to just six years too late I’ve heard this movie compared to the Last Jedi wouldn’t Save the Last Jedi the force awakens absolutely too late if it was 2015 I probably would have gobbled this up and be like yeah Force awakens member berry pie and Matrix it is so awesome in this tells you what is 6 years later and I’m kind of over it I do can see they’re very well might be some super high Concepts that I’m missing or multiple viewings necessary probably only saw the movie Once I mean shoot the Matrix Reloaded and resurrections took me time to appreciate who knows but for my money right now I will say this movie is probably a better time if you’re drunk that’s really not going to help you write who am I kidding probably a better time if you’re high

going to see it are you looking forward to his son hbomax as well as movie theater so however you want to watch it but whatever you think, below let me know and is always be like what you seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more