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December 13, 2021By Origin Ten LTD3 Minutes

How to find nearest COVID-19 vaccine centre using WhatsApp By Fiiber

covid cases in India continued to have extended the lockdown situation gets better mean why what you can do it using Whatsapp Yes you heard it right but before I get into it please subscribe

WhatsApp has added a new update to help users find a covid-19 vaccine around you you can access all the information using my govt WhatsApp chat it is an automated chat with India which offers all the covid related information so let me tell you what the process is to find a vaccine center near you it is very simple and anyone can do it first of all you have to save the number 901-315-1515 on your smartphone you can also access the chatbot to Whatsapp desktop or Whatsapp Best Buy opening wa. 91901 15-15-15 my gob Corona help desk. But will be launched WhatsApp username

the message has multiple options which are related to covid-19 information for users to choose from whatever you type the numerical number in case of covid-19 Asian and sent us users will have to type after that we’ll have to give the PIN code and the chat board will be Sport with a list of vaccination centers every particular platforms for example Cove in Oregon City to ask for covid-19 vaccine on covid-19 the link of that video here or on the screen and you can go and check it out later because it’s informative

definitely check that out not coming back to the other options that my govt coronavirus death chart but provide you latest update an alert on coronavirus and ways to improve immunity information related to coronavirus and it’s symptoms tips on how to reduce the risk of coronavirus National or state level and many more such things

please note WhatsApp users can also charged with the chessboard in Hindi by sending the text Hindi Hindi these are really tough times which is why it is really important that you guys should know about if you like this video then give it a big fat thumbs up and please share it with all your friends on social media platforms thank you for watching And subscribe for more videos