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December 10, 2021By Origin Ten LTD17 Minutes

King Larry Hoover GD Indictment By Al Profit


Some months back. During one of his various. I’m a crazy genius marketing campaigns for the gym shoes. He gets most of his income from Chicago, rap Legend. Kanye West, went to the White House and asked President Trump to Pardon a man named Larry Hoover, who was the founder, former active leader? And today, the god-like Figure Head of the Gangster Disciple Nation. Now, Larry Hoover’s, serving six, life sentences.

Sentences at the Florence Colorado supermax prison at also El Chapo just got sent to people like the World, Trade Center, bomber assorted drug lords, and even Larry Hoover’s own former rival for control the streets of black Chicago. Jeff Fork founder of the black p, Stone nation and Jeff Fort actually was one of the few inmates on the most highly restrictive custody level in Florence, the controversial no human context.

Is where he wasn’t allowed to talk to his lawyer, his family or even the guards. Now, there are security levels. Have been stepped down little in supposedly Hoover and Fort were spotted sitting together in the chow. Hall some months back. Well if had to do is do a test of time, a lot of times.

Pick it up to affect, you can harm you, I can make you think, and I thought I won’t do something for the community. I see these kids coming in here every day with 10, 20, 30, 40 years, then life wasted just like, I wait for months.

Because I don’t know these three game. One teenager Don’t Let Go teenagers, because the way you wear his hat does, his ideology is different from here. Just like it on my clients going. We all black people today, the Gangster Disciple Nation or growth and development. As some people call it. The gd’s is spread across the country, but really concentrated in the Midwest and the South and huge.

A in terms of size and having a coherent structure to gd’s, are I think definitely the most powerful black street gang east of the Mississippi. We do you think Larry who was a liar? And then it was, I was going to school with his sons and grammar school, the eldest who want to solve the high school. It ain’t no. Myth. Ain’t no joke – Larry Hoover’s rain during the 80s and early 90s time that he was actually incarcerated in the Illinois State pen. The GT Zed, an

Mated 30,000 official members on the books now Hoover form, the Gangster Disciples in 1969. When he met up with the Oriole, I’d with a guy named David Barksdale King David who had a gang called the Black Disciples. Larry Hoover was running, a supreme gangsters. They came together the form, the black Gangster Disciples. They started with never Hoover, never Hoover was a House of Clean, gangster, David Barksdale was the devil disciple. They used to be adversaries, but

See than it was two kings of all kings that could nobody tests their status. So they United collaborated organization to one funky, the black gangster disciple. There it is right there.

Being GD. Larry Hoover, got sent to prison in, 1973 with over 100 Year sentence for having a role supposedly in ordering the murder of a guy who stole from the Gangster Disciples. Now at that time, 1973 black gang members, who killed other black street guys didn’t get 100 years in prison. They often only got a couple of years, but the Illinois authorities knew who Larry Hoover was in a power he had so he got over 100 years.

Games, this is a fact. If they’ve been priceless had this, is that assess their early 1900s and they are perfect. You can get around King, David Barksdale died in 74 from complications from a bullet wound had suffered years earlier and Hoover became the Undisputed. Leader of the black Gangster Disciples. As I think they were known at the time. Correct me if I’m wrong. The black was dropped, later, certain reasons. Now, what’s important to know about the black gangs in Chicago?

As opposed to the black gangs in l.a., Is that at their Peak from the mid 60s to the early 90s? Late 80s, hard say, they really weren’t street gangs a street gang is a Loosely organized group of people, you know, maybe that’s sort of As Leaders but isn’t any really thing like a mafia family, but for time the disciples and the P stones and the Vice Lords, maybe the Latin Kings were perched street gang and

Of Mafia with a very strong structure over the 20th century, Chicago’s political system in general has been intertwined with organized crime. Chicago is one of the most corrupt places in the country. Al Capone, the most famous American Gangster in the world didn’t invent or create any of the crime syndicate. He helmed there in the windy city. He was simply a interim, CEO. The same things that went on before went on after Al Capone, as when I’m during his glory.

Days, so the highly intelligent and charismatic Larry Hoover. I would imagine some self when he was young as a black, Al Capone. And he actually ended up having a much longer reign of power over the streets of Chicago before and during Hoover’s Heyday and certain areas of Chicago. The business owners paid in extortion tax, which was and still is today. The Italian mafia is bread-and-butter and that in the black neighborhoods that when I’m from The Black Gang,

But the biggest extortion, racket in the black neighborhoods was drugs. If you wanted to sell drugs and black Chicago, you were definitely cutting the gangs in just as flukey Stokes. What’s a good sent to prison and early 70s King Hoover began running the game from his prison cell. First in Stateville Correctional Center, then Vienna Correctional Center and finally out of Dixon Correctional Center in Northern Illinois. The early 90s Hoover was sending orders through GD. Street boss Gregory shorty, G shell.

Shalin, Hoover’s main enforcer was the gangs number three in charge according to the government hierarchy. Who knows if that’s true. Darryl pops, Johnson shell, had his headquarters in a fried shrimp. Fried seafood. Joint called junie’s shrimp on the nine. He refused to talk on the phone and the DEA and the DEA would Trail shall and other leading g d’s. And the six hour drive, from Chicago, southside to the state prison in Vienna, where Hoover held Court in a visiting room.

These prison, these prison house meetings would come back to haunt. Larry Hoover. Larry Hoover’s, Gangster, Disciples street gang Empire and Chicago started to crumble back in 94. When a top Lieutenant flipped, but the most damaging evidence against whoever came from Tiny recording devices. Hoover’s visitors were unknowingly wearing on their person as they conversed with them. Inside the prison. They bugged the ID the

ID badges, worn by Hoover’s lieutenants, in less than two months and months of conversations in late, 93 collected, and Infinity of incriminating discussions about the day-to-day operations of the organization. And one of the main things and the wiretap was at Hoover, discussed implementing a formalized street tax for non GDs engaging in criminal activity, on the south side of Chicago Hoover, wanted the profits from one day a week.

Of all drug sales is tribute and instructed. Gregory shell to use violence as if necessary to obtain it. This is a quote from Larry Hoover, do a survey around town. I want to know what everybody is doing, heroin reefer cocaine. Who’s moving? What? This is our land. We fought battles on this land. Everybody is going to have to pay taxes. You know, that’s just the way it is. You tell everyone, if you have to start shooting,

Then nobody makes any money. All. I’m asking for is one measly day.

Now in the months before, the indictments came out in operation headache, which was the code name of the DEA takedown of the Gangster Disciple, hierarchy in, and out of prison was filed in August of 95. Rumors were swirling about the pending case and they were trying to figure out who was cooperating and it was the the high up people. They were crap rating, was a guy named Charles Jello Banks and Darrell d blunt Johnson.

And they ended up getting executed in an effort to clean up Loose Ends Johnson, and Banks had been arrested in the same 1994. Drug case Banks was a high-ranking Hoover lieutenant in the streets and his work with the DEA was the final nail in Hoover’s proverbial coffin. Making sure he’d never see the light of day. Again D blunt jot, D blunt, Johnson’s attorney. Reached out to prosecutors trying to get a plea deal, but he was

Killed before they could finalize it. Now, Jello Banks was a tubby and talkative middle manager in a gang and he began spying for the feds to get out of his drug case, Banks help the DEA get Taps and phones used by shell and Pops Johnson and search warrants for key GD, business fronts. Like Hoover’s, girlfriend’s rap concert promotion office where a handwritten GTE, hierarchy chart was confiscated from a file catch the leader of the black.

Disciples has been in prison since 1973 for a drug-related murder at several parole hearings. He’s claimed. He’s a changed man who is no longer violent today. Police spent about two hours combing through the records of save the children on the South Side, They seized half a dozen cardboard boxes and file cabinets of financial records and also seven thousand dollars in cash. Police. Say the charity organization has legitimate operations, but they also believe it is a front for an effort to get Hoover out of jail. Larry Hoover was pretty sophisticated to

He had a paid mole of his own feeding them information. His Lieutenant Gregory. Shells lover was a Chicago, police woman assigned to the gang unit. She ended up getting 12 years in prison D blunt, Johnson’s attorney had someone inside the government, providing him details of ongoing investigations focused on the GD. Nation. For example, the DEA planted a surveillance device in June, a shrimp on the nine to try to get shell. They hid it in a clock, just hours after.

Sure, they did. That he comes in the restaurant. He pulls the clock off the wall and yells into it. You ain’t got nothing at me. You ain’t gonna get nothing on me and tears of the, the, the camera apart. Now, pops Johnson, got word in the spring of 95 that Jello Banks and D blunt Johnson were informants. Well Banks was an informant Johnson was trying to be but nevertheless pops, put murder contracts and both their heads and according to a formants Hoover and she’ll signed off on the contrary.

But there wasn’t proven in court in only perhaps Johnson got indicted and convicted for those murders. D blunt. Johnson was gunned down, May 7th and 95. Jello Banks was slain, June 9th of 95. They both were taken out the exact same street corner off, Ashland Avenue.

As a quick aside, Chicago Rapper A Little Dirk’s father recently completed a like a 25 year sentence for a 1994, massive cocaine conspiracy case related to operation headache. That’s the case that Jello Banks was trying to get out of Dirk and his father’s. Last name is Banks. Now. Dirk’s father definitely was not an informant. I don’t know if Jello Banks just coincidentally had the same last name Banks, or he was somehow related. It’d be interesting to find out.

I have no idea. The operation had a case hit on the morning of August 31st, 95. King. Larry Hoover was awakened by DEA agents inside his prison cell at the Dixon Correctional Center in Illinois. Took him back to Chicago for booking and arraignment on federal charges on a government airplane. It was the first time that the legendary gang Overlord and ever flown on an airplane. So remember, he went to prison as a very young man. Larry Hoover

I was found guilty at a 1997 trial and today, as I said in the beginning, he lives in the most secure prison in North America, the Alcatraz of the Rockies Florence, 8080, X, Larry Hoover, truly, the black Godfather, buried alive.