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December 10, 2021By Origin Ten LTD11 Minutes

Insulated Kingspan roofing panels By Oakwood Garden Rooms


Right. So it’s just a little video about something. We’ve been doing recently and in conjunction with kingspan Hooves supplied, these Roofing panels to us. It’s obviously insulated. It’s got a plastic or on the top and it’s got a finish on the inside as well, and its really sharp. If you rub your fingers on it, you cut it. So this is what we’ve been using on this roof now. It’s it’s not a new system, but it’s a new system to us and it’s one that we will be moving forward with. So basically you put your panel on like that.

Next panel goes into there. There’s a seal on there and it hooks over the top of there and it’s then fixed with these little stitching screws, which I don’t know if Adam, I bet you’re focusing on that. Mmm.

Yeah, it’s a little Tex Grill. It’s got a lot of plastic or head on it. It’s got also a washer as well with a little seal on it. And it goes in with this little fixing thing, which I’ve never ever seen before, but you can see the look into the little ridges on it. It gets a bite of The Ridges that bad. It gets a bite of the ridges and sends it in and provides a nice color. Corded neat. Really tidy finish the sheets. Themself the really light. Maybe about 30 kilos, maybe something like that.

And they’re actually screwed down through with these long roofing screws. Again, color coded with a little washer on. And there are a lot neater finish than the little plastic heads that we use on the back wall, obviously more expensive, but a lot better finish. They go straight down into the wall, which secures the roof, and then there’s a flashing kit that goes over. So what I’m going to do, I’m just going to jump down off the roof. Now, if I’m just passes me the camera, I’ll just quickly, let you have a little look of the roof. So obviously the

Back there runs off the front with the flashing kit. I will explain it better in another video. This was just a dummy, run throughs, really. So I’ll let you have a look inside as well. So, because we’re obviously finishing with a high-end and we want it to look the way I gather them to always look anyway, so we still finish this soffit with cedar. I’ll explain now that we’ve done and we’ve put an a site Fisher on there as well. So if Adam just follows me around here.

So inside the room, you can see that if Adam comes in. Is it a bit darker than me? I will align it a little bit. Yeah, we got ya. So there’s a foam seal that sticks to the top of the wood, obviously, with, there’s a farm seal there. There’s one at the back as well. We’ve drove it down with these Tech screws. You can just see one coming through there.

And if Adam pops over here, look.

If you just come down the Saturn, you can see there where the joint is. So what we’re going to do. We’re actually gonna, we’re gonna wobble board. This, we’re going to fix some slave buttons to it, like that. We’re going to double slit button and it’ll still give us our debt. What else? Walk on the set here. So that’s that, this will be a storage room, a shed. So that actually provides a finish for that roof. Anyway, so it’ll fit a, an LED roof like to that. So basically what happens is you lift the sheet up your pop, it over your, drop it down, you get it in position.

A couple of screws and then you put your next one over which is got a pre-sealed strip on there. And it drops in that one goes down, you screw it and you just go bum bum bum. Ba bum that right to the end. And then it’s just a case of trimming it. So as I said before, we use a hybrid Roof System normally because you’re limited to the height and that’s what works for us. And before you all jump on it and say, oh you’re doing this because you’re also fell in, we’re not doing this cuz I’m also feeling at all. It’s just gonna be more economical and quicker.

ER for us but we can still provide the high-end finish. So what we’ll do, we’ll double button that it will allow for our cables to roll in it and it will also allow for our Spotlight. So we dropped in the ceiling. So it’s just a little trial room. What we’re going to do, we’re going to do another job a bigger job, and I’m going to do a full detailed video for your how we go about. Doing it. It’s a kingspan product. Its plastic coated on the top is never going to need any maintenance. It’s already Prince, Ali, there’s no idea.

Now, it’s not available unless you buy it in very large quantities, at the moment, but kingspan are going to hopefully launched this in smaller, quantities for home. Builders and the likes of that. So I say, keep watching. I’ll tell you another full detailed video on the installation. You can actually see that. Don’t depend on. See, you might have to pop on that because like, will drop. We’ve still got the server finish up in there. We’ve got enough depth there for our light. I don’t know if Adam can see inside there. Can you

You can just see the white roof. So we’ve double bond that with crossbar and it, we send them that way. We’ve sent them, we sent them horizontally, and then vertically. And then we see the closet as well. I’m finished, it still to the same finish that we always would. This building has got six down, lights on it. We’ve created a miter on there rather than but join the Mitre, which will open because it’s either it’s the external and it will move. We’ve created a nice little trendy. While m is created a nice little trim detail on there as well. So that’s a lot fantastic when it’s finished and

And it’s something that we’re definitely going to move forward with. So for all you home builders, it could be the future. I think they’re going to Market this as Farhan building these and also for garage roof, Replacements and flat roof. Replacements, its quality, little bit of cake weighs next to nothing and it’s totally insulated. So if you think about the time, it takes to build your roof, you need a dry day to get your OS Beyond. You need a dry day to get your rubber wrong. Then you’ve got to come in. You’ve got to insulate it. Well, that I mean, whether you’re going down the road other one rule for a call.

Roof over hybrid Roof. Then this is probably the new answer for that for the domestic Market. Okay, so, keep watching as many questions. If I get a chance, I’ll answer them and I’ll just share that little bit. Let me see that.

It’s a fantastic little device is actually bites onto it there and then you’ve got this really little low profile fixing anyway I digress that’s the way of the fixed and that’s what we’re going to move on with. So thanks for watching if you’d like to like share and leave a comment, that would be good. And don’t forget my bill packs are available at awkward Gathering rooms .co.uk 13 different sizes and you can build to the same quality as we do. And potentially, I may include a new section for these rules as well.

So another little Point Rod system, what window now we’re going to start marketing. The rods are self. We’re going to provide the rods. We’re going to provide the shoes, the notes, the washers in one full package, and send them out to you. So I should be live with that in maybe a week or so. And I’ll provide that service to you at a good discounted price as well. So that should rugs. He burst Park your buildpack and your new kingspan roof. Obviously not no. No, but it’s new to us and it’s something we’re going to jump in and promote because it’s

Ernest, lovely, for us. Thank you.