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December 28, 2021By Origin Ten LTD10 Minutes

The Banks Family Christmas! By Desi Banks



baby get up now I got to start this day look we got to go to your family house then we got go to my grandma house come on we got to get going early

talkin about

what should we say in based I was over there she was like don’t bring that girl Ciara over here no more like she don’t never try to talk to me I want to talk to him some Desi because anytime I’m around her she always ignores me she act like I’m invisible

okay I’m a car Monday do you need me to help you cook anything or do you need me to carry some place or anything like that

she loves you and I love you

Steph Curry

Bubble Shooter

Craigslist Spokane

I love you

is it my bread


Heaven Dragon locations breath that got on my nerves that’s stick

have a good time with the family

enjoy this beautiful day

we’re here are you ready I don’t want to go in there for the nearest Christmas

the heck are you looking like me come on cheer up

don’t you look good nervous Jessie

stressing me out

oh hell no need for the hell is you doing over here at the holiday if I lost it when I saw you for the holidays we are family then you say we will always be friends no matter what

who’s your boyfriend is my girlfriend key I care this is my crazy ass baby mama to what I’ve been telling you about the one who always calling when we be doing will be doing screwing how we be screwing so nice to meet you up there another one so soon how we met at another one so soon

where’s my son at work but you have to weigh a beautiful queen is coming through where’s the Roses





hey Grandma

hey man yeah that’s me

be safe than sorry too much going on I will need to fill out on that specially with this right here bless I got no strength to get a flu is down today why would I be with what we always talking about

you said Sierra no grandma McKee with a K not a c

the same girl that did that say that prayer and you should be with that that bored or today Russell Westbrook

I don’t know how you got so many girls you know I do not have a lot of girl by some like that

what’s up brother David why you know what your boy been to the pastor been good I’ve been so it’s a song writer by the name of Bishop and with my lovely lady you know Karen

nice to meet you


what is he saying you want to talk about


spray for the house sometimes you’re not leaving me in here you can go

yes sir yes sir I still got four different women if you saying they call it that says that we don’t know nobody that I can’t believe you was grown man still scared of your day

the only thing you run around here you’ll is your mouth Earl

I knew you was grown man what time do y’all need to come on it smell like submit to any smoke

jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way. You know what I need and what are you doing back so early I thought you was going where is my son a happy where he’s at and we are family we are making it with everybody

be nice to care for one time that I think she’s the one for me

I ain’t got time for that but I ain’t got no why you just can’t get back with me because she’s crazy she told it to my grandma house for Christmas

because I did my hair and I love her and she can come whenever she wants you to that my bad and she don’t called out it looks like I’m sorry she’s here now so can you please just be nice about it

what praise the Lord everybody on this great Christmas by Marissa you made a wonderful meal that I believe was God a boy who had to grab it as a couple

I tell you what my headache too damn decrepit to slap the hell out then she threw up my damn house you better get to head up there you better calm down so you can mess around and send you to the other room while I sent myself to stay up and away we go

attaboy I’m not going to be doing everything look delicious as usual Pastor Creflo Dollar going to continue to listen to just call me Pastor I’m sorry everybody bow your heads and close your lips

a girlfriend and his baby mama

thank you for this meal before we don’t nobody touch nothing is everybody here last night I got my back to nation and I ask is you go talkin about Vaseline and casamigos damn thing you can be healed

do do do do do do do do do do that well my good books a breakdown some good weed well well well well i n g o d a brute to watch ass crazy

you remember I was telling you that you know Kiara does nails or maybe she could be yours one day so that’s what she do

I mean a scammer scammer I know what a scammer looks like it looks like you owe really yes really you see I try to be cordial but you know what she’s praising. Like crazy people do crazy things and just let them do whatever they want to do crazy girl look as Christians can we always have a good time please

okay okay

can I help you

you look mighty familiar I think I know you from somewhere

you probably seen when I brought up here before

no no no how I’m pretty sure I know you hello hey nephew I see you got a new ride at that how you got it at PPP loan money I don’t need no PPP money

what the hell you get one for you ain’t got no damn big hear you paint my own damn I might have been that pays me and what is that in the head want to see your relay about you from an onlyfans and I ain’t talkin not the kind of cream you put on a spoon either where you put it in there

I’m trying to get all my money bless your heart do prostitutes shut up Nina damn say no prostitute

only thing you got some you want to tell me

I was doing it before I met you the sea


can’t believe you

this is a baby listen to understand this brother need you please

are you still doing it

Jesse is not what you think. What was it

can you still get that dope ass

hey Jessie Jessie you can’t answer your phone no more

B B B and C are that I will talk about her baby

was that

I know by

oh yeah well I’m his girlfriend so girlfriend I’m his girlfriend you ain’t never had no more

a friend in a couple days ago because you’re not answering the damn phone so you worry about me having an onlyfans you got a whole side chick I told you not to get too comfortable up I’m sick of your ass