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December 14, 2021By Origin Ten LTD15 Minutes

Just Watched SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME! Instant Reaction & Honest Thoughts! By The Reel Rejects


I could not believe a movie this height could still surprise me cuz I was just expecting to walk into something so exciting and then I was like why are you so much more drama and depth and Nuance down like I’m so glad that’s what they like

what’s going on there reject Nation are we just attended the Spider-Man and no way home from here and we just want to give her instant reaction honest thoughts after watching the movie you guys know like how much we were looking forward to this film is going to be absolutely no spoilers here may be exceptionally careful with how to pot a phrase or saying and it turned off all these lights there’s a bunch of noise earlier so sorry for looking a little bit darker than usual at the best of sounds going to be in the lightning right now but I had to hop on here really quick to tell you guys how we felt a start with how I felt when the movie was done which is a unique feeling something I don’t really get experience too often with the credits are rolling and I was sitting in the crowd I wasn’t like Phil would like all this heart pulsing excitement I was sitting there and I was sitting there impressed I was sitting there going they did it they made a pure Spider-Man movie and then it does make a Spider-Man movie they made a great movie what was funny exciting action pack Shore

movie Breeze well it takes his time it feels like pure Spider-Man with the themes that it’s it’s Susan’s to explore the states and consequences are palpable from beginning to end this is easily Tom Hollands best performance that he’s done in the air like people I don’t think I prepare for just how freaking fantastic he is in this movie he is incredible more to touch on before I get carried away John fleas exactly I had a similar experience with this where you know we watch over the crowd that was really into it that was really responds if it was cheering and whooping and hollering and crying and weeping and I definitely had a lot of those reactions but when the movie was ended and even throughout I was just sitting there going to be this is feels like something special this feels like a moment that I will remember you know cuz we see a lot of spectacular movies but this really does have that kind of endgame quality real like oh wow they’re there taking a swing and they’re doing something big and what’s awesome about that is it takes a lot of apprehension that I know we’ve shared about

previous MCU Tom Holland Spider-Man movies rectifies a lot of that stuff with confidence and with hard decision making I mean this is a Spider-Man movie that will give you certain things that you want but also will give you some things that are challenging and it hurt and and whether that be in the emotional states or the action action in this movie was filmed in some in some cases yeah I was quite quite swept up in the sky darker than the trailers light on it’s way more emotional you know how much recovery after talking with the cosmic Wonder still full of surprises from beginning to end and and hearing certain things and how they might go town plot Point wise watching the execution was even surprising in that regard for my man the person that we are here because of him we got some special interviews of red carpet interviews to show you guys the koi what you think man

went through every single issue I’ve had with Spider-Man in other mediums with the comic books and went pee I’m paying attention here is the answer to x y and z David Phelps smooth efficient and plotted out in a way that I feel like this was written over the last 20 years like 30 years 40 years I gave me Spider-Man from the sixties and gave me Spider-Man with Tom Holland Spider-Man felt so true to the character put in it also felt like it fit with what we’ve had with Tom so far and the visuals like I I love them in psychedelic journey and this to me was a better Doctor Strange movie the new Doctor Strange movie with had so far I’m sorry Scott I love you miss you so so realistic and the comedy was maybe even funnier than homecoming and I think homecoming might be the funniest Spider-Man movies I just can’t get over the fact that I laughed and cried and sometimes both and my tears went in together and like this this cacophonous medley of just fucking emotion and it was Spider-Man at the end of the day all of that

this might be the most authentic Spider-Man movie I’ve ever seen and Peter Parker movie Life my favorite Spider-Man movies are honestly Spider-Man 2 and The Amazing Spider-Man the things that I love about those I’m talking total wise exploration beams that’s present here so what I’m saying like this is one of the best Spider-Man movies I’m not talking strictly in terms of fan service while there’s fanservice here as you see presented in the trailers it’s not great because of fanservice it’s great because it’s a great movie that’s something I was pleasantly surprised by this direction in this world this guy learn style and there is tension throughout most of us and just beautiful scene worth Michael giacchino score is brilliant in this film this is something I wasn’t expecting to say I was rather surprised by how I felt when it was done


holy crap I was like

he’s better’n this movie that he is in the second the first movie how they do that so menacing and Insidious and willing to focus such a great comic fan of Ultimate Spider-Man mixed with 616 Norman Osborn there’s so much going on both in its action and it’s pathos with the goblin there’s so much just happening at you and it really establish who the character better I think that we’ve seen him in live-action it’s it’s a really astounding performance with lizard it was two dimensional Sandman the three-dimensional stuff that you you know bike that you would sort of Hope for at least they still kept the three-dimensional layers of Doc Ock and Electro the one that just stood out the most definitely greencough like don’t get me wrong all good in the movie where all the enjoyable there are certain choices they make with particular salmon and lizard that I wasn’t too fond of I can’t go into specifics as to why can you guess what I’m getting at

a couple of choices a couple of parts that I was like I don’t know why they chose to do with a great Aunt May’s wonderful in this film has man the friend Spider-Man far from home recently I have to give you guys idea homecoming and Far From Home are closer to the bottom of my ranking when it comes to Swagger for the Spider-Man film water heater in love with MJ where this come from and then I really cared about them a lot in this movie they were quite a few times for Regal not in like one or two just like what I have to say because of the unique experience in the theater that my and I’ve got to wash them both back to back but my favorite Spider-Man movie is probably into the spider-verse and

cuz La I got the watch this right next to Lord and Miller tearing the moments that they cheered at and feeling their emotion was exactly the moment I was feeling so I told them off after this is over this is the Love Letter to Spider-Man that I’ve always wanted to see a lot of action and this is a love letter to Silver bronze modern ultimate every age of Spider-Man and I love the John W just love the character and John W would like to make Spider-Man this is a masterpiece I would want to watch it again just to be safe before I’ve given official ranking of where it’s at but right now I’m a pretty solid like 9.5 out of 10 on this movie while I think there is some parts early on in the film where some of the dialogue back and forth with some of the villains a little bit off to me because I have to do some catching up an exposition stop some of that seems a little bit off while there’s some choices about Southern Belles there wasn’t a big fan of nothing really bother me a message but I was kind of like okay the most part this was anime

Amazing Spider-Man movie all pundits and I mean that sincerely like I I could not believe a movie this hype could still surprise me cuz I was just so exciting and then I was like 5 to take me so much more drama and depth and Nuance done like I’m so glad that’s what the daylight with very tangible albeit very sci-fi situation and it doesn’t let go and it never loses sight of what’s important I was got the last it’s got the action it’s got all the things that you want them more than anything I feel like spiritually it’s on point and that’s the important thing because it’s easy to please people with the Spider-Man movie it’s easy to have a passable Spider-Man movies for people to eat up I thought they really find to the actual underlying point of it all and never let that go and that’s perhaps the best thing I could say about it for all the fanservice all the things people want that never takes over the movie to the point where it loses its.

at no point did I feel like this movie was made for anyone except Spider-Man fans that’s the highest praise I can get it at no point that I feel like this was made to appease blank or blank and no point that I feel like this was anything except for Spider-Man weather with the drama weather with the comedy whether it was the snark whether it was the love letter is the supporting characters that who it was it was Tom this was a Spider-Man movie that I cannot wait to watch it over and over again and maybe even more importantly talk about with everyone because it’s an important piece of art and Spider-Man and important piece of art there’s a reason we all love Spider-Man and this is something truly special this is exceptional this was Carrie Fisher carbon shitt by I can’t tell you like how relieved I was I’m telling you like you feel like life or debt stakes in this movie that’s also was like you don’t feel safe watch this movie keep a lookout for a while or talk

very well done