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December 14, 2021By Origin Ten LTD4 Minutes

Broncos honor Demaryius Thomas with 10 man huddle vs. Detroit By Highlight Heaven

heart certainly heavy around Denver all week long lost Demaryius Thomas who died so young at the age of 33 on Thursday 11 years in the NFL 9 here in Denver moments ago the moment of silence for Demaryius Thomas here in Denver and everybody thinking about the former Bronco great here in Denver today including our partner on the field to third member of our crew Laura open eylure hi Kevin the memory of the celebration of Demaryius Thomas is absolutely everywhere today the Broncos set up an area outside for fans to pay their respect and inside the number 88 is everywhere every Bronco was worried his number on their helmets that was a beautiful and emotional video tribute to demarius moments ago and Kevin that tribute will continue now is the Broncos begin the game with a really special gesture of the offense takes the field they will defer the special gesture that Laura is talking about you’re going to see here in just a moment Denver

I’m going to line up after they receive this kick off with 10 men in the Huddle Courtland Sutton will go stand on the 88th which is been painted on the sidelines of penalty flag will be thrown in the Huddle Detroit will decline this penalty and in Courtland Sutton will run from the 88 as you see right there out onto the field to the vacant Exposition the exposition Force play by the Maria’s Thomas for so many years here in Denver. Exposition will that be filled by Courtland Sutton but it will be left open for the first moments of this football game

as you mention cab happy Hearts here in Denver and across the league anybody

but had contact with him that had a relationship with him knew that what he was a special player and brought speed power size 2 that Exposition that receiving position but most importantly he transcended football and he was a contributing member of his community wherever he was weather was his hometown in Georgia or near Denver Post and the kickoff will go to the end zone for the Touchback in here comes the moment that we spoke of Denver will line up with 10 men in the Huddle and headed to the 88 on the sidelines is Courtland Sutton

he will make his way over there now there are just 10 in the huddle

the exposition will be left open

only 10 men on the field at the 25-yard line

John Hussey is the referee

they’re going to take the delay of game

and your cup Courtland Sutton onto the field

what a moment here in Denver

for the Broncos who lined up with just 10 minutes


Demaryius Thomas

can the right move by Detroit to decline a penalty and give her a fresh set of downs and take this thing off and the DT chance resonating once more in Denver

first down and 10 for the Broncos at the 25-yard line Spencer in motion play action for Bridgewater and on first down Bridgewater to the sideline incomplete looking for Deontay Spencer Jalen Elliott