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December 10, 2021By Origin Ten LTD2 Minutes

Robbie Shakespeare has Died | TVJ News – Dec 8 2021 By Television Jamaica


Welcome back. We’re continuing the news legendary basis, to Robbie, Shakespeare, of the musical Duo, Sly, and Robbie has died. Shakespeare, had reportedly been ailing for some time. He was living overseas and was in hospital in Florida. We have more from Prince, more rubbish, Shakespeare better off of slider jump. So you have Sly and Robbie. I am the Ravi, you know. Yeah, I don’t like talking about myself for this.

I don’t like talking about music either. I just like playing music. Robert. Robbie Shakespeare was born on September, 27 1953 and is regarded as one of the most influential reggae bassists as part of Sly and Robbie. Shakespeare worked with various reggae artists such as you Roy. Peter, Tosh bunny. Wailer, Dennis Brown Gregory Isaacs, and yellow man, they were also the 80s, go to producers for international Stars, such as the Rolling Stones.

Dylan and Grace Jones in the early 1990s, Sly & Robbie introduced a novel sound with the hits bomb, bomb and Murder, She Wrote by Chaka, Demus and pliers in reacting to news of Shakespeare’s death on Twitter, this afternoon culture and entertainment Minister Olivia. Grange said she was in shock. She said, Robbie and a Sly have been among Jamaica’s greatest musicians. Miss green just said the duo.

Took bass playing and drumming to the highest level as they made music for themselves and for many other artists locally and internationally. She said she experienced a loss will be severely felt by the industry at home and abroad. Well. Let’s welcome the twins in July last year. He placed number 17 on the 50.

Greatest basis of all time list compiled by Rolling Stone magazine. The duo has also won a Grammy award for the album friends Prince, more TV. J news.