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December 17, 2021By Origin Ten LTD2 Minutes

BTS Performs a Concert in the Crosswalk By The Late Late Show with James Corden


are now listen up I know you guys just play some big alive shows you know you blew the roof off the place and I’m not surprised because you guys are brilliant tremendous Sensational fuel big-time singers your BTS

Kabuki Ramirez Starfire an appetizer tickets today you are going to play the biggest venue of your life


that is not a venue crossword 50,000 people play next system gas station

call UND

it’s not the scope up emoji is now I don’t know what you got

I want to show you a little bit of cardio X now it’s a different Beast so I’ll show you. That traditionally what’s out there you know what I mean you’re welcome says most of the stuff like

on my way back to the shop that loving loving it

remind me to get options

okay guys with 10 minutes to show time and let me tell you you’re arming accidentally down and they are rocking it.

Persephone’s Funk at the Jazz Cellar last month in the Major League I just knew I had to go, I mean listen listen

90 Mustang

we ready

I like that

we’re going to the potion challenge 2 minutes for a quick drink

how do I sell some lunch

PCS portal

there we go. Aramis Hernandez

I need your permission on these liability waivers just need you to sign that is if you can thank you very much and then I also need you to sign these headshots again

liability waivers trying to say nothing much

I think I see ptd

the young people say

I’m Dynamite.

I’m sorry. I can’t hardly see how somebody would have to choose my words more carefully next time can you go that’s fine yet

there’s no Abdul

hey guys everyone stay safe and stay warm stay warm okay

okay this is a crosswalk residency baby we going to 155 North 9th to go

are we right now