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January 27, 2022By Origin Ten LTD18 Minutes

the BEST TOTY SBC?! 88 Player Moments Dest Review! FIFA 22 Ultimate Team By ZwebackHD

don’t let the fact that they just released a m Prime upgrade pack that’s actually cheaper than the base hermit icon PP pack that’s been out you guys are probably halfway through that first one this is come out your clubs are going to be full of ministration but don’t let any of that distract from the fact that we have released a sergino dest team of your moments card for that time he scored an absolute Banger against Costa Rica vs PCS 100K he’s got high medium were crazy and he looks like an absolute cracked flat boys and welcome to the sergino dest the 88 Team of the Year moments card that is Right today we are back with a player’s My Views were also going to be taking a look at that pocket their card but you guys have been asking for it for quite some time so apologies for the delay in getting this one out to you but today we got herself some crazy content The Defenders are out I think you’ll consider I think his fights do we put which is pretty nuts but none of those cards are attainable for a player like you it’s not really my cup of tea I like to have a cheeky SPC release and this is the kind of card that I can just a ploy facts about we have an 88 team of the team of the Year moments sergino dest again for that legendary moment where he scored an absolute Jammer against Costa Rica in World Cup

and they go ahead and they dropped a lovely little SPC and like I said for about 100,000 coins I think this is probably one of the best rated value of a species that we have gotten all your smashed like on the FB if you think that this is the best team of the Year SPC that’s been released in FIFA 22 so far and like they always say let’s just Dive Right into itself we’ve got an 84 store for Star gets the high medium work right right now which is pretty damn cool be fake that’s a pretty awesome and then if you dive into the staff 97 acceleration 94 Sprint speed I don’t need to get any of the pace jacked off because the 97-94 combo is Ally I’m the kind of guy that likes to D Jen and likes to have a little bit of fun with my players specially with the high medium work right now I want to see you I want to see what he might look like in the attack were going to get in the Marksman can’t tell which brings them up to 80 finishing he is going to have a 83 shot power and then 90 Longshots I want I want my ring back to have naughty Longshots it’s a lovely little

what is 84 Vision 8486 Crossing he’s got 94 passing long passing is a little bit may I could understand why you would maybe want to put a cam still on them tickets too long passing backed off of 84th and then the dribbling stats men 9594 ball control with 98 dribbling with the yellow with the Marksman camped out already has 86 lb 85 composure would a defensive strength 86 aggression 9th damn enough. Right now the Marksman isn’t one of them is it near what is the most popular Kevin’s Nails but with the Marksman you get some pretty crazy staff jacked off on the card the defending stats again don’t need to be better than 85 at any point that you’re in my opinion up to W to hang with the best to hang with the best cards and you get 98 stamina and like I said it been 90 S90 strength with the 86 aggression he may be the American Funds if you can lick him into a pretty emotional Squad if you did if you went to Wild Card at coaching USBC he gets the green like he gets a Green Lake in the PK and if you did the UMP you got him as well and again like I said I want to try out the bucket to AK Inception lot of people are loving this card I finally figure

how to do the elastic or with a 5-star skill moves so we’re going to test that out we’re not going to delay things any further boys we got some of the American boys on the bench we’re going to test out what this is like again for 100,000 coins you could do a whole lot worse there’s a prime mixed players pack that I think gives you a card it has a Min guarantee of 82 plus which is pretty damn do today and just looks like one of those looks like an incredibly incredibly and it’s not often that we get to say this a really really solved value SPC maximum America

and he’s got that he’s got that sticky dripping as well there and he’s rapping it was just flying.

pkt sergino dest and again he just flies get him on the ball you can just do one of those left analog stick drifting cheeky Burba

love that from Sergio the double nice little standing tackle or show it to showing a little bit of that strength again left analog stick drifting this guy might be

what the hell was that bro the cool thing about the sergino dest card obviously you know 5. We could maybe give him a five star five star weekly or something like that to make him a little bit more little bit more versatile

bottom of a really really really fun card again like I said for 400k and you could do this thing where you cut in

Bluffton life is absolutely goaded left in lock send it into a guy like I said it into a war

he’s got the he’s got the average body type

get his eating out his his catch up speed

Lucas paqueta

I can’t. My dude


scoop turned his acceleration as mad as we saw in the first game is acceleration fastest rocket

what is the distance beggar that’s what that 90 long shots does he have to hit that shot rate Griezmann like sergino dest also have a hidden finish up trade fake shot 22 elastico is probably the most goated is probably the most go to Schoo move combo to be fair it something I discovered on stream you guys help me figure it out but yeah yeah the big shots of the elastico exit is is ridiculous and completely changed my opinion on the value of a 5-star skill moves five star player

what is that

but what but honestly what is that goal dude

esm pick up party

I regret. Do this s p c o d i t g I regret big. I’m not doing this I regret big-time not doing this this SPC on the OTG man that stuff Marley party is going into an oral carti things looking up with Pele some people might run him in like a 35 to set up searching your showcasing his strength to take the ball away from from over Morse

okay I can’t count that was nasty he just Meg PK he’s not going home this year after that one voice again with the high medium you can get a little bit little bit interesting with her tonight so do you want to make that money.

Is this game dude what is happened to people after the Patch babe

are there searching you again stepping in making a really really competent real challenge will bit of apurba maintaining possession of the ball

all all all all all left analog stick drifting right there

hip-hop Bhangra

fake shot to the elastic Alaskan such a do such a go to the lascaux move let’s see what it lets you put Inception has in his locker again he’s right footed

I know if I get there was a nice little talk with the nights of interception

lovely little town from the desk



my brother again with the shadow comes. I think there’s nothing other than Shadow you want to run on top 25 standing tackles for standing tacos 1 + 80% standing tackle success rate he’s got the 4-star skill moves got the 4-star the 4-star Bigfoot and some sort of hidden finesse shot trade because this was just a thing of beauty in the hookah kit

sleeping lion

inside and outside blue his house

forget to take a bouncing the main main Inception coming in with a company with an absolute stassi again fake shot to the elastic go if you haven’t learned it I definitely recommend looking up the Royals on YouTube with the State basketball attacking instruction set the left analog stick drifting you can literally just literally just messing around players know you learned well from the from the goat going to do one of those still has the ball

one talking about sergino dest on the first attempt if your opponent Blows By he still somehow able to catch up just because he has that he’s got that rapid acceleration when I’m worried about a topic she’s going to cup

yeah that’s what you got to do against the strong man he’s got that 86 strength he’s got that he’s got the 90 strength he’s got the 86th aggression

I thought the optical

that’s going to be a lot of a ball that’s going to be on the way.

Can be a body painting that’s going to be a legal right there that is going to be a one Neil saw two little till I go in the hookah kit with the fuck with

is instruction set

Vanessa interception for reception from surgeons

that’s it that’s what you’re good at what you do with a sergino dest has left analog stick drifting before start skill moves I think he’s out of here yeah I think this guy’s done a throat that is going to do it for the team of the Year moments are sergino dest 28k sergino dest I know if you’re running a full USA Squad this is an absolute no-brainer for about 100,000 coins one of the best naat in La Liga but one of the best Wing backs in all of the games again high medium work rate has had that Frank has that aggression there’s literally no weakness the only thing is the long passing which is 78 but again he’s got the 86 Crossing if that’s what you’re trying to use them for I would go so far as to say 4 1/2 out of 5 in terms of value little bit strange that he’s only there for six days but alas it’s 6 days and he’s he’s he’s a hundred thousand coins so I’m still going to hold true to my four and a half value of waiting for the car to one of the best Wing backs in the game and represents I guess kind of this metal ship where the power curve is now evolving and you’ve got some cards that are not going to be super expensive that are you going to be able to do that you can be able to get in your squad

did either PK / if you did pick a showdown or if you did clock back on teeth he’s the guy that is he’s a guy that you’re strongly considering as well in terms of on the performance I’m going to go ahead and say four out of five he was stronger than I expected but he was also a little bit slippery or than expected but if you have any if you have any experience with the 81 inform card you know that he’s a really really fun card to use the button again nothing but a negative to say about the card there were times when I felt too interesting Lee a little bit little bit clunky I don’t want it that way because he doesn’t have a drink that that’s under $90 but at times felt a little bit clunky still believe that he’s in the territory of months to complete a species and very much enjoyed using using Inception in the squad so that is going to do for the boys hopefully you guys will be streaming tonight going to try to qualify for we can leave with a full comoros Squad and then also do some Rivals grinding and that on the yard 2 G and maybe try to start crafting that the middle or prime icon pack that came out today but that’s going to do for the boys hopefully you guys have enjoyed smashed like if you did it because our new the channel it that’s it

buy button down below connect to my Bros juice later