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January 31, 2022By Origin Ten LTD6 Minutes

World’s Most Dangerous Escape Room! By MrBeast

the world’s most dangerous escape room in it B Contessa can finish it in less than one hour he went a hundred thousand dollars

these are actually Sharp


this is literally only level 1 and they’re struggling

are you kidding me that was just the first of 10 different levels they have to find the exit in every level Teresa $100,000 for the timer hits zero the timer still going

I should probably check inside the light bulb

it’s not in the lightbulb where is it exactly 55 minutes it’s going to get dumped into this fire if you don’t take it off this with Maribel where do I where do you put that’s a Jimi thing to do is put it in the toaster

it’s sitting on Akira’s back doors open

oh my gosh Minecraft this is the Minecraft that has anything to do with the TNT block in the wall we need to light it and there’s a cave and Fire

there’s a bone I think I figured it out that you’ve ever played Minecraft you know that a flaming arrow like the TNT block the second


Jimmy is the wall still yeah I know this level looks like they need to dig out the key in the middle but what they don’t know is the doors just unlocked and they can actually leave whatever see how long it takes them to figure it out I have to get this out with a big ass I think the goats have something to do with it you’re not going to help I need to give them a oh my God just get the key out so you can open the door open the door

welcome to my scale replica of a hotel hotel with tons of rooms and secret keeping down the fake brick wall


oh my God what is a lot of 18 feet long and weighs 200 lb I’m going to go through use me

I think it’s obvious what needs to happen we leave a cute one and done on suit one-and-done one-and-done or three should we do.

30k rock.

Goodbye Chris wait I don’t get to come welcome to the next level drop the chocolate free ticket on the outside that will get you out of this room and while they’re looking for the mystery ticket I want to tell you guys about my new snack company Peaceable switch is launching with three flavors original almond and crunch crunch is my favorite my favorite song no never mind they’re made with only five ingredients but still taste amazing this is our Crunch bar tell me if you like it

kicking off these tunnels with something I’ve always wanted to do and random bars are going to have a mystery ticking inside of them and if you hit this mystery tickets we will fly you out to compete for a chocolate factory one of our videos and on top of that trailer give away over $1000000 another private some random people at by the bar

who’s in here this whole time just got a piece of ass., crystalline description and buy yourself some shots of our stuff better for you and they taste amazing

this massive library has over 1,000 books in it but only one opens the trapdoor was looking over there give me a call right now I’ll give you a hint if you let us burn 5000 100

tell her I’m going to point in a certain direction

are you on lunch, so I can’t wait

drug bust in 15 minutes for 195 Grand and a half minutes earlier level Texas weapons

just left in 13 minutes

there’s no time

if he does not touch this money in the next 11 and a half minutes you’re dumping in that fire

is the final level so if you look over there go see that 90 something thousand dollars you have to make it across without touching the lava

okay you’ve only lost two million dollars on this channel in these videos I don’t know where I was going with this I just want to bring it up

I would tickle Akira but this is more serious right now actually gets the money and I’m very ticklish


think about it still the prettiest

money is right here okay if you’re hungry, nor our brand new toy if they taste amazing they’re good for you and subscribe real punching the dog

has become friends with a snake’s now to speak to me