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December 13, 2021By Origin Ten LTD5 Minutes

Race Highlights | 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix By FORMULA 1


we’ve been waiting for this all season long the finale the title decider

a picture of the fireplace that comes

what do you want for me to take my factory faults that challenges the Ferrari. Lewis Hamilton coming in early tonight has anybody have to give up the problem is. It’s it’s Perez’s right on the top until the investigation necessary for the Stuarts the doors open he’s going through a Kit Kat

u.s. Bank

Max verstappen about to make what should be is wonderly pizza of this race

my parents will

is rice mixed up by the Mercedes crew

cut back underneath and that’s exactly what we expected to give him a cherry this away and that was about a bit ago was it until 9 or catch a break from that battery still hold him up just a little extra fish this is a very very good tussle have Paris absolutely on the liver

I think this is really frustrating Lewis Hamilton it’s going to be a little bit as well briefed the cat coming down between the Sanford at Hamilton you can see if both parents a long way around a parent is going to try and retake that Selena the race but I’m not 21 Hamilton is Rudy boys team right back into play me to give his team A good measure so great team place that the team play we talked about that Iran’s navigate to clean out of the way for a checklist

absolute animal

Nicholas latifi has crashed and I am think that he’s at 10:14 that will be a safety cop coming into a Max verstappen Hamilton. But coming into the pit waiting for it to go on a trip yes it is

will they will we have any more racing laps or know what Jeopardy is the end of this group. And has the tires to really do something with them

a lot called will not be allowed to overtake you’ll find the tree and the regulations which leaves we stop them with a lot of work to do that Air Force typical definition

why are we getting these from all the other way but just keep both proposed Christian just give me a second time I might be going is to get this incident clear that we think you should do could do black cows to overtake the safety car that’s how so at this confusion but the safety car is coming in at the end of this left so they allowed to take the safety car might be this isn’t right

I just left Lewis Hamilton has Max verstappen side-by-side Hamilton will be a head for Stafford is absolutely desperate to get over this crazy thing to decide the championship in 2021 3.2 miles of racing action at the crowd is it going to be at 12 Championship is it going to be at 8:12 championship

Charlie Wilson

what is the championship trophy from Lewis Hamilton is trying to fight back outside picture of Lewis Hamilton Street

Ninja Turtle game for Stafford Springs

do you want it comes down to this out of this moment it looks like it’s going to be a pretty of Championship battle for the championship

for the first time ever is champion of the world Lewis Hamilton so long

the bubble silver sparkly stuff to celebrate his championship for the first time and the chapter has ended I hope you stay right until the end and if it was worth what I forgot the sequels coming all the way in 2022 and 98 FaceTime just enough time for the Stafford and Redbull to celebrate a Championship under the lights in Abu Dhabi