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December 10, 2021By Origin Ten LTD12 Minutes

Boris Johnson faces grilling amid Christmas party scandal By CNN


Yes, Virginia, it seems there really might have been a Christmas party at Downing Street video shows staffers at number 10, not at the actual party, but rather days after the alleged event, laughing and joking. About how, who explained the Gathering should anyone find out one, senior aide, reside within hours of video, being made public, and caused a growing louder. For the prime minister to step down as well. Boris Johnson has apologized. He has ordered an internal investigation repeatedly insisting. There was no party at Downing Street a year ago when the rest of the

I was under strict lockdown. CNN’s Selma Abdel Aziz has the latest now reporting in from London?

Allegra Stratton spokesman for Downing Street became a household name, overnight in the UK on Wednesday. She resigned on her doorstep. My remarks synced to make light of the rules rules that people were doing everything to a bay. That was never. My intention, the senior British government official made headlines, appearing to mock covid-19. Joking about a Christmas party. Last year. I went home is fictional party was a business meeting.

And it was not a socially, just if true, it would be a breeze in violation of covid, restrictions. This video obtained by CNN affiliate. I TV shows. AIDS rehearsing for a briefing four days after the alleged party, but while Downing Street staff, giggled on the video about cheese and crackers. The UK was in the grips of a deadly, rise of covid-19 cases.

Sophia was caring for her elderly father that day. She says, he contracted coronavirus during the Christmas period and later died of the virus have five people at my dad’s funeral. I was able to actually be with my dad. When he died me, my mom, my brother were able to be there which I consider a huge privilege because so many other brief family members didn’t have that opportunity on December 18th alone. The day, the Downing Street party, allegedly took place more than 500, people were reported dead.

Three covid-19 in the UK come on needs to start leaving now. And this is how police handled other festive Gatherings cracking down in handing out spot fines for days. The Prime Minister maintains that no party even took place. No, guidance was followed completely. That’s not true. But I can tell you is that all the guidelines were observed on Wednesday. The Prime Minister told Parliament, he would launch an investigation.

Admitted. No wrongdoing was also Furious to see that clip but I repeat mr. Speaker, that I have been repeatedly assured since these allegations emerged that there was no party and that, and that no covid rules were broken at. So the British people, put the health of others above themselves and follow the rules.

Isn’t the Prime Minister ashamed that his Downing Street couldn’t do the same.

The day after the alleged party. Boris Johnson effectively canceled Christmas for the entire nation. Limiting Gatherings. Two days later. Most of the UK was back under tier 4. Restrictions essentially a full lockdown. Now, as the country once again, is fighting a variant Omicron, many are asking if the Prime Minister has the moral authority to lead the country some of disease CNN London.

See that European Affairs commentator. Don’t tell us is with us, our from Viroqua in Sweden. Dominic. Good to see you. Thank you John. So here’s a little more from Boris Johnson at Wednesday’s question. Time in Parliament.

I understand and share the anger up and down the country at seeing number 10 staff seeming to make light of lockdown measures and I could understand how infuriating it must. Be to think that the people who have been setting, the rules have not been following the rules.

And that’s the point you’re putting aside all the politics of this Scandal. The real issue here seems to be the Damage Done To The public’s, trust in this government just as tough. A pandemic guidelines are being introduced into case of. Don’t do what I do just do as I say, right? Yes, that’s basically sums it up. John Manning, what we have learned over the past two years. Is that competent consistent messaging from the authorities, has been absolutely crucial. In stemming the the growth and the dissemination of the virus and we

Had great success on examples in places, like Finland, for example and New Zealand. That’s not always been the case. We do know that in areas where you’ve had competent leadership, uptake Germany, as an example as well. And that has not always worked out in the best way that what we do know for sure. Is that incompetent leadership in consistent messaging has contributed to worsening the situation. And when we look at the UK now with over 150,000 deaths, it is absolutely clear that there’s a correlation between the lies and the

Handling of this. And the in consistent messaging of Boris Johnson’s government here. And what we can just only hope is that the British people are being increasingly resourceful in taking hold of these measures and not waiting for the government to provide these. But unfortunately, this thing consistent messaging doesn’t mean that it’s going to discontinue to disproportionately impact. Those people, that throughout this process have been misled and underserved by this government.

Well, now we get to the politics and for that, here’s some more from the leader of the Labour, opposition’s of this.

No one was dreaming of a zoom Christmas, turkey dinners for one gifts exchanged at service stations, but the virus was out of control four hundred and eighty. Nine people died of covid on the day of the Downing Street party.

This time last year, when thousands of fines are being written for breaching covid, restrictions on Gatherings. This was the Christmas with Boris which Boris Johnson cancelled, but he seemed to get some credit for making the tough calls, his all that now, undone as he just submitted a narrative, you know, of the rule for the Tories, a roof, everyone else. Yes, and I think that that has been not just I don’t think just for the Tories. I think that for the Tory leadership and for a certain kind of entitled leader, which is really what this is, which is all about. What’s so striking.

About this though is that it’s really nothing new about this. I mean his closest adviser Dominic Cummings came. Public and talked about the sort of the gross mishandling, the ignorance of Boris Johnson’s Administration, the ongoing and Corruption scandals and so on. And yet let’s not forget. This is a prime minister who essentially came to office on the heels of a misinformation campaign of lying to the British people, about the impact of brexit. And so on and ended up essentially winning an issue on a single issue. This has never been a

But that’s been about policy, that’s been about transforming, the situation, and improving people’s lives in the UK. And the sense of entitlement is reflected. I think, in all of the behavioral patterns of this particular government and yet it’s still succeeds in holding on to power, but there’s this growing criticism out of Johnson and the leadership from within his own party, you know, they’re calling this leaked video indefensible and catastrophic. A recent poll just came out majority believing the Prime Minister should actually resign and a third of

Of the voters, feel the same. Assuming this controversy does not get any worse. Will Johnson survive? And why would anyone assume it won’t get any worse? Yeah, why would they might assume? This is just simply another chapter in the Boris Johnson and Prime ministership. What? So absolutely extraordinary back to the previous point that I made is that is that it seems for the overwhelming, you know, voting public that Boris Johnson’s private behavior is inconsistent messaging. And so on our

Dairy to the fact that he delivered brexit are second to the fact that he delivered this massive majority for the conservative party and at this particular stage, the opposition itself has remains divided and seems incapable of mounting some kind of opposition to Boris Johnson that would potentially undermine him. Now around him in these sort of Dangerous Waters. He essentially serves at the wheel of the conservative party at this stage. It would be up to them to make a decision as to

Whether or not to remove him at once again, he delivered, this massive majority. They are in control. They seem to be at this stage untouchable when the fall comes, it will be rapid that. There’s no reason to believe at this particular stage that this latest chapter will lead his closest people around him to undermine him and remove him. When the path ahead for them. Remains uncertain. They have this majority and they ultimately control the agenda and the narrative about these questions Tony could do with us. Thanks so much. We appreciate it.

Thank you, John.