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January 31, 2022By Origin Ten LTD2 Minutes

Rafael Nadal v Daniil Medvedev Extended Highlights (Final) | Australian Open 2022 By Australian Open TV

what are the chances of Harry Melvin they promises to be

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the Russian play honestly it started with the Russian if you take his short walk to the middle of cording you drive it to the middle of route to stay at home a little bit Justin up

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I know it’s spectacular but what a question I have is this type of stuff from rapper sustainable he looked he looked to the edge of the court and with a worried look on it didn’t feel like a tennis player that stage

he’s everywhere either Russia is running right out here at the moment

and you don’t have to I am quite as high off the rack effects with that that’s how he had to open a fight more and didn’t

Relentless from the Russian 62 opening set in this year’s Australian Open men’s final


God is truly Majestic hermaphroditic what’s a way to finish the second set

that surely is the decisive point the defining moments but then out


wow if you haven’t seen you go cancel and play me it’s a few of those as well I need to find some puss if to make his life a little easier

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method of trying to create offense trying to create offense of that forehand and he had on the Run

just counters with Back Down the Line

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