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January 15, 2022By Origin Ten LTD20 Minutes

Turning The Nightmare To A Dream (Part 2) By Shyla

so on November 24th I received a call from my brother

I was here

and I had my niece and my daughter here my oldest niece

and my niece is playing on my iPad I was getting ready to take them somewhere and I was outside in the front putting off the car seats in the car

and as I came back inside to grab that my niece was looking at me and she said like uncle’s calling on the iPad

and you told me to go get you and I’m like oh what’s up you know my brother just randomly calls me so I didn’t think anything of it and

he said I be heard and I said heard what

is that a

we need to get a hold of mom I said what’s happening

he said I can use his friend just called me and said that she had a heart attack she’s in the hospital and John they don’t know anything and they will not let anyone know anything and immediately I started crying and I was like his terrible and I regret that part because them

it was off the iPad 2 is on speaker

and that’s how my niece had to find out and I regret that so much we didn’t know she was dead or alive they wouldn’t tell us anything they had her under a Jane Doe she was a confidential patient I just talked to her the day before

she was supposed to come over and down

you’re supposed to come over and pick up some stuff she has

she just started

her own business

and I thought that would help her and

she’s supposed to come up with the day before and don’t on Thanksgiving we found out my sister was pregnant

and I remember having to like be on that call

I pulled out right as new

and like sharing them tell my mommy a mother cry over there a child is like

and I could feel myself and I just dropped my phone and I was just screaming and I can just hear myself screaming but I couldn’t control it couldn’t stop it and it was a day like I’ll never

I had to be the one to tell everyone in like to watch everyone’s heart freakazoid.

and not something I always like stick with me like way to ruin the moment

it just didn’t feel real because my sister struggled with a lot of things and was distant for a lot of years this was the first Thanksgiving we were going to have as a family we made plans and I just ignore that Saturday

and we talked about how things were going to do on Thanksgiving and we never got to or it’s still really fresh and it just felt like I was being robbed in the worst possible way and it’s like why why the day before we were supposed to see each other and it just didn’t make sense at all to me and I was so proud of her

should text me about a week ago


she sent me a picture of an LLC book that when you start a business you get like a book for your documents and paperwork and I felt so proud that I inspired my sister to start a business and she was like will you help me like you know what you’re doing and I was Joker and I feel like you just going to see me sitting like on my laptop just type in quietly like you need to come out with me you got to go to the meetings you got to go to like the factories like you got to really experience it when she passed I went to her house and I was looking through her things and she turned her garage into him

the car stock room in town

in her workplace

I realized a lot in that moment.

I didn’t talk to my sister for

Mr Year my tire pregnancy in a good portion of my daughter’s life and I said you need to get it together if you want to meet my daughter and I was serious I was firm on that and she would talk to my mom talk to my brother but how do I get Tyler to like talk to me again. Like you got to get it together and she did and she

she met my daughter my daughter knew her

really grateful for how I was able to inspire my sister so much

and then I just felt like maybe this was the plan like the person that I thought I could never reach I reach to another level she did things we never thought she would be capable to do to starting her own company she had her own place for the first time she left us with all such a sweet taste we were all on Amazing terms and part of me is so grateful for that but part of me is resentful I wish it would have been when we didn’t talk so maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much but just really seeing how much I invited my big sister the person that was my hero growing up that made me really proud and made me realize like I had more power and influence than I could have even imagined

I’ve never had an experience with death this close before so being my sister really rocked my world and I think you realize we spend our time worrying about the wrong thing and so being in the hospital with my sister the last day and I asked everyone else to just give us the room and I knew she wasn’t there anymore in spirit but I felt like I wanted to be the one to like be there for her last moments here and I just laid on her chest like a baby and I just listened to my heart. It would be so scary but it was the most beautiful

ever hurt the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had and I’m just so grateful that I got those last moments with her I realized so much through her passing and like how could this be part of my training how how how how is here I began trying to fit it in like a puzzle piece I wanted to stop what I was doing I wanted to just literally roll over and die in the day she passed was actually the second major production for my company and I didn’t even think about I was even able to be there none of that in a handle. I talked to my mom and she helped me a lot she was like your sister was so proud of you and she looked up to you and what you are doing

and it inspired her to change her life like why would you not be able to change so many other people’s lives like you have access and you have the platform and you have the story to influence millions of women you’ve already done at one time and I realized I did when I posted that video on YouTube just telling my story thinking no one could relate no one would understand and the very same women that were bullying me and judging me with a very women that could relate. I I ended up connecting with so deeply and I had like a full-circle moment and I felt like oh my God this is how it happened this is who I’m supposed to connect with these very same women and I thought I was able to innocence. My sister changed her life around influence her to change her life around and Inspire her just to what I was doing again the same thing not thinking anything not doing this

to inspire her or anyone else and it did unintentionally this is how I get to the path I see it now and I literally thought and like a bird’s-eye view and I thought like okay Follow Your Passion leads to your purpose how the fuck did starting this yoga company take me on the ride of my life

how in this journey was it filled with the most ups and downs and trout and tribulation it’s a goddamn Lifetime movie and I never once thought about stopping until my sister passed and threw her death

I realized the power that I truly hold within myself it’s so much more than a brand to when all the other stacked against you get up and you go and you do it again and you do it again and you let your adversities be your why when the girls who have babies young and they think okay my life is over it’s not and you get up and you do it for that baby I want to be someone that little girls can look up to and that my little girl and my nieces can look up to and look back at and see like what how you did that so the vision behind the brand when I initially started it was to have something good and wholesome sound designer to like create liquitex hacks for me I wanted it to be good down to the materials I used the Sanibel I wanted it to be good in that sense I wanted to contribute the best ways that I could I wanted to be sized inclusive so I have extra small 23 x I hope to be a

you can go up to 6 and then I said okay what about colors I wanted colors that complemented the skin tone like the now so he’s in the skin I wanted it to compliment so I had custom Drive colors and they said okay what if we just do you know three colors and I was like well there’s so many variations of skin tone how again can I only do three sided 6 had all my product and made in Los Angeles California and I felt good about that it was way more expensive but everyone was being paid a little boys and it felt good that I can go and I would oversee and I would talk to the factory workers doing okay do you like this is really cool to see it come together that way

Sofia the First visiting the doctor is about an hour and a half away from here

and I’ve been there like hundreds of times now but I think I think there’s two different first time to me I think it’s the first time I’ve ever gone and it was to do a fitting so I bought a roll of fabric my fabric took like three four months to get here for one single roll and that’s how they make the samples and since my design and everything are custom there’s nothing but there’s no template ready that they can cut out and make it to tell us a lot of trial-and-error there’s a whole roll on trying to get these samples right and I remember the first time I went when I was my right-hand guy was Byron he was trying to prepare me like it’s not going to be perfect and they said yeah I don’t expect Perfection of the first thing but it was awful the first sample was god-awful like the sizing was completely off the design was off I remember the leggings were bunched like this much

the bottom of what the heck like it was bad I was like okay maybe

I thought like so I wanted to do little Innovative things and all the top factories in Los Angeles couldn’t do it this Factory could do it but it took five six seven eight different version if a sample just to get the first one right I would do the fittings I have one in my size and then I would have a plus-size Model come with me and we would check them both at the same time to make sure it was right and we would a different weekends are better for the plus-size models so we would adjust accordingly so I got a call they were starting my my complete production we’d had the samples could finalize color samples everything finalized quantities paid for ready to go so I got a call they said hey if you want to come to the factory work starting your production my do up until this time they only send you by Brick and block the all my samples had it been in Black so I’d only got to see my custom bed colors like this I don’t like a little swatches

that was also the day I got the final four sets and I was in I walked into the factory and instantly I recognized all my custom colors the entire Factory was like a rainbow of just my colors Cyrillic walking through the road and just seeing all of my stuff being like handmade and like staying with my logo on it like my design on it it was it was amazing I felt like I was literally walking on cloud my daughter comes first and foremost she comes first when I separated from her dad I became a full-time I’m single. Which means she had to come with me sometimes only 11 and a half I don’t have to drive like an hour that it was a whole event because I knew I had to go to the factory or meeting I would have to prepare I’m really glad that one I take her I got to show her that she will always take precedence doesn’t matter who I’m talking to I lost them like can you give me one second please and I’ll tend to her and then I go

and I really understand now that I had to hit these load I had to get to Rock Bottom to really understand myself and I understand that dreams do take time my my going starting this company my realistic timeline is three to six months is what I said

I’m past three years that I think they’ll definitely take time and that’s my mom said follow your passion

I will beat you to your purpose I have to go through every part of the process for this company from meeting the contract of fabric sourcing fabric dyeing sample sample sample every single part of the process and it’s finally here and I would be honored if you guys would like to follow us on this journey and I’m excited to announce that it’s here check it out