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December 31, 2021By Origin Ten LTD8 Minutes

Cobra Kai Season 4 Ending Explained | Spoilers | Netflix By The Nerd Doc


hello and welcome back to nerd doc this video Explain the ending of Cobra Kai season for there will be season 4 spoilers so if you’ve not seen Cobra Kai season 4 and do not wish to be spoiled you can check out her spoiler-free review Link in the description below

Cobra Kai season 4 just released but season 5 has already finished filming you can find a link below to our video on what were expecting attitude and 5 after all the revelations of the end of season for a lot happens at the end of Cobra Kai season 4 will just cover the major moments if you have any questions about the season or what happens at the end leave a comment below and we’ll answer as many questions as we can we divided the video and the chapters listed below so you can easily navigate to which part of the ending you’re looking for

at the end of the all Valley tournament Miguel pulls a muscle during his match against hot while he recovers enough to finish the match he decides not to because he thinks he’s no longer fighting for himself this is because of a lot of things that have happened this season but mainly because of Johnny calling Miguel Robbie when he was drunk at her even more because Miguel thought they were having a bonding moment and becoming more like Father and Son so when Johnny called Miguel Robbie it was a big blow to their relationship fact that Johnny was treating Miguel differently after he told McKayla that he was dating his mom and the constant reminders that Johnny was more focused on beating Cobra Kai and Miguel’s well-being all added up to make this an easy decision for Macau

and the final men’s B featuring Eli and Robbie the match goes into sudden death overtime because each match has a 3-minute time limit once that time limit was reached the score was tied at 1-1 mean the next Point woodwind Robbie hesitates to finish off Eli when he has a clear opening this happens because of everything that’s built up with Kenny being corrupted by Cobra Kai especially coming right after he saw Kenny beating up Anthony Larusso all of this slowly makes Robbie lies that Daniel and Johnny were right about how bad Cobra Kai can be Robbie’s hesitation gives you enough time to get out of a bad situation and eventually win the match in the final fight of the all Valley tournament pitting Toria Cobra Kai against a froggy do Tori wins because Cobra Kai cheated John kreese Brandon Teri’s over to help Cobra Kai defeat Eagles sang in the Augie do but what Kris didn’t know is that silver bribe the referee to help for you when when the score was to one in favor of Sam She landed the winning Point again story right after learning that blow Tory stepped out of bounds all Valley tournament will stay that any hits landed want to phone is out of bounds do not count

however in this case the point was scored before Tori step out but since the ref was working with Terry silver he didn’t give Sam the point saying that the attack landed Wilkes-Barre was actually out of bounds if the rats had not been in League with Cobra Kai that would have been a 311 for Sam instead the match continues and Sam ends up losing two to three

after the all Valley Johnny goes back to the Cobra Kai Dojo but finds his empty because Terry silver is expanding Cobra Kai to multiple new locations so they have no need for the first location that was never really in a good place anyway and was only selected because it was cheap for Johnny Robbie follows Johnny and they have an emotional moment where they take a significant step toward repairing the relationship he still isn’t the best but he’s learned a lot over these past Four Seasons Terry silver and John kreese are celebrating their win at the all Valley but this is just a setup for Terry to get John arrested when Raymond better known as Stingray tried to come back to Coburg I turn them away and humiliated him we came back a second time only silver was there and he made a deal with Raymond silver put ramen in the hospital but told him that if he tells the police that was Kris who beat him up Silverwood allowed back into Cobra Kai Raymond degrees and behind-the-scenes silvertips off the police of John’s location Greece is arrested and charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder

Miguel is a note 4 is family saying he’s going to find his father this is caused by all the back and forth with Johnny and even partially by the fact that even though Sam had similar issues it was with her father and Miguel doesn’t know who his father is he’s trying to figure out what he wants to be in to do that he’s going to try to overcome his fears and meet his father unfortunately Miguel’s mother never told his father that Miguel exists not only see a bad guy involved in criminal activities is not even aware that Miguel was his son this will likely end up playing out so much a Karate Kid Part 2 when Daniel goes to Japan with mr. Miyagi finally Daniel seen it mr. Miyagi grave he apologizes for what he’s about to do Daniels going to go on the offensive and continue teaching with the help of chosen who probably says you are which is Japanese for enthusiastically saying alright or okay

that just about wraps up the ending of Cobra Kai season for if we missed anything or you have any questions leave a comment below you can also check out or Cobra Kai season 5 video to find out where we think this ending leads to in the neck season thank you for watching do you enjoy the video please don’t forget to like And subscribe and share with someone who loves cover guy