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January 27, 2022By Origin Ten LTD1 Minutes

$200 FAKE AIRPODS MAX?? #Shorts By Phone Repair Guru

we have fake Apple product this is from AliExpress and it cost me over $200 they’re supposed to be fake fake airpod Max Nike ask and what is this oh let’s open it up and see how they are if so the reason China puts those in fake boxes so they Customs don’t see the package these actually look really good ones with the case some instructions and stickers on the charger actually feels like it’s high-quality was taken out of its case

what the fuck I’m starting to regret this purchase but let’s listen to it before we judge it too much so I’m now just realizing that these are magnetic but they come off way too easily will turn it on and it actually does the thing that’s kind of crazy so it did not let me connect through there we’re going to have to do it manually and they’re connected this test out the sound quality this sound called he’s actually really good take a listen

for $200 these are not really worth it I’d price him around 150 so this is a little bit of a flex even if they’re fake