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January 20, 2022By Origin Ten LTD5 Minutes

Meme Olympics #7 By LazarBeam

my friends and I will be competing in really stupid challenges to see who is the meme Olympics Champions on to see what they’re doing to my character right now Battle Royale we have to kill each other with trays last one standing is the winner May the best man win the best Lumberjack win come on you’re kidding me

sorry I missed your call. Who’s going to win it

bring me his cake and ran one did you guys ever watch out the Discovery Channel is a kid Storm Chasers they just out of tornadoes the first person sucked up by tornado winds I’m going to getting sucked up to get sucked I got this suck me up like way too old for this yeah, I kind of need to take a shit to do this tonight I could that’d be great

going down

I hate this game comes down to you and me mam I just didn’t have what it takes a job thanks for watching the coverage Channel I’m pulling up chairs waiting for it

is a tornado power charge has something special up his

are you going to make it to the party at where’s my whole life for the tornado we have a bonus challenge whoever equips the lesbians getting fussed when surprise

no I meant to type it

hi Karina you got to be tough at the top of my description just saying something creamy surprised whoever case is Dwayne The Rock Johnson alive the longest is the winner wearing two teams in separate games are at me and creamy versus fresh in Mille crepe me what’s your plan we need to protect the Rock

I don’t think my people and I’ve got a couple Grand Rapids this might be enough where is he going to be very lucky if we can keep him here for as long as possible I’m high. I’m well-versed in this world. Yeah they even care about drive it’s about power 103 me doing good give me to provide hey buddy I can’t he doesn’t attack you if you fishing rod into this is good all right

I can get a discount


sorry boys welcome to spray a metal hold on collie

alarm. That’s not how it works. I’ve done all I could but I’m definitely kept him alive longer


Kofa High hey I know what it’s doing. I don’t want to see you. Tell me I got it

he just asked a yes cuz I think God damn it I would have been fine if you didn’t we are going to say who can be spotted me in the longest just swinging all game but just swinging yeah soon as he starts swinging you caught stop swinging

it’s like the first time I’m doing I don’t have to do this

sorry Michael Jackson turn around like a Beyblade

we are we all doing the same thing right now I’m going to different strategy do you guys busy

God damn I got shut down

I’m being I’m being emoted on his clapping on me I got to look at Spider-Man’s butt cheeks more if I do this right

we’ve replaced

replace fresh yes let’s go in people within this game and we’ve done nothing but swing around and do nothing

left creamy just you and I swing and night we still swinging was still golfing

although exporting play one in the middle of a blow.

space on my phone

you’re an incredible Spider-Man creamy creamy won the most rounds which means he’s the meme Olympics champion champion