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December 7, 2021By Origin Ten LTD11 Minutes

Employee FIRED For Giving FREE FOOD, What Happens Next Is Shocking | Dhar Mann By Dhar Mann


All right, that’ll be 250.

I thought I had more, let me check.

I only have a dollar fifty. I’m so sorry. Wait.

Don’t worry about it. Okay, I got you. Really? Yeah. Thank you so much. What are you doing? Sammy? I’m just helping this man. Yeah, give me that. We’re in the business of selling food not giving it away. Now. You can come back when you have the exact 250, but sir, I’m trying to feed my son, please. He hasn’t eaten in days. Yeah, right probably don’t even have a son but no one get out of here. Get out of here before I call the police.

I was using my tip money. I ask you something. Is this your hot dog stand? No, it’s mine and it costs a lot of money to open up one of these and I don’t need homeless people lined up begging for free handouts because Sammy the Samaritan works here.

I’ll be back when I take out the trash, take this with you.

This is so much food. What do you want me to do? Man? Business has been slow and we can’t sell day old hot dogs. What if we gave these to some homeless people, you know, you’re not too bright. Are you kid, you know, if people found out that we were giving away old food, they’re not going to buy any of our new food. All right, so stop asking dumb questions and throw it away.

Excuse me, sir. Could you please help me feed my son, please. We haven’t eaten anything yet. Please help us out. I’m so sorry. I don’t have anything on me. Dad, so hungry. Don’t worry, baby. We’ll eat soon. I promise. Hey, look, I know your son is hungry so you can take one for yourself, too. Okay, my goodness God.

No idea what this means to us. Look Mom. Okay? From David Sachs is giving them some food.

Hi, would you like a hot dog, too? Yes, thank you so much. Yeah, of course, Stanley. What are you doing? I told you to throw those things away.

I’m sorry, I just felt bad. These aren’t your hot dogs. These are mine and I get to decide what I want to do with them. I know. But look, doesn’t it make you feel good knowing that you feed some hungry people instead of just throwing them away. No, that’s good for them. What does it do for me? Well, I’ve always believed that the good you put out into the world, always find some way of getting back to you.

You see when I was a kid, my mom and I were homeless.

We were so poor that a lot of days. We didn’t even have any food to eat.

But whenever things will get really bad.

We knew we could always count on a kind restaurant owner to help us. He always gave us food whenever we were really hungry and because that kind man, helped, so many people word quickly, spread and customers came in droves to support him.

The kindness, he put out into the world. Came back to him.

So you see, it’s always good to be kind to people. Just trust me, trust you. You can’t even follow simple instructions. How could I possibly trust? You looks. Alright. Do you own this? Hot dog stand Sammy? No, but you know what? It is a dream of mine to one day have my own hot dog, stand it so that I can feed other people. Wow, and how you magically going to make that happen. It costs 25 Grand even start one. How you going to put enough money together? When you love to give everything away for free.

You’re right.

I’m sorry.

Sorry’s not gonna cut it. Now, you can come in tomorrow and you can pick up your last check because you are fired. No, please sir. You don’t understand. I need this. How am I supposed to pay my bills? Maybe you’ll think twice about disobeying your boss and don’t think that I’m not going to deduct those hot dogs from your pay, please, now, throw it away.

And you are the David as in David’s dogs, correct? Yes. I am. And this is my company. Hey, here you go, bud. Thanks. Let me some change. Keep the change. The work you’re doing is really incredible. Thank you, man. I appreciate that. So was it, your idea?

DIA to use leftover hot dogs to feed the Homeless. I oh, hang on. I just got news that a GoFundMe has been set up and a lot of money has already been donated a lot of money. Yes. So this was all your idea. Then yes, of course. This was all my idea. I mean, I really enjoy helping people you see it’s no that’s the homeless dad and son from the video.

How did it feel having David helped you and your son David?

He didn’t help me. He yelled at me. What are you talking about? Didn’t this man feed you? Are you kidding me? He fired his employee for feeding us. Is that true?


Hey Sammy, Sammy boy. That’s it. Go all. Come on. You crazy cat. Just don’t know that. This little misunderstanding. He’s the one who really helped us. What is going on? Well, someone uploaded a video of you on Tick. Tock feeding the homeless. And it’s already gotten over 3 million views people. Absolutely love the work. You and your company are doing what

I don’t have a company anymore. I got fired yesterday. What you fired him? Why would you do that? It was a joke. Come on, you little rascal and can don’t get my sense of humor. Yesterday. You were yelling at me because I was given away free hot dogs. Instead of throwing them into the trash and then you fired me. Oh, I’m so not supporting you. Where you going.

I don’t believe it.

You just gonna leave like that. Well, that was interesting. This is Caitlin Keurig signing off cut. That was crazy seriously, and I thought I’d seen it all. Good luck. Take care.

Hey Mom, very easy. It’s you. Do I know you my son’s one the uploads, the video of you, helping all those people yesterday? Yeah, what you did was awesome. Thank you. I really appreciate it.

Still didn’t stop me from getting fired though. You got fired. That’s not fair. I’m so sorry. What are you going to do now? I don’t know.

I do when I get my own hot dog stand, but just, I don’t have enough money.

I’ll figure it out. See you later. Wait. Wait, what about the GoFundMe Marcus? Oh, yeah, hold on.

You have thirty thousand dollars. Wait, what are you talking about people from all around the world? Saw what you did and they’ve been donating money to you. We wait. Are you serious? I have thirty thousand dollars. Well to be exact thirty thousand and two hundred and twenty dollars.

I can’t believe it.

You don’t understand how much this is going to change my life. Thank you both.

So you got your job back. Actually, I bought the hot dog stand. Yeah, it’s now Sammy sausages. Oh, I love it.

$2.50. This time. I have enough here. Just keep it.

This one is on the house. Okay, here’s one for you to Your Heart of Gold. Thank you. What do you say? Thank you. Of course. Well, if this story teaches us anything, it’s the good. You put out into the world, always has a way of coming back to you and cut. Hey, what should we do for lunch alone? How about a hot dog?

We have a new student starting today. Do you think you’re doing this? Is my see. I didn’t know. Sorry. I run things around here. Got it. You could start by doing my math. I’m a little hungry. This is my lunch. Now, with, you gonna do about it.