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January 21, 2022By Origin Ten LTD2 Minutes

Boris Johnson questioned by Line of Duty team in Led by Donkeys video By Guardian News

IC 12 interview by super 10 nice things. Slamming Keanu

on screen on reference lvd1 a principal private secretary to attend the party on the evening of May 20th 2020 on May 20th 2020 the whole country was in lockdown

before the party began Oliver down in your coochie secretary Mattis statement the people fight provided that they stay to Mesa pop

a gathering like the one described an LBD one would have been a breach of the health protection regulations in operation at the time as well you know who Heaven is all I can see is a people that stayed out within the rules not to be the case if people wish to bring allegations to to my attention or to the to the police or whoever of the police sir did you breach send out protection regulations that investigation by Sue crane people had to cancel their weddings

and kept from visiting sick relatives people couldn’t gather to bury their loved ones families were separated people will make an incredible sacrifice his party’s the rest of the country were following the rules it was more like no rules for us I wants to apologize event it could be said technically to fool with in the guidance everyone back inside you brought the law it’s you who should be stored

because you believe you’re above the law well you got another thing coming believe you me because there are the rules that bind us as a society and as a paper

the party’s over with people at work there’s a meeting of people at work if you have got one shred of compassion for those families who sacrifice so much who lost so much you’ll go and let them have done with you