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January 20, 2022By Origin Ten LTD21 Minutes

Day 19 – Explore | MOVE – A 30 Day Yoga Journey By Yoga With Adriene


what’s up everyone welcome back to move it is day 19 and the exploration

continuous of get started

oh hello there alright let’s begin on all fours

spread the fingertips wide

things underneath the hips

I got the Valley Inn in hell open the chest look forward they hear press away from your yoga mat look to the right

look to the left going to come back to Center inhale open the chest good exhale round through Paws here Preston of the tops of the feet


and now released the floodgates in Hell dropping the ballet exhaling around through the spine

setting off on a very beautiful Swift but powerful exploration today just kind of reminding ourselves and each other that the process is the rewards are just

open mind and open heart keep looking around

asking questions as they moved throughout the practice is this feel-good know why does it feel great yes why following your breath

paying attention

working to be fully present in these daily moves

such a gift okay bring the spine back to nice neutral position and we’re going to call the right tools under extend the right leg out just the right leg and then draw a line with your right toes all the way to the left side of your mat and maybe even off the edge of the mat

good then turn to look past your left shoulder feel this nice big stretch in the right side body right waist and maybe reaching the right he’ll back a little bit more as you press away from your palms nose towards the left shoulders if you were looking to

touch your nose to your right heel what

just explore inhale exhale inhale and again and exhale to slowly release bring it back to that Natural Spine curl the left has understand the left heel back draw line with the left toes this time all the way across towards the right Edge

unturned to look past her right shoulder towards your left heel

and then explore here with breath really reaching a lefty no back pressing the Palms away from the earth if you drawing the front body up to meet the back so your low back becomes nice and long

breathe Big Stretch and left side body

flat twist

in heroin again use your exhaled to reel it back to Center good call the toes under inhaling again exhale Naval draws up that lifts the news for now we’re in a hovering table

neck is nice and long skin of the face to software calm here exploring the breadth the length of grass here in a challenging moment you’re here for 3 p.m. nice and easy to talk to him the back towards the hips good and slowly lower on the one beautiful bring the heels together we’re going to sit back on the heels like this we’re going to enter Lisa fingertips and just take a moment or two to create some movement here in the wrist you might draw the hands into fists real circles here

or interlace the fingertips and take it for a little wavy ride

she’s been everyone reach her fingertips forward pull your shoulders back drop your fingertips down so you feel this big stretch in the wrist and the arm here the farm again pull the shoulders pull them back into socket reader for 3

two and then release on the one to come all the way back down we’re going to walk the feed out a little bit wider and peel the hips up for downward-facing.

to try to find something new here in this dog and they’re going to give you too many choose just to allow you to explore the space with your breath

I lied I’m going to give you a couple options but not too many cute as you can take it wider you can explore taking a wider stance you could explore taking a taking a slightly narrow stance and turning the big toes in

I’ll let you explore for a moment or two longer here

listen to your body

make discoveries based on your exploration actually Adrian invited me to do this but this is really better for my body here to do this so I’m going to explore this for a moment I feel safe and stable here

nice thank you Ben and he’s in hell look forward exhale to make your way to the top maybe explore a new way of getting there today forward fold at the top edge of your mat take a deep breath in

in a long breath out of you relax your arms and relax the weight of your head over grounding firmly and actively through your feet

could inhaling here bend the knees for the fingertips bend the knees as generously as you rise up reaching the fingertips all the way up towards the sky big breath Big Stretch and then exhale grab the left wrist are going to tell to the right here stretching to the left side body beautiful and how come back to Center exhale take it to the left of your right wrist and to your right heel lift your sternum good inhale reach for the sky actually a wiggle your fingertips as he slowly forward fold and gained all the way down good and he’ll send the fingertips behind you are frustrating for airplane arms as you lift up half way nice long beautiful legs slight pain in the knees and then exhale let everything go fingertips come to the mat we keep the right side where it is as he stepped the left-back front knees bent as you pivot on that left foot and we’re going to rise up right elbow to the top of the right guy we’ve been here before extended side angle bring your left hand to the waist

here you can turn your leftovers in really really finding that connection from the hip internally rotated to the knee through the shin to the ankle

I just check it out here to check out your foundation really building his posture from the ground up and when you’re ready we’ll take the left hand to the right rib cage let’s take it to the right side body

and imagine you’re smearing honey or something across your belly here as you use the power of your own touch to guide this opening after the chest and maybe the last fingertips reach up towards the sky just checking with the neck

like is nice and long hair not collapsed so there’s equal distance between your ears and your shoulders here

inhale in if you like exhale right fingertips all the way down towards the right inner heel

Van Halen again exhale left fingertips are going to take you all the way forward and back down to your nice lowland here’s our twist breathe into your belly and he’ll reach for the sky squeeze the right at me and just a tad and then exhale right hand down except the rights and back for plank pose feel free to lower than he’s here for a little tired today inhaling deeply the exhale slowly lower all the way to the Earth in hell open up through the chest cobra

exhale to soften and release cruel the toes under inhale and use the exhale to press up power up strong to plank reach the hills background for word quietly whisper to yourself I am strong I am sorry if the pie and back after your whisper downward-facing dog

take a deep breath in

in a long breath out

bend the knees in hell look forward to Hale make your way to the top find a new way of traveling up there

on your next time he’ll lift up halfway airplane arms and exhale soften in a release root2rise Here ground or their feet in Halo Reach of the sky Big Brat Big Stretch to wiggle the fingertips take it all the way back down to the Earth in Hell halfway lift with those airplane arms imagine someone gently pulling your fingertips away from you creating more space in the next year and then exhale soften and release good fingertips on the mat keep the left it where it is that the right foot back pivot on the right heel strong legs here

I need a bent left elbow comes to the top of the left side

we’ll take the right hand of the Wasteland 2 starts check out the back foot so want to make sure the right has a really turned in so you can feel the power that you get when you press into the outer edge of that back foot and engage from the arch of the foot this is great for all these Warrior postures so engaging the right inner thigh

getting the bone stacked


optimal function take the right hand to the left waist singer that honey across let it open up through the chest file your heart up towards the skies he said the right fingertips all the way up towards the heavens lots of space between the ears in the shoulder so keep keep thinking about throwing your shoulder blades down

hug and the rib cage just to bed feel that connection to your core inhale and maybe look up exhale maybe left fingertips all the way to the Earth

beautiful strong legs here

mindful breath

inhale and reach a little higher in the right fingertips exhale take the right fingertips all the way up and over

and then allow that to bring you back to your lunch great pivot on the back foot and he’ll big twist is left finger tips reach Towards the Sky slightly hunt that left in cuz then exhale slowly bring a left hand back down step The Leftovers back to plank here we go in Helen exhale pop up in the upper back body heat or reach the heels back we’re going to squeeze the right knee up into the chest and then extend left a squeeze and left and then next time keep it going here just a bit of a mindful mountain climber but I’d like to see if you can explore really accentuating The Squeeze In the left as you come through so you have that means that you do less really finding that squeeze engaging the muscles of the front body

the new your fingertips here

it one more on each side and then send the hips up high and back downward-facing dog take the deepest breath you taken all day in through the nose and exhale side I was a little sound

good one more like that inhaling deeply

don’t be shy now explore a little sound here is he breathe out how I could shake the head a little yes a little now but anchor through the left heel in here with the right Lehi

exhale step it all the way up on the back foot straighten the front leg right hand is going to come to the inner heel or on a block

left finger tips slowly Trace across the right arm across the chest and up towards the sky back toes are turned in and what you are in a triangle pose nice and strong opening up into this posture from the ground up you got this spiraling your heart up towards the sky keeping the neck nice and long legs are strong healing exhale opening the heart towards the sky drawing the shoulders away from the ears again back heel

rooted strong back toes turned in

good in Helen exhale with control slowly release we’re just going to give this one little breath cycle here you have been both knees and he’ll lift up to standing split sticks floor

Diamond exhale lower come back to your lunch great Prince of homes here step the right to his back and belly to COBRA or cheddar on it to Upward facing dog here you can explore make your own adventure will meet in downward-facing dog

inhale with the left like a pie XL step it up here we go we’re going to bring the back heel down pull the left of Kris back to straighten out front leg don’t even worry about the arms yet let’s just get nice and grounded in the feet right toes are turned in

I’m pulling lot of Grease back left fingertips are going to come towards the inner heel here and then just like we’ve done before we’re going to imagine pulling back a bow and arrow right fingertips slow and steady Trace what this is doing is allowing me to turn on the muscles of my core my midline so as I open up through the right fingertips my lower body is strong my midline is turned on our exploring length or the crown of the head heart spiraling up

grass and all four corners of the feet find a gentle lift

from that pelvic floor that lengthening through the Torso

and Helen wiggle the right fingertips you got this exhale slowly and with control knees inhale exhale lift off standing split just for a brother to just check it out and then lower it back down beautiful Eden Hill open the chest look forward last time here playing post up the left foot back

you get to choose try to run got work belly to cobra

take one final dog try to find something new shear

I want facing.

And slowly lower the knees to the Earth

cross the ankles and come through to a seat

breathe relax your shoulders and I invite you to soften your gaze down gently past your nose or close your eyes

with the hands resting gently on the knees or the thighs so deserve your breath

and really really slow we’re going to inhale reach the fingertips up towards the sky

and exhaled so gentle twist to your right

inhale the lift your chest

and exhale the gently explore the twist

then inhale come back to Center slowly reach the arms up towards the sky and then take it to the other side of you breathe out

stay with your breath

slowly release back to Center extend your right leg out long keep your left heel and we’re going to turn towards that right angles you inhale reach up exhale forward fold days softer eyes closed pay attention

Android app

take it to the other side standing left leg right here when turning your torso towards your left ankle inhale reach up and exhale. Attention meaning pay attention to your breath

soli release that come all the way up we’re going to close by crossing the

opposite leg on in front than what you were doing before

exploring art patterns

and Rob Hansel art

close your eyes again inhale deeply as you exhale bow the head to the heart relax your shoulders take a moment here


send some love and appreciation to yourself first for showing up here

amazing amazing

cleansing some love and appreciation to all the people who are also doing the same as individual showing up here

amazing and then finally take a breath for the collective for the group which I’m so honored to be a part of

one of the true

honor privileges pleasures of my life thank you take a deep breath in again exhale to release thanks everyone look forward to seeing you tomorrow do not miss it, stay