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January 30, 2022By Origin Ten LTD8 Minutes

World’s Largest Challenge! By MrBeast Gaming

3002 players are competing in six deadly challenges and whoever survives the longest wins $50,000 start the first challenge

thousands of players are now going to chasing you in a day dies they’re done my God

so it’s rising sea levels Rising

Nolan was the first person to die I’m actually kind of killing it right now though guys I’m going to take this slow and steady rumor has it that wins the race but how do you do this part o my God oh my God you’re ahead of me look at just the giant hordes of people how do you do this

oh there we go there we go there we go or I’m doing really good right now I see the Finish Line you do like I’m not there yet

modal of us were saying they got to go pick up oh my God this is terrifying

I can’t say I cannot see oh my God

what was the largest phone number what was I supposed to do there

the Luv is Rage

Yo Yo Ma I made it

all this is coming down to the wire

what is this guy doing I hate this guy we started with 2,000 players and we finished the first game was each other now you’re not our second death game consists of a tile the players have to pick a towel to sit on and I might credibly imploded 5.3 inches are dropping in 10 seconds

3 seconds to get out of platform number 7 skin blown up

all right we’re blowing up number five

all of their flying

Entourage do the people up here still count as survive if your brain is big enough to land right here you go on what’s the last number eenie meenie miney mo number for

creeper all man we split the remaining players into a red team and a blue Team Coco Coco Coco are rushing at the horde of red people Point still have to stick with knock-back

oh my God calls going for it I thought he’d say that

break I just felt like I fell I fell I fell

Celestino’s raining Karla and plenty are getting destroyed so if then swings if it swings blue is dominating

oh hell no red is taking back over there we lost the center we got to get it back no red team is just camping hardcore

47 seconds remain who is in the lead but red has it I don’t know what glue is going to be able to break their grip read my make a comeback game right now to go either way go look at all these blue people just jump in on him getting back

let’s go to come back and with that half the server has been wiped off. Game is an obstacle course operation touch the Finish Line first win the challenge there are blocks getting absolutely wasted now and Soul Mix what’s happening right now

damage now and I’m like the last challenge did they die they don’t respond

we’re doing great Kim is not working together at all stand to open up the pathway to walk through how do you do this we got to make a pillow like a s make a s

oh my God

terrifying challenge with a maze we have to remind the stand to go to the next section on my gosh I’m stuck right now I’m so stuck this way just follow the Sand by disconnecting

oh he jumped around it do if you would have felt you would have lost fifty Grand to get a lot of tearing down the wall in even there yet my family is texting me you’re running 50 Grande go to family right now oh yellow made it through or yellow it down on the Giants and he don’t know which part of the wall of the doors on it’s right here but they don’t know who will break first this is actually scary

Red Sea beta

we must salute all the following members that you lost her in the challenge silver give the boys weapons diamond sword there’s 100 people I only need 10 in the final challenge let’s go

I’m sorry you don’t get 50 Grand I feel so bad even though I’m smiling

holy cow Christopher right by me

I just seen

the Orioles funny

there’s a 49 players right here and only one of them is walking away with 50 Grand

call whoever this is done for

call nothing Carl from sword get to slave

they’re 16 players left we only need 10

teamwork right there

one more one more

dead end. Do we have 10 players left the 10 remaining contestants will be going head-to-head in the shrinking Arena are you ready

as the challenge goes on the borders will shrink what is this a team here

who is going to win and you might want to look behind you Jay Jay look behind you

can you remain a dragon down there

Ojo has been eliminated oh my God has the big race track did not hear he has played four guys before five players are me to kill fifty Grand on the line weekly four players remain

eliminated immediately azure

almost called the zone is drinking I want is your dragon 21 please

after reviewing footage it turns out that deserts was actually eliminated earlier in the competition and that means is you dragon is real winter coat because it was my mistake I’m going to take accountability for it and I’m actually going to get them both $50,000 to make up for me messing up thank you everybody for coming out to Chicago