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January 10, 2022By Origin Ten LTD3 Minutes

Remembering Bob Saget By CBS Sacramento


actor Bob Saget has died best known for his role as Danny Tanner on the show Full House he was sixty-five years old Jeff new it looks back at Saget’s Legacy

call Drew and give him a nice and Innovation I’m laughing

Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada let the audience in a standing ovation Sunday night for Bob Saget who died at the age of 65 the comedian and actor was best known for starring on Full House the friends that his stand up Acts were often dark and blue Elon Gold recalls a time when they did a virtual benefit together of Leukemia and in the spirit of The Show Must Go On we did the zoom and dedicated it to my brother and Bob pops on the zoom in his opening sentence was

did your brother died just to get out of doing this zoom and I said and Bob’s the fence he is a member of the Dead sibling Club sadly lost not one but two sisters just learned Irma and he’s allowed to make these jokes on dead in a hotel room in Orlando Florida the Orange County Sheriff’s Office says detectives found no signs of Foul Play or drug use but this morning he posted on social media that he had a great time in Florida he just said he’s preparing for a special in it was a great show and that’s the crazy part of this whole thing that this morning with all saw him happy excited for this wonderful show he’s putting together and then hours later he’s gone so that was really I guess he even left shocking of his recent success friend say Saget off and came back to the Laugh Factory to perform and support other comedians in there crack and in that Spirit those who knew him wants to share a few stores

what he gave to them the last thing he would want is comedians crying he would want us to be laughing but right now I can’t laugh I’m still crying and I can’t even cope with this loss S TV credits also include hosting America’s funniest videos and he was also the narrator on How I Met Your Mother he leaves behind three daughters along with wife Kelly Rizzo