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January 23, 2022By Origin Ten LTD3 Minutes

HIGHLIGHTS | Rangers 4-0 Stirling Albion | Alex Lowry stars on debut in Scottish Cup By Premier Sports


that I brought Stadium greets the players for the first time this year Rangers in pursuit of silverware in a competition that has made for Grim reading in recent years

Ronnie Barker

La Placita news will load Oxford United

Tavernier Sunset across it comes to eatin It’s a Wonderful bit of goalkeeping from Blair County somehow you managed to keep that one on the right hand side by James jukwey pick up when you get a chance to play in the strangest team report in alfredo Morales isn’t playing that you want your own Rangers quick to profit from the mistake Larry skipped past one year old

I’m not Stuffy from Larry

not a moment that he will remember for the rest of his career since you came onto the pitch he’s being the best player on it

enthusiasm for the game and he’s a Choctaw show-and-tell and pissed on what we’re saying yes it’s against running out of it but he still is showing all the class and quality has bunnies just sums up just nonchalantly just slide it into the bottom corner he never allows himself to be picked up he’s always off players he wants to experience the play and look at that big cheesy grin hope to get his first goal of the season 10

I have the. Had a hog that I was John Beaton is pointing towards the spot and it will be Rangers penalty


go to Jamestown New York

the Rangers captain steadied himself and drill today

Ranger well on their way been killed themselves a Christian hits Rangers to Stirling Albion now in the penalty awake or is it from Tavernier


Golden Globe offended so far angel

so it’s part of deja vu next time tonight

we go to the same side

David and Cody called into action again

that’s a better citizenship opportunity will be coming for Leon King

but in the meantime it’s cool in straw man eater

the goal for Rangers

they have three, certainly no doubt knife Rangers are heading in to write 5

I think of one person deserve to go to the exam to Keaton sometimes it looks like he’s trying too hard he’s trying to impress too much Alex.

Flanigan’s got away from Goldson still knocking with power and stings the gloves of John McLaughlin watch Power Tools score

going up Deli Market

tune-up looks for the Retard wonderful run

Rangers roster more than make up for

all we have to do is just guided into the bottom corner

couldn’t get myself set

Ameritas notational time at the end of the 19th and Giovanni van bronckhorst