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December 10, 2021By Origin Ten LTD23 Minutes

Supreme Box Logo Drops Tomorrow! Best Resell (Week 16) By 8oone


Hey, hey. Hey, Brinkley. Is that a big week? I’m sorry. I got so much energy, bro. Let’s go. Are y’all ready for this man? This is about to be such a fun. Released tomorrow morning. We got the box logo alongside a bunch of actually pretty sick, lookbook items. Me and you are gonna hold hands together. We’re gonna discuss the best resale items, pretty much a part from the box logo. You have to have been put in like the microwave when you were a kid. If you think this box logo is not going to resell so I mostly

Just box logo stuff in my video yesterday. We’re still going to cover it. But we’re going to kind of focus more. So on the other items today, drop a like on this one. If you want to wish me good luck, the best way to do so shout-out to my like button soldiers, but let’s just hop in this video. We gotta go kind of fast today since it is Wednesday. So, I’m sorry if I don’t do all the goofy little Ed’s and stuff is strictly money talk today. So I hope you all are excited. Let’s get into it. I hope you all enjoy. So I do is always have to remind y’all. If you want to join my free Discord, go follow me on my personal at Boone.

I will be putting up a story, right after this video goes live of the Discord, invite link, but if you also want to join my private group where we have just been decimating console. I know, y’all want that PS5 for Christmas. Come join us man. As always, I will be also giving you guys my in-depth resale analysis, you get restock monitors, a huge group chat full of dorks. A come pull up on us, hit us up on Instagram, but let’s get started on this drop list discussion. So here we are on Supreme Community, my home away from home and oh look at that. Just meeting us first item of the week.

Big shocker, the box logo, hoodie, 168, retail on this Little Sheba. Oh, we got the right to vote, man. Let’s go. Our forefathers died. So we could make this vote on the best box logo color. Y’all know which one it is for me, man, Booth 8%, What y’all are kept in to me right now, man. I that’s ridiculous. I don’t know how you’re gonna tell me. Charcoals. I got better color than maroon, but let’s not even do that discussion. If you want to have that discussion. Tell me in the comments, favorite color. All right, let’s stop getting goofy. Let’s get into this discussion. So

For the box logo, I pretty much gave all my manual tips. Like, my colors to go for my video yesterday. Like I already said, but I’m going to be brief with it. I recommend black colorway, white colourway mustards, not a bad option or maybe like the camo. I think those are going to be the foremost manageable to cop colors, but it’s pretty difficult for me to tell you guys, which color to go for it, because everyone will then go for that color. And it’ll go really fast. Those are for really good options for y’all. I always try to Hype up the black and white colors. Just because usually, these neutral color ways are the

The most stocked. So, when you’re going for the box logo, I recommend going on your PC. A lot of y’all probably go mobile as well. Use Apple pay. If you’re on mobile, if you’re going to be using a desktop, like me, make sure you’re using Google Chrome and make sure you use Google Chrome autofill. That’s what I’ve been using all season long. Some quick little tips for you guys. Last second make like a these tab, like I got tabs for every Supreme little paid. It’s way easier to refresh the page and clicking on these tabs, or if you just press Ctrl + r on your computer. It should be doing refreshes. Okay, come on.

At night. Memo be its box. Logo week. You gotta act good. Okay. Oh my cats rubbing herself against my tripod. So that’s great. But yeah, I’m saying stick to size large. It’s usually like the last size is sellout medium and Excel are probably going to be two of the quicker ones to go at least based off the Tiffany box logos. So I feel like that’s enough advice for y’all resale estimates. The lowest floor for this. I see is like 454 size, medium of like the camo or white or something. I think these are actually going to hover around to 500 range, which is really good.

Good for him. That’s a ton of profit to be made. Definitely look to sell around the 500 price tag, if you get exhale, maybe aim for more like 550 or so, maybe even 600 if you get one of the best color, but yeah, I would not hold onto these box logos. If I get one, I’ll be selling it decently fast. But all right, let’s keep moving. Let’s go to the box, logo beanies real past. A lot of the same stuff. I’ve said pretty much applies to these as well, but I didn’t talk about these my video yesterday. I kind of forgot to be honest. This is totally going to be manageable the cop right after the box logo, but what you’re going to want to

Do is if you go on your computer, have your phone ready? Because the quickest way you can buy this right after buying the box of the hoodie is going on your phone and just using Apple pay on your computer. You’re going to have to probably sit there for a little bit. While the order processes on the box. I’ll go hoodie. Just pray that bitch hits and doesn’t turn to a card decline, but the quickest way to then go kart. This is hopping on your phone. If you’re on your phone and you’re going for the box logo, hoodie, you’re kind of out of luck. To be honest. You might just have to sit there and wait for the hoodie to actually process before you can even go for this unless you’re able to.

Go on your computer. That’s why I’m saying to try to have both. If you can if you’re on your computer, you can also use a different browser such as like Safari or something and you can try to go for this on that browser, but I would be single carding this, if you do go for it right after the box logo hoodie. If you’re going for this initial, you could probably even multi-card it with something. Usually, the be nice, it like an extra minute or so, just because everyone’s going for the hoodie. So should be totally comfortable tomorrow. The best color is probably going to be like the black, the brown. Those are my two favorites, for sure. Also, this

Beyond this. I think that’s a Navy that with the red box logos. Probably also going to be a really good one to grab so those three are probably my best. I guess brown or black does the best of all of them. My estimates going to be like, 80 to 90 bucks. Maybe even better since these are so wearable, they’re not like ugly as fuck. Like, the split beanies. Those were horrible. These could even hit like 90 100 range first day. So, yeah, I actually have a lot of faith in the beanie and the hoodie, I mean, their box logo, so it’s not that crazy and opinion. Let’s keep it moving though. So, next up, I have seen so

So many people so hurt by this and like, I’m so sorry y’all. This is cruel. $400. What are we doing? I mean, you can play Checkers on this whole I’ll give it to you but like 400 but I can go pay some Mom and Pop Shop to pretty much knit this for me for the same price. Like that’s a crazy amount. I mean it is a wool blend which is definitely the biggest reason it’s so much money. The sighs. I don’t I can’t speak on the side. You’re gonna my shit. That’s all I know, maybe the USA. Let’s go maybe the

Color man, probably not 400. There’s like no money to be made there. That’s a bummer. They said we got the star tree topper. Hey, I’m trying to get some popper. This holiday season. Come on. Okay, focus bun. We have a pretty cool one here at Christmas decoration always has a hit. I mean, these actually aren’t gonna have that much profit. I don’t think like, probably around 60, 70 bucks. They might even start off really hot first day. You can sell this for double retail like 80 range. I would take that because if you look at the stocking from last season, it totally.

Tanked. This is a really cool item, but I just I wouldn’t go for it for profit will have my best lookbook Prophet item coming up here in a sec. And it is not the team. Demi stationary said, this is like, I mean it’s whatever but you’re just this little kit. It’s not happening. It’s not gonna have profit. Yeah. I wish we could see the outside of the box to see if it’s a tall cool or not. It’s probably boring as fuck. But yeah, moving on this right here, man, is probably going to be my choice for the best. Like multicart item alongside the be near something.

Gloves with Supreme always hit super nicely. If you get the right size, don’t go for a size. Small Excel and large are King for these Excel especially is going to sell really well on these gloves. I don’t know if there’s a whole set of colorways. I’m guessing there is so go for the black color. This camo is not too bad. But I think the black first shirt XL, like, that’s a super good cop this week could even make you as much as like the box logo Vini. So definitely should be trying to multicart. These if you can maybe try to sell before Winters, really

We ending because I don’t see them doing much in spring summer. I’ll probably be trying to get a pair of those. Next up. We have this long sleeve top. That is just so weird to me, bro. This shit makes me feel like I need glasses or something, because it’s like all blurry and stuff and it just fucking bothers me. So no, it’s not really a move, the Browns, not a bad color, but we’re not going to be going for that. We got the 568 dollar Gore-Tex parka. Fuck. No. These do have a pretty cool back side there also fur-lined on the hood. Where’s the back side? Bang? That’s pretty sick. I like this.

Light blue, but if you were to buy one of these, go for black like Excel, maybe but man if you got 568, you should have been copping that varsity jacket last week. Not this down to the park. I just it’s too risky and next up. We have an item that just reminds me of how broke I am in a thousand dollar. Scott shearling, collared leather, puffy jacket. That shit just sounds amazing like shearling colored leather puff. Like I sign me up, bro. Wait, it’s 1K. Never take me off the list. What the fuck bro, so

Much money. Such a sick jacket though. It’s got this little Dee Bost Supreme box. So go to 0. It’s Gonna Hurt passing. This one up, man. I actually could somehow see this some type of profit, but it’s such a risky item. These got jackets, never really resale, so I don’t recommend it. But I have seen very similar jackets to this so crazy. Well, with Supreme. So, of every Scott jacket, we’ve gotten recently. I could see some chance of this one selling both colors, I love. But you know, I was gonna say, man, that baby blue shoes. Come on.

That is a gorgeous jacket. If it was like 600, I might have copped one, but that’s $1000. No, thanks, bro. Really sick though. I’m the one of my favorite jackets are the season. Next up. The icons hoodie. I hate this so much. I this annoys the fuck out of me. Let’s go to the rib knit sweater. Not too bad. I’m not gonna recommend it or nothing black XL. Maybe probably not though. Skip it on all of those. We also have the horrible thing this beanie, bro. What in the fuck like just over?

Oh kill. I don’t know who co-signed that Harris, Tweed. Okay, little classic logo Crushers these. I mean, maybe the black color, probably not. The man. Probably skipping on these. There’s a little like plaid those pretty nice pressure is just kind of scared me, man. I don’t know. I’m not a huge fan of buying them, pull their texture. This is one of my favorite items of the week Loki. I love the colorway set. They did like, the orange is nice. The Maroons do that. Barney the blue though, this light blue with the white of all of these? Maybe man. I

I’m digging it. I don’t like love polartec because that I have a cat. It’s hairy as fuck. So never in my life. Will I by polartec? But Dan this light blue, I’m digging it of all the colors. That’s the one that maybe could have some profit. 138. It’s not a bad retail, but I’m passing on it, man. There’s definitely not the craziest lookbook items this week. We got the faux fur collar, flannel shirt. I love the idea. But I hate this fucking got. The Plaid. They used is not it Brothers. Plaid is disgusting. This one could happen tension.

Well, I’ll be skipping on it. Like maybe the black Excel or something, 138 did pretty good retail for a faux fur collar. But that’s a pad next up. We got the Harris Tweed, classic logo, 6 paint on these aren’t too bad, man. Like 58 though. That’s gonna hurt the black color, the olive. I haven’t seen these classic logo hats doing too much lately. They’ve been doing them so often, I think it’s really starting to hurt him. So probably Escape, I think all these are kind of Escape, maybe, like the black one of these but 50 bucks, maybe the black do. That’s not

Add one and the polartec beanie the brown like kind of orangish. I like all these again. I love the color. The light blue hits are really nice on this, the black super clean, but I don’t think I can really recommend reseller profit like it might make 20 bucks or so, but that’s not too much and it’s not worth multi carding when we have such good other items. Like honestly, I think the game plan this week, just go for a hoodie after that just single card, a beanie baby, get the Christmas star if you want, but I think that’s the best kart for the weeks for the analysis bun. Like I know,

Oh, that’s like the obvious picks. But yeah, I just don’t see a ton of profit with these other items this week. The wind stopper gloves. If anything like that in the star tree topper might see me grab both of those in my third cart because I’ll probably be single carding, the beanie after the hoodie. If I can, if I don’t just take it L on everything. So good luck to everyone box logo week. Don’t fuck it up boys. Don’t fuck it up. Alright, clean check out, make sure you practice a little bit before they drop. Make sure you’re feeling good. If I see one of y’all sleep in bra, every single box of a week, I see like three.

Comments and people like that, bro. I overslept like, if you’re that guy this week, what are you doing, bro? Come on. Stop. Sleeping’s holiday season. Get these racks up. Let’s go. All right. I’ll stop talking y’all. We gotta go edit this one. I hope you guys enjoyed again. If you want to join the free Discord, hit me up on my Instagram at Boone or if you want to join my cook group The Links in the comments, or you can ask us on DM more questions you got I’ll see y’all later. Has been a boy. Boom box logo week. Peace.