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January 30, 2022By Origin Ten LTD10 Minutes

BREAKING: Tom Brady Retires after 22 Seasons By NFL

begin with breaking news cure and NFL Network thank you everyone for joining us I’m Caleb Burton this comes after 22 season 7 times Super Bowl champion and longtime veteran Quarterback Tom Brady is officially retiring now we welcome in NFL Insider Ian Rapoport who joins us and and we know that there isn’t speculation about Tom Brady’s retirement but this is official

yeah this is Tom Brady’s planning really no surprise when you consider his comments on his own podcast just a couple days ago and Brady has been adamant for years and years and years they wanted to put a 45 years old I wanted to kind of keep going and see maybe you could reach 50 and that he still felt like he was capable of playing and then suddenly the conversation shifted a little bit and you know as recently as last week Tom Brady was telling people he wasn’t quite sure and he was seriously considering retirement it was way more time and then he started talking on his podcast about family about doing what’s right for his family about making sure are they spend enough time with his children about possibly stepping away from the game and now he is expected to do this it didn’t seem like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got a chance to make a final pitch to keep him instead the quarterback who probably do as much publicity as anyone over the course of the last two decades walks away on a Saturday afternoon without an announcer

except for his own company chiming in on Twitter with congratulations

and and we also know is you mentioned his family being a big part of this decision including his wife Gisele and you know how important it was for his family to be a part of this role in his decision retiring

yeah and you know it sounds like Gisele has been pushing for time and for some time and I don’t even think she’s really been shy about that means she’s basically said publicly that she wished he would retire and I think if you’re Tom Brady beat when this started coming out I would say about a couple weeks ago that Brady May retire that he was considering what was he going to do all of that and people would ask why would he retire he still healthy still good and I kept thinking why would he not retire like seriously like he he’s healthy he’s 44 years old he’s won 7 Super Bowls he has plenty of money and has a great life to go back to at some point isn’t enough enough and it seemed to be enough anything for for Tom Brady you know his trip to Tampa worked out great won a Super Bowl obviously did not go this year as he is Hope a perfect time to step away with plenty of other opportunities he’s got a clothing line he’s got a production company that he’s heavily involved in Tom Brady will not be bored in retirement but he will be in retirement

I need five times Super Bowl MVP three-time NFL MVP and also as we know this year 15 time a pro bowler six-time All-Pro and we know that just what he is dedicated to both the Patriots organization as well as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers being able to win the Super Bowl championship in and we’re seeing social media just take off right now from his former teammates who now teammates know what is this mean for the entire National Football League including the guys that he was right beside the whole time well you know courses in Tom Brady is the greatest player of all time he is the greatest player of all time he is the greatest quarterback he is the most decorated he has won the most Super Bowls he has had countless Provo close in winning seasons and know the kind of longevity that is just not possible in the salary-cap era unless you are first with the Patriots and then with the Box Tom Brady I’m in it is it’s

now it’s also worth noting that the NFL is in a great great place you know the NFL has some Star Quarterback Sarina see some of them on the field tomorrow over in a championship weekend we’re going to see your brother going to see Patrick Mahomes I mean is the NFL is in good hands and Tom Brady left in good hands but no doubt this the greatest player of all time and I’m leaving is a dramatic shift for the NFL for the box for the NFC south I mean is for everything that Brady has ever been involved in dramatic

and now obviously Tom Brady’s just in Tire family is entire everything that has supported him including tb12sports tweeting out this seven Super Bowl rings with recognizing all the accolades that Tom Brady has devoted in accomplish during the National Football League five Super Bowl MVPs three League MVP awards 22 incredible season thank you for it all Tom Brady and now we welcome in the longtime Mike giardi who has been covering the Patriots were very long time and been working alongside covering Tom Brady and Mike I mean big news here on a Saturday what more can you tell us

why they first things first and then kind of touched on this is I didn’t you could see that he was almost at peace with this decision and you listen to the podcast and and knowing have you talked to him a couple years ago about this and he brought up the family part of it and how much is you get to be an older player that you realize all the things that you’re missing with all the sacrifices you have to make to be at the top of his game and clearly Tom Brady didn’t go out there and want to be anything less than the best and to do that it required so many steps along the way especially as he got older to fine-tune his body and make sure that he was physically able to withstand a full season and that means missing school plays in basketball games and not being able to help the kids with the homework since you know you got he was so regimented about his his routine going to bed at 8:30 at night you know I’m missing maybe some of the things that you just do as a father and he wasn’t able to do something he wasn’t able to do as a husband because he was so committed to the game and I understand just now

is pretty impressive that he was able to I think in particular find this second wind if you willing not to say that the first win he was over in 2013 2014 but there was some concern for the Patriots that his play has been slipping a little bit hence the drafting of Jimmy Garoppolo we know the famous quote from Bill Belichick we all know Tom page and contract situation and it was almost hit that thing right there pushed in the Greater Heights again and said I will read dedicate myself even more to what I do now to be the greatest of all-time in a Hall of Fame career before Jimmy Garoppolo get drafted and he had another all of Africa