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January 18, 2022By Origin Ten LTD4 Minutes

I Hired 100 Boris Johnsons To Party Outside Downing Street! (Police Turned Up) By JaackMaate

I believe duplicity but this was a work event

outside number 10 Boris Johnson is the boss of the joke inside the probably not locked.

We can play remind me to contact number

Pokemon back to last year when all of us will lock down on the very important instruction you must stay at home all the time is not come from school to do more appointments funerals for the queen a time of morning sitting alone on the covid rules even if her husband scale back funeral the number 10 happy hour the night before one of up to 14 and there’s parties are being investigated like Valerie from 98 year old mother who died alone in hospital

during the night run me during the night to say that she passed away it was the worst passing which I could possibly have hopeful for her that last dying days in hospital alarm

now to be honest it doesn’t really matter which way you use a line or not agree on one thing poking about what the rules were broken cap guidelines these pies claims he didn’t know he was a male perspective crimes

any crime

play stroll plan

get me down from the outside is 100 no good party is complete without a banging tune I’m actually for us I don’t think is pretty decent rooms that we got to work in the car do I have my good friend at 1

I’m doing hahaha Boris Johnson impression the jack

Bixby cast lovely masks ready to the pie Bisquick oven

Dunkin Donuts realize that we haven’t sold any Boris Johnson wigs she’s a montage of off from take laughman at 10

like within the next hour make

no chance now I lost chance with the Comal make children from fancy dress shop cuz I want to see if he could save the day

I need them in the next hour

Community Eye Care on the 7th we’re going to go into town and straight

play something by Avenged rising from the ashes at the final hour with the forest Johnson wigs

I know blah blah blah blah

how do you play Monopoly

as we approach the Downing Street guys people everywhere with taking photos and join again with the chunks Paparazzi impressed with running to keep up

the money shop on King sent it to Kevin as something that this government play Relax

a gold party wonder what time the party is is now



Buy Buy Baby

buy me a TV.

oh yeah just thank you.

Yes man I’m feeling so we are just having it with all are you related to me several times to and then so I thought maybe we kind of testing anything we’re just having a party and stuff

I’m going to park outside to look at the fence so we thought we’d do it


I don’t think I have to give it to you though

I’ll happily give it to you but I mean I don’t I don’t have to get it with some of the parties and I’m sure they will