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December 17, 2021By Origin Ten LTD8 Minutes

Tom Holland, Zendaya & Jacob Batalon Answer MORE of the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED By WIRED


in an alternate universe we have done this before haven’t we guys


part I want to play Ultimate Universe I mean just lost a few years ago

who won this year’s got way more famous so that’s probably going to be a part of it okay so I guess we’ll start now

what are Tom Holland Spider-Man hours Tom Holland Spider-Man spider senses

pictures of best friends

what is Tom Hollands middle name easy Thanksgiving diagnose Parisa avocado on toast with a poached egg

Ryan Bryan’s favorite song English guy and he sings These absolute Bowser’s stare at them super I put on a see you right now

oh come on I know friends are love to hate Arch Enemy bitter bitter enemies

music video

Beaver video I made as a dance video to Justin Bieber song when I was like cool 1500 everyone watching the video playing in the description

what was the song Katy Perry song into a bottom dollar

okay do you like you do

that’s what you do something actually comes out

cranberry cranberry and it is a laughing now okay I understand I get it express of life remaining sometimes I don’t really I’m not really laughing as hard as I am but I do do this big face of like everytime I laugh that’s just how I do it okay thanks good Jacob at Lone Star 2016 when we first did Spider-Man for a little bit graduated my mother doesn’t think I’m a total failure who is Jacob degrom’s girlfriend I love her to death and she kind of just popped into my life and now we’re together on friends with Tom Holland we get paid

when did the dots what they’ve dude that’s what Google Google you need to

in Richie Rich we’re 196 so probably not but but thank you

what does golliwog story

what does that mean one of the dialect they speak in the Philippines yeah pretty salamat salamat po mean you don’t have a really depressing foreshadowing of what the movie is about who is the Green Goblin in the way home a villain then Willem Dafoe Willem Dafoe

Spider-Man the way home based on

AutoZone fit in the it fits in the timeline in perfect sequence it’s running and my off to the second movie The Christmas movie Christmas time so

Santa Claus what’s the fashion icon of the Year War who sewed the youngest person in the world to have won it who is also incredible

I mean that’s what you want to tell me how to keep up with these things you win in

okay what video games does Zendaya play I know you make my friend come over like a brother will you play and I scavenge and do all that stuff and he and then would pops out on the Spider-Man game I’m going to tell everyone that stories

part and I haven’t played it since because if you would let me complete this moment. The price is often and all that you couldn’t do it your own what is Andy’s favorite candy you like those those really gooey Suites the flavory ones that will play for this week’s strawberry hi chews and I will eat strawberry High shoes when I’m shooting because they don’t know just like a full-on what does India have in her nose in Doom

their water so that collects it

the water is recycled clean filtered and then uses drinking water

why does Tom Holland news boy shoots his wife look so young in the The Impossible because I was

what is the most viewed your stupid

I know I shut that movie when I was

dedication from Holland 7 theater

also if I’m going to be a little I don’t know the author

call Nicholas maybe I get I’m from pretty sure it’s what if I mean I didn’t know I don’t know

I work alone fo West shout-out Spider-Man get cold in the windows were like wow what it must be like the Spider-Man have organic webs in summer

umbrella hoodie oh yeah I don’t know if it’s some kind of like Etsy sorta website but basically I was looking for things with our faces on it I came across that hoodie and I came across a sweater that said LOL you’re not Zendaya I have those and then I have one of like Ned print on a shirt somewhere at my girl uses to sleep every night so Jacob batalon and I feel like I was kind of work hard consistently and all that stuff with work got in the way and food down in the way and now the show I feel like I’m not really allowed to work out on because I meant to be like several typically not a leading man type but eating vegan so I feel like I’m not as badly on healthy basketball pool know I feel like that video I actually got me to a million followers on

what’s an old is like 26 go to ESPN the other day on first take Stephen A Smith

Bubble Games Bubble Gang is a Filipino sketch show that’s really popular in the Philippines so when I did the Press store by myself and Asia by the way so it was really dope that thing I did in 2019 it was so fire and it was like it was the best time

yeah I’m the only kid at what can I say to make him feel loved now

Spider-Man love

come on now how many people attend J Aunt May happy Hogan Tony stock

my 85 people in the movie what is Spider-Man’s black suit that is the inside-out suit which is very cool we in the first film kind of showed the audience is what the inside of the suit looks like and Ryan monitoring who is the designer of the suit store that be cool to see it in action so they haven’t

why do you say that unfortunately I hope you enjoy this hope you learned something new about the three of us we would have a lot of fun doing it we do have to clean up 3 to what