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January 22, 2022By Origin Ten LTD2 Minutes

Logan Paul & KSI Go Undercover At Walmart By Logan Paul


to celebrate Prime hydration being released in 4,500 Walmarts across America

remember me I hate you to some prime are you sure you look very dehydrated so I feel like you need some prime hydrated fun fun fun fun fun

feel like I’m not super effective

but we’re going to run this place out of business

I just wonder if there’s a smoother way to sell things

animes that first not question your Authority

I’m good but I’m sure you’re glowing glowing

yes that’s right you seem like the type of stuff on the weekends

I know you want some brown

damn you want some

come on yeah so I just been water when I’m at dancing OK Google water flushes you out at 10% coconut water is going to keep you going all day here take this home give this to your sick children has been known to heal ailments and STDs Gatorade

I don’t know if I can fly there’s more like flavor and I can’t even describe it this one’s honestly better

since you guys be in school

I’m going to get a bang out now you got Prime

your nails and your lips it’s almost like you were destined to drink this drink today man what’s a girl is bad as you doing in Walmart

I don’t know I just wanted to just see him he’s going to go for it I don’t know

I’m sorry love you get out of here I got pulled down Keys bro trust me

oh my God oh my God that’s great

I want all my friends

you yeah you you’re under arrest for not drinking any Prime

What’s a prime

oh no they want

ladies and gentlemen thank you for watching the video Prime hydration coming to a Walmart near you