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January 17, 2022By Origin Ten LTD6 Minutes

These People Failed Martin Luther King Jr. Day | The Daily Show By The Daily Show with Trevor Noah


today is Martin Luther King Day a day when America celebrates the legacy of one of the greatest civil rights leaders and the day where black people get to cut in line at Chipotle at least that’s my excuse but what is Martin Luther King day and how should people celebrate it and let’s return to a man who is that many dreams that no one wants to hear about where would you never bought it

welcome Christmas

mlk.day is a special day for America and it’s a special day for me as someone who has been mistaken for Martin Luther King Jr minute timer

but where do we get further and further away from his life it’s easy to forget what he was really about which means sometimes people celebrated so today I like to show you some of my favorite MLK stuff like this one the holiday didn’t go as planned for some today a business in Duluth Minnesota created controversy when promoting a sale in honor of the Civil Rights leader the sign posted at the ShopRite MLK Day Sale 25% off everything black but the owner says it was just misinterpreted 25% off everything black he was black he was proud he look good we were celebrating that

are you serious for mlk.day 25% off of black clothes but it should be is 100% off of black people free at last free at last pants Tops in Costa free at last

yeah right you don’t what what makes it worse is that if you read dr. King speeches you’ll see that like he was supposed to come see my resume and wasteful capitalism is like commemorating Samuel L Jackson Day by whispering

so stop with the band stand for it’s not like in the middle of his Mountaintop speech. The team just broke off on remember me with savings too insane to be believed I might not get to that store with your mama all the things in the powerful discount come on let’s roll because it seems like some white people out of touch with dr. King’s Legacy in fact that the king might actually be proud that on his special day people of all colors and backgrounds of the Bears His Image but it’s in BC 2512

a lot of people shaking their heads in disgust it shows dr. Martin Luther King jr.

There will be no twerking here sound like Gandalf in a Tyler Perry movie that won’t be no also how do you go to photoshop doctor came with gold chains to try and make it look cool he was already cold I think he’s real pictures of doctor came from back in the day playing pool in a suit

is civil rights first time I’m on the shop so cool it doesn’t matter if he misses and here he is making the library look cool

skating in front of us like a stacks of money

what does this this my favorite Martin Luther King wearing sunglasses inside

so he could have taken that call and private but he left the door open for the haters

but maybe maybe the most popular activity on MLK day is using his legacy to push your own agenda and no one has done it in the more interest in fashion than this guy I believe that gun appreciation day honors the legacy of dr. king and the truth is I think Martin Luther King would agree with me if we were alive today that if African Americans had been given the right to keep and bear arms from day one of the country’s founding

perhaps slavery might not have been a chapter in our history

okay okay hold up

I’m pretty sure on. The Kings list of priorities given slaves guns comes way below not having slaves in the first place the largest

the logic makes no sense

make a note that what you do that like do do you think the slave owners were they just had a little chitchat with let’s make it interesting give them shotgun

I will say this is slaves did have done the movie Roots would have only been 15 minutes long

people messing up you know what the sales or we know what their own agendas but what is the proper way to celebrate dr. King’s Legacy MLK was for racial equality economic Justice and stood against the exploitation of the poor and he did so because he knew that one day our great nation would rise above bigotry Injustice in poverty in on that day my friend there will be twerking for everyone everywhere