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January 28, 2022By Origin Ten LTD11 Minutes

SIMON JORDAN vs JIM WHITE🔥 White & Jordan clash over #THFC missing out on Traore and Luis Diaz! By talkSPORT

I’ll get on that in the world that transfers and some names that we paired up in the past coming to the fore again Andy Carroll is reportedly having a medical at West Brom ahead of a potential deal until the end of the season and that we hear Simon that Liverpool concerning apart if I move a move designed the Portugal Winger Luis Diaz so deals will get done Simon gets January is not always among the people that think why not nothing significant will happen to you if there will be deal was done and you cancel our weekly in the mixes well with them days and hours to go assignment was this a time that you got bit frantic or did you or did you always just give it not because I never felt it was the right time to do business in Oquossoc they were different reasons for doing business in January when you in a situation that new console you have to do business you must do business because you piss me off cuz they’re having a

acting something that’s incredibly meaningful truck project and of course you go otherwise Spectrum where you go a lot of media for the information that now evolves around football revolves around for both drives so nice pics of it so now you go up the back story about going to do in what county needs to do this if he doesn’t get this he’s going to be leaving in in in the summer on Sunset. Becomes an intriguing backstory of different Dynamics white people doing things to try or I would have been a really good addition but my brother will wish you could learn to drive it could make the right decisions the right move this guy could buy everything

play mr. because they didn’t I mean 15 million quid for mr. muscle man who had a light flying along the wings there that 50 million pound bid was rejected for closer to 25 million but as soon as the one I would have been before he would want to go by there if Tottenham have moved quicker I’m coming with a 2020 plus it might just have nailed it I think it would you go to go off to someone go big to try and take him but he wants to go he would have been forced to go that seems to be the boss of unfinished business for him that’s where he made his debut we came through the youth system and he wants to go back he should understand that at 11 deal maybe is it Jim looking up to the end of the season

coming to an end of the year to go off to this is that correct or not sure but no I think you would’ve been a fantastic addition. He didn’t want to play it wants to play as a Winger right I never had somehow given in there and he didn’t play in between by troll for wolves and they played it for many years with new know that especially so I can see why he wants to go because I didn’t know that you want to play as a place where you feel you can be most effective thing has fractions with the last nothing to do with this ring I had to do with a manager having a vision for that plan the plan of wanting to be part of that Vision that’s not what I want to be a wing-back I don’t want to go into B+ come to project with you about was me playing in the position that I might not want to play

comfortable with the booze and knocking on the door of some very significant stuff in the Premier League why are they all of a sudden slouches in this equation Y, why does he want to stay and wonders why does he want to go to talk no more why does he owe potentially going to the mix-up Barcelona we just seemed Apostle on the road about was doing it when you don’t like something from the plan to do they do to the boy who sent them belly Justin would like to be during skinflint and then leaving but maybe there are other mechanics to beehive Basin Winger Diaz I’m seeing and he was another truck and now I’m seeing if mine is sending me information that they’re sending a delegation to Argentina Liverpool

participation of New Mexico there for Luis Diaz because actions play Columbia Annex so I mean he’s going to be disappointed with feeding it. I’m saying is Tottenham pinpointed it a damaged heart rate as a Target didn’t get them Liverpool have been pointed Lewis dies as a Target and are crushing the world again and we don’t know what the policy is a crossing the delegations to go and sweet to comply we don’t know the Dynamics of these things I’m not just going to allow the narrative to pay that totally competent he might well be the case, station to kick it around to say is Daniel Levy just to come out to them or pay for anyting is that the actual also did the Winger want to be a wing I don’t play the wing-back what that may be influenced by always a decision making

this week by trip here was me in and around when he left and the players that were you know may be allowed to leave when they shouldn’t be allowed to leave whenever trying to be build something quite big and how he was being so old floating around totes it around to different people cuz it’s supposed to be available for sale which is destabilizing so I wonder what’s happening with Daniel Levy does he need to be more aggressive to be no it’s Isabella Liverpool will beat them to the punch believe you closed if you want to take the line that actually we’ve already made up my mind. Let’s talk about good enough to do these things and talk about fighting a certain way then there’s no point in discussing it.

I’d only been established we talkin about other things about Troy we want you to be a wing and Wing back table keep it. I still have this massive last year Liverpool buying too many setbacks he wants game I’m going to send you a message problem and you’re playing too many question so we can go around to look at other people transfer policies and we can compare with controls but yeah it was always a different trippie I would you respect is going to join the football club League champions got me interested because it’s interesting that when the likes of Erickson charger negotiate it was all about the plateau pressure on the players he wants too much money do anyone that is how we came to be honest and Betty was allowed to leave a key moment in the season when they go to sleep you know they almost killed him

across from Eugene was sold for 50 million so you okay did you make me feel that way it spells on you because at the end of the day we get the most money for you off you go to be argument is the plant does precisely what they want get what they want with the narrative that you want to advance which is that they are incompetent they don’t spend money on maybe maybe County isn’t doing enough to convince time you leave it is actually doubled down on this place

trying to respect that they want end Luis Diaz they want them that’s why the American team is on a plane now heading over to start the Americans try and get the slide that over the door 45 million quid Liverpool to America to sign the portal Luis Diaz so we’ll be at 10:20 in the morning from 10

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