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December 10, 2021By Origin Ten LTD28 Minutes

Thank You All So Much.. Pat McAfee’s MASSIVE Announcement By The Pat McAfee Show


1771 days ago. I retired from the NFL after another Pro Bowl season. Now, I was staring down my third surgery in 4 years, but there was a lot of other things happening behind the scenes and made me question, a lot of things.

I don’t want to focus on kicking a ball when the offense failed anymore. I wanted to spend my time chasing fulfillment. Although the NFL was awesome. I’m incredibly grateful for being a part of the NFL. It reset. All the bills for my family and my friends but I wanted to chase fulfillment. I wanted to chase that feeling that you get whenever somebody disappears from their life for a moment, has a smile. I want to chase the philanthropic goals that everybody has to make the world a better place. I wanted to chase something alongside my friends.

And when I retired from the NFL, there was some Skeptics obviously look somebody needs to Stage an intervention people who know this guy get to him. Now, make him put his helmet back on, and get the candy. And although I had 750 thousand Twitter followers. I’d already done a full stand-up tour. I had my own show my own podcast. Our merch store. Not one network was interested. Whenever I reached out and said, hey, I’m retiring. Would you mind having a punter on your air?

So much so that I was actually going to build my own app. Have the wireframe still? At this point. I was going to charge one Buck a month and I was going to create podcasts and content that my people that followed me on Twitter would potentially get to enjoy. I just wanted to have a good time in retirement because now, no networks. Wanted me. I’ll have to build my own goddamn thing. Dave, Portnoy Erika nardini found out about this reach out to me and said that, I would be the perfect person to potentially come work at bar stool since no other network wanted me come to Barstow. You can learn the

That in the maybe you can go on and do your own thing. I didn’t want to move to New York. I wanted to live in Indiana. So we had Barstool Heartland, an umbrella company under Barstow, and we got a chance to learn about how the internet operates. And although I wasn’t there. I was incredibly lucky to be a part of that company in the time that I was there, when I was there and house there.

I broke off did my own thing and my group of men who I am. So incredibly proud of dudes, that quit their jobs to move to Indiana, to chase this dream of creating entertainment to creating content to making an escape for people every single day. Boys, committed their entire being through this office.

We’ve been going dolo. Now as our own independent operation for about three years and every single day. The boys will come in here with the same mindset. The same Mission. We want to work hard and when you want to create shit, that makes people forget about life for a little bit. And if we end up making money, sweet, I mean, obviously you need to do such a thing. It was in this office. Obviously that I practiced jumping off of the top pair on this Crash Pad. So that whenever I was in a war games match, I wouldn’t break my fucking back.

I was in the same office that Billy Macomb is tackled a trash can right here in the middle of our covid Olympics. In the office. It’s in this office right over there. We’re Gumpy debuted his new haircut. I was just yesterday, looks good Gump. This office is a Melting Pot of opinions of people of cultures backgrounds of socio-economic statuses.

And this office has been the greatest thing I’ve ever been a part of in my entire life. I never thought that I would be a boss and entrepreneur, a businessman. What contract negotiator W. I never thought that I would do any of that, but once you start doing it, you start realizing that you’re not just looking out for them. They’re looking out for you. My group of guys were on playing six times a week because I thought it was the right decision to be on get up Thursday night football and college game day whilst oh,

Having an everyday show losing a million dollars for our company, but because I thought the exposure would potentially leave people back to our show, which would potentially grow our audience, grow our community and hopefully inevitably create more fulfillment as we make people’s lives a little bit better when I decided to take a WWE opportunity and they were down in the Thunderdome in Tampa Bay, Florida. We bought a house, Zito put an entire studio. In the living room, didn’t blink how to show, didn’t just have a show. Had our biggest show, our draft spectacular where

7,000. People watch the long as we did, the dumbest draft content in the history of draft content, but we were three times larger than anybody else that was going live at the same time. All because Zito foxy and all the boys said, yeah, we can make this happen. That’s kind of what we’ve done this entire time. Just make it happen. Couldn’t a done it without all of you. I couldn’t have done it without all the boys and although the future wasn’t always figured out for us to be clear.

I’ve always been a Checkers player. Not a chess player. Everybody kind of dogs, the checkers mentality where you trying to get over, whatever is in front of you, because that’s where your full focus is. And then you’re worried about the next move. When you get there. And all you’re trying to do is get to the back row, King me, then you’re coming back. This is how I’ve always viewed it. What is right in front of us right. Now, where do we need to go? And there’s probably been much better leaders of people that have been able to kind of zoom out and have this entire Grand Vision for us. We didn’t have a blueprint. We didn’t have an idea.

We just knew that we were a group that would be on the same page. You can go for it. And now I’m here to tell you the big announcement after.

One negotiation. What this is a rather huge. Well, the first thing goes chelation was setting the table. By the way, you know, I was wearing cowboy boots. I was sitting down right over there. Just setting the table and what the expectations were from either side between FanDuel and I knowing in the world that we live, what sports gambling is going to become and what our show is.

And it led to a second negotiation where I actually said this in the middle of the negotiation. This is actual clip from the second negotiation to be candid and transparent. This is a hilarious amount of money. Okay? Somebody like me is not supposed to be getting this money. But I also know that this money is going to go to somebody. And there was follow-up emails and texts and it led to a phone call where I was sitting and fucking Kansas that said, hey, we have agreed to terms finally.

After reading through the contract alongside CFO, Phil who has been an absolute stud reader since we were in second grade literally together in Gate gifted and talented education. I believe, is what it is. Phil is always at the top of the class. He was reading these contracts. I was reading these contracts. We were sending question marks back on the contract. What does this mean? Can you please send that back in English, please? We did not go to any law. Schools agreement was met

And it is historic.

And what I said in the second negotiation still True to this day.

We just got paid an absurd amount of money. And what that money says is, they don’t own our company. At all fan duel was still our exclusive sports book partner, but they just want us to lock. In the fact that we will continue to do this show how we want to do it, maybe in a bigger way, in the FanDuel igloo, which we will be moving into in, about 45 months for at least three years, four, year deal three-year opt out. We want to keep the show how it is. We would like to

Funded. We want to be the exclusive sports book of that show. So I am here to say that not only did we just get broken off. We found a little.


We’ll be doing this show for the time to come. Join it. Hopefully in a bigger way. We’ll be doing it. Our own way will still have all of our other partners are giving us money to go and live show events and make live shows happen around the country, so we can get out and meet everybody. I can’t fucking wait for it and whatever you get.

An entire bag of cash. Okay. This is a big one and I don’t think I need to say the exact amount of money. It’ll get leaked out. But big shout out to everybody who has come before us in this particular field, who did their negotiations with their companies because it really set the table for all of us. And shout out to all the internet companies. You’ve run their own thing for a long time. All of the truly, actual independent companies who’ve had to grind. I know there’s a lot of shows out there right now. They’re small. We were once very, very, very, very, very small.

You have just as much talent as everybody else. You’re more talented than the people that just get viewers. One over there on TV. Keep grinding. Keep going. We kept going and now we get a chance to you know, that McDuck thing into the gold coins when you get too much money, you know, like quarterback money. What the fuck you do? There’s a lot of reflection, you know, a lot of time with my wife a lot of time with my friends saying, hey, I think we’re about to get paid this amount of money from just this company.

Let alone all of our other Partnerships emerge company are live touring potential, everything else. This is the amount of money. We’re about to get from this company just so we continue to gamble there.

What are we supposed to do with that?

It’s time to give back baby. I reflected upon my life who made me who helped me get to where I am right now who helps create the human that I am that maybe you know wasn’t always the easiest to deal with.

I was a wild child and Active Child. I was never scared to tell somebody to go fuck themselves. Literally since I was a little kid. So whenever I looked back upon my life, I knew that there was a lot of places that helped create me. A lot of people that helped create me, and I wanted to give back in a big way. First things first, I grew up playing soccer on Mariah, soccer. Let’s go ahead and give them two hundred thousand dollars. I one played youth football over there for about three weeks and introduced me to the game. I was pretty good tone dings is my teammate. Look at that photo. Let’s go and give them a hundred. Fifty thousand dollars. Hey, there’s Hugh.

Across now in Plum Borough. Oh my God, I want them to do. Well, let’s give them a hundred and fifty thousand dollars use wrestling in Plum. Let’s give them a hundred thousand dollars youth basketball and Plum. Let’s give them a hundred thousand dollars Youth Baseball. I didn’t play, but CFO filled did and now we’ll fill does. Let’s give them a hundred thousand dollars in for the high school and Junior High athletes. I think it’s only right that we’re all Mustangs here.

I had a great time playing High School sports. I was honored to represent my high school. I used to get a lot of things said, to me by opposing teams fans because of where I came from. And I never really thought that, you know, Athletics was the priority in anybody’s Minds at Plum, High School. I might have been wrong. So I reach back out to the high school and said, how can we help? How can we make this happen? And we reach out to rectly to the teams in the boosters to keep out the school board and the superintendent and all that. How do we

At the money to go directly to the teams into the players into the kids that could potentially be future means. How do we keep people in sports, through High School? How do we keep people engaged in active? How do we make their life better? Oh, okay, quick will have a two million dollar. We’re all Mustangs here fun that they can tap into via an email if they want new swag, new travel new this knew that whatever can make high school athletes lives better at Plum. They can tap into it, apply for it and get at least two million dollars. That thing’s probably going to keep going until

Till the end of time, that’s pretty sweet. Where do I go after plump? When I went down to Morgantown West Virginia, and there was this place in Morgantown West Virginia, where I learned what it felt like to serve the community. Bill Stewart, was a man who was one of my coaches rest in peace. He’s tight ends coach and special teams coordinator. My first three years of my senior year became a head coach and he was always big and give back to the community.

So, there was a children’s hospital directly across the street from Milan pushkar Stadium. Where players will get to go over there and interact with kids that are much tougher than all of us and see how it felt to give back and put a smile on her face. It was the first place I ever truly serve the community. So we got to give em a million dollars. Then when I come out to Indianapolis, Indiana, there was one man on the team that was nice to me. That should have been nice to me and he even told me like, hey, right, 18 is going to hit in this particular Casino in Indiana were all going to be heroes for the night.

Big man has a children’s hospital. He helped me out immensely his work ethic for me. Watching him made me better than being cool. To me made me better him doing everything. He did to embrace and welcome me to Indianapolis made my life better. How about a million dollars there? Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital and on the defensive side of the ball, Robert Malthus, ogq dog. How you doing? Keep it moving. Defensive end. Ha strip sack King, one of the most intimidating motherfuckers I’ve ever seen in my entire life. He kind of gave me the nod of approval in the locker room as well as a rookie punter. Who didn’t know what the hell I was.

Is doing he kind of gave me the okay for everybody else. He has something called the original Gridiron Gang which is allowing people that don’t have the ability to train and go to camps, alongside NFL certified coaches, whether it’s troubled, neighborhoods, backgrounds, whatever the case he has camps for them and Indianapolis. He absolutely crushes. It cool million dollars over there as well, a hundred thousand dollars a year in scholarships. So kids can go have camps and maybe get better and find a better life through learning something that they would have never had the access to do.

But that song all I did a lot of work with wish for Our Heroes. They were a fucking credible bunch of people. Let’s give them two hundred thousand dollars. Let’s give the Coburn Place right down the road here and incredible Safe Haven that only got to work with once or twice, but I found so much inspiration and let’s give them a hundred fifty thousand dollars. Further brand, my wife and eyes Foundation. It takes care of payments for families that are going through canine cancer treatments because their absurd and I learned that via my dog Valerie. Let’s give 250 thousand dollars there.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t. You know, thank the boys. Evan foxy is currently holding an iPhone right now. His hands are starting to shake a little bit. I think it’s only right that they see some, you know, benefit from their incredible hard work.

Royalty, their dedication, and their significant, others understanding that. It’s going to be a lot of hours to work on the Internet. It’s going to take a lot of time to check your phone all day every day.

It’s not going to be easy. Whenever you have a boss who expects you to be positive and happy every single day to bring juice.

I think they should all get what, 250 thousand dollar bonuses, right? Two hundred thousand dollar bonuses for all also. Like I think as a kid, especially where I come from,

You always think to yourself. I should take care of my parents, Tim and Sally are learning this right now. We’re watching this video your millionaires. So congratulations, Tim 14 driving trucks, Sally, being a secretary. We had a house at the bottom of the hill of the hilly Town. 700 square feet, remortgaged the house five six times your so I can continue to do Sports family down City, but all they did was work and never asked anybody for anything is an absolute dream come true for me to be able to do this.

I can’t wait to see what they do with seven figures. All of a sudden in the bank account. I’m sure. Kim and Sal will handle that. Well.

And last but not least, everybody that’s watching this video right now.

You have no fucking idea. No idea. How thankful. I am that. You allow us dumbasses into your life.

Whenever we started this.

We could have never fathomed how big it would get how quickly it would get there. I think we all had a lot of confidence when we all quit our jobs to do this and it was going to work but you know how it in know why, but we had no clue that we would get to the point that we would get to. We have people from all over the world that watch this fucking show. We have people from every single political background that watch the show.

Every age bracket every socio-economic class. We like to think that we’re a unifier.

And we like to think that we can be a place that you can come and forget about everything, but I don’t think he’s forget about this starting right now. If you tweet a picture of when you started watching the show from a clip either previously, or at week previously, whenever you got involved in watching this show screenshot that tweeted out using hashtag PMS, FanDuel family.

I’m gonna give away one point five million dollars. Let’s have an incredible life. We are incredibly thankful. It is from this office in which a lot of stupidity was created if and Allegra will be next still in Indianapolis and thank you all for everything. Thank you, boys for everything. Thank my family for everything. Thank all the people that have been a part of my life for everything. Lolly, get started.