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December 10, 2021By Origin Ten LTD8 Minutes

Jussie Smollett Found Guilty of Reporting a Fake Hate Crime By Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

It’s about time. Abort abort. This is the rumor report. Angela, Yee on The Breakfast Club. Yes, but Jesse smell it was found guilty. Where you guys surprised know. I was kind of surprised, not one because it was no real evidence. For what I heard. They just said it was there the brothers word versus word, right? Nobody mean I mean, bitch based on the testimony, or maybe they already had, they already had it in for just, you know, so much rank.

Yeah, I wasn’t surprised you’re found guilty. Right? So he will, he was not taken into custody. He can stay free on bond. There was no sentencing date set yet, but they did say already that he does plan to appeal that decision and they’ll probably get probation. I know he was facing a maxi three years in prison, but this until probably get probation, which is what he should get. He’s guilty of lying to the police. He faked a hate crime, terrible offense for the rest of his life. Will question everything. He says and everything is he does his career. I

What’s going to happen with that? But he shouldn’t go to prison. But my whole nation, the why are we going through this whole trial? Like they already gave them probation before, then. He went through trial. Then the child’s over. They spent millions of money tax dollars, man in a probation before. The first thing they get probation. They remember, they won’t get probation. And then they came back and then they put him on trial at first, it was over at first. I think he wanted to go to trial or something. That, wasn’t he trying to prove his innocence. No. I first, I thought he was, I think if he’d have pled guilty. He probably would have got probation before but it feels like is this to go to trial to give him probation and he can’t give you

Probation. They haven’t charged. If they haven’t not, they’ll charge me. Prosecutor said, no. And then they came back and then try them. But I first, the prosecutor said, now we’re not trying them. Is it just batian? And then they came back and try that, you trying to prove his innocence. That’s why I don’t really, that’s what it sounds like. Well here is, Jesse smallest lawyer. Speaking on what happened? So we feel 100% confidence that this case will be won on appeal. Unfortunately. That’s not the route we wanted but sometimes that’s

The route that you have to take to win, especially a case where we remain 100% confidence in our client’s innocence. From the first day of this case. He’s case has been prejudged. His case has been tried in the media and it’s unfortunate. Yeah, and remember, we had ebony, K Williams down and she was saying you should never just take a plea if you didn’t do something even. Yeah. Tell you, it’s easier. Yeah, that’s what I think. I think he didn’t want to take a plea to had to plead guilty. So that’s, you know, that’s an admission of guilt. I

Under the lawyers. Feel confident saying, 100% positive that my client is that is something you got to say, good. I mean, I guess you can’t say. I’m seventy percent confident that my client is innocent. Alright and Blac Chyna is also the subject of a police investigation after a hotel incident. According to police in Sacramento. What allegedly happened is she invited a group of people back to her room and the party got out of control. Allegedly. They was into attacked a woman and she told

To shut the f up or she would beat both our asses then the vibe of the party change and Ron night and who attended the party with the young female friend decided to leave, but Blac Chyna. Allegedly had other plans and refused to let them leave for 20 minutes. She eventually Let Her Go free, but yelled at them to stay in the hall. Blac. Chyna’s attorney is denying any wrongdoing on her part and is saying that the whole story is false and Joe Biden is going to making his first light night appearance as president on The Tonight. Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Alan the new what a spokesperson? They’re saying his appearance will be virtual. You going to tell jokes ain’t nothing funny right now. Nothing at all. Joe, Biden and dr. Jay congratulations to him. He has finalized his divorce from Nicole young. There’s a picture of him with balloons behind him that says, divorced AF. So clearly he’s very excited about it. I see. Yeah, I mean the battle was over 1 billion dollars and 25 years of marriage. What was the final damage? Do we know? I don’t think we know what’s

Ticket, how much, how much you getting a lot, and what did he lose? We don’t know what the final ticket is with all of this. But, I mean, she claimed that she wasn’t able to fight in court because he can pay a lot more for lawyers. She said, she only has 1 million dollars in the bank, that’s less than what, she owes her lawyer. So he wants 4.6 million to cover her legal fees. She also needs about half a million for work, done between July and September this year, 3.5 million for future, legal fees, and another 215,000 for appeal.

All expenses and divorces him. Like the lawyers are the ones that really win. Now, he has to pay the 3.5 million per year until she remarries or enters into a new domestic partnership. Well, he clearly got a piece of mind to post that picture. Hmm, right. And they did have a prenup. So the thing was she was saying that the prenup doesn’t stand and he was saying it does. Hmm. All right, but he’s back on the market and so, is she and is your rumor report? All right. Thank you, Miss. Ye now, when we come back. We got Front Page News. We’ll be talking about. All right.

Let’s talk about neural link and putting a chip in your brain. That technology is almost here for humans. All right, we’ll get into that next. Keep a lock. This, The Breakfast Club. Good morning.