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January 11, 2022By Origin Ten LTD2 Minutes

Emma Raducanu vs. Elena Rybakina | 2022 Sydney Round 1 | WTA Match Highlights By WTA



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because our goals this year it’s trying to break through to the top 10

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how to get on a nice Change-Up as well for me backing up

so beautifully tell me who she was invited back into the rhinovirus acting up

I said thank you very much

the word number 13 would love that fool back again she had later time and space he look pick her up she went straight back at her Pony

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are you the Wellman power at the moment from repacking to doing the job

and she has galloped into a file of lead in 20 minutes

Relentless, his Exquisite police drinking Himalayan every backing up and the bagel set for lungs to her just 25 minutes is all it took

the job is half done and how it’s done in practically from her perspective

she’s in a rhythm an ominous rhythm

well that cross-court forehand can be deadly

mix things up a little bit

make a generator run Pace but she’s more than capable of doing that

he’s not missing any pics

what is a stunning tennis first-strike tennis of the highest order

the document has been ruthless seven games in a row

tell me what’s that

James Wheatley dump everything is coming out of the middle of the read back in a rocket

hasn’t quite fired today

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I know it goes again that Paul had has been a delight

sweet dreams

under pressure from Riley County and was bearing down at the neck

sweetly John

40 / 8

GameStop open in traffic to Gordmans Department today especially behind the stuff funny but it was always going to be a big ass to play your first match of the Season against the player already in the group and the Adelaide finally Sudley is warming up for the challenge has to come nicely dropping just the single game 3 back in the moves on in Sydney